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5 Feb 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Jennifer Lopez

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Charlize Theron vs. Jennifer Lopez (II) by simguy 2-5-99





Network matchmakers have groomed Theron for ultimate showdowns with Demi Moore, Bobbi Phillips, Debbe Dunning - big name brunette stars with glamorous appeal. Lopez the gatekeeper has to be decisively beaten however to generate momentum and credibility for Charlize. "She's just about there," one Fox exec who wished to remain anonymous, "In retrospect, the first Lopez fight was a mistake, but Charlize can't duck her - she's got to win this fight - it's as simple as that." Pundits figure Lopez still a favorite, but Theron has some advantages going in - she has the tools, but can she use them under pressure?


Theron in aqua Adidas terry cloth trunks, cream jogbra; Jennifer in red Adidas trunks, black jogbra.


Round 1: Theron jolts Lopez early with the same rising right hand that Aicha Lahsen used to put Bridgett Riley on the mat. Jennifer eats it up but she's hurt and stumbles badly around the ring. Theron comes over the top with a spearing right to the face and drives Jennifer to the ropes. It's a tough exchange as the hurt brunette doesn't fight well going backward and she's taking stinging one-twos from Theron along the ropes. Charlize patient, realizing Jennifer has plenty of fight left - content to lean on the brunette, shove her back with her long arms and poke at her mouth with lead rights and left hooks.


Round 2: J-Lo shakes it off and does a good job slipping Theron's long jab, coming in hard with a SIDEWAYS RIGHT TO THE BRA. Jen fights off Charlize's chest this round, PUTTING LEATHER TO THERON'S TITS and stomach as often as possible. Theron scores well with some uppercuts late - a punch she didn't use much in the first fight.


Round 3: Nice round of boxing for Theron. Jennifer looks like Tyson in the Holyfield fight, bending at the waist, getting smacked with a stiff jab and freezing or stepping back to reset. Lopez not hurt, but gets shut out this round.


Round 4: Jen does some business early, pounding short lefts and rights to the waist of the tall blonde, but Charlize answers with uppercuts, then pushes the brunette back into outside range.


Round 5: Theron's legs seem a little weak this round as she spends most of it leaning against the ropes, cradling Jennifer's head and holding on the inside. Lopez keeps punching and takes the round fairly clean, occasionally loading up on smacking LEFT HOOKS TO THE BREASTS that hurt the taller blonde, but basically looking to keep the pressure on.


Round 6: Round of the year candidate as Theron comes out charged up by her corner. After stinging Jen with several hard left jabs, Charlize sets the short brunette up beautifully, pawing the jab, then unleashing a right bolo style uppercut that twists Jen's head around violently. Lopez comes up groggy and Charlize cashes in with a right hand that looks like she's pitching a baseball. LOPEZ CRASHES TO HER BACK! Stunned, Jennifer gets to her feet, wide-eyed in shock, but covers up effectively as Theron wades in. Charlize wails away with wide punches, but can't tag Lopez again. Midway through the round, in a blur of swinging long arms, LOPEZ LANDS A HARD RIGHT TO THERON'S LEFT BREAST that freezes her in her tracks, then pops up out of her crouch to crash a short left hook off the jaw. CHARLIZE GOES DOWN! Theron takes a seat in a hurry and now SHE'S hurt! Charlize is battered to the ropes, taking vicious body punishment and jolting uppercuts up the middle that send her head waaaay back. She soaks it up like a champ, but she is exhausted in her corner and looks like a beaten fighter.


Round 7: Jennifer waltzes in, obviously seeking knockout, and blunders into another high risk/high reward uppercut from Charlize. Thrown from a dangerous distance, the punch nevertheless lands with telling force. LOPEZ SINKS TO ALL FOURS as the crowd roars. She's up at eight and immediately gets hammered to the ropes as Charlize drills her with straight rights to the face. Lopez cut and desperate on the ropes, bending and twisting low causing Charlize to miss over the top. Again, with Theron's form getting loose, Jennifer picks her spot and BAM - scores a quick hook to the chin inside that puts THERON ON HER BUTT! By the end of this round, both beauties are drunk with pain, standing and trading exhausted blows to chin and chest but neither is able to put her punches together.


Round 8: Theron, her right eye badly swollen goes back to boxing, keeping Jen away from her hurting body with her long arms and legs.


Round 9: Again, Jen dominates the round inside, beating Charlize' body with a steady LEFT-RIGHT TO THE BOOBS that brings her hands down to open her up for a fair bit of work with her forehead. But in the final minute, another crashing Theron uppercut stuns the Latina and she stumbles back on wobbly legs. Theron steps in, in good shape and drills another straight right to Lopez' face to steal the round with power shots.


Round 10: Both girls looking ragged, but Theron is clearly in command of the smaller woman, beating a tune on Jennifer's face from outside with both her jab and a stinging lead right. Jen desperate to get to Theron's body simply can't stay there long enough as Charlize shows good strength to push her off. Lopez busted up with another bolo punch seconds before the bell - Charlize smacks her senseless with wide lefts and rights to the finish. UD10 Theron leaves Jennifer stunned and sobbing in her corner.


After: A brutal, brutal contest that sees both women pushed to the limit. It's Charlize's kind of fight and the win catapults her to the top of any matchmakers contender's list. "It's a huge win," noted one exec. "We'll definitely use her again." Theron relying on her chin to get her past a tough Lopez - the uppercut a crucial weapon in solving Jennifer's inside game.



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