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5 June 2006 Stacy Keibler vs Molly Sims

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Stacy Keibler 2.jpgMolly Sims.jpg





Maxim Lightweight Championship Tournament:

Rd. 1


Originally posted by Simguy on 6/5/2006, 6:14 pm


Stacy in electric blue bikini, punching pigtails

Molly in black bikini, ponytail with bangs framing face




QUOTE: “Quite possibly the match up of the decade!”—BLONDE Magazine, neatly forgetting previous MUD between Ryan/Helfer


SYNOPSIS: Stacy Keibler came in the favourite, having stunned Molly on more than one occasion in the past, and having helped to bring Sims’ dream of blonde supremacy to a wheezing halt. Molly’s distaste for her foe was palpable, and perhaps led to a hesitant start for Sims for Sims as a grinning Stacy K punched her way to a breezy 4-rounds-to-love lead on the cards.


Keibler’s buoyant effervescence was never more apparent—fighting with giddy, galloping glee—she overwhelmed  Sims in the early going with frisky jabs, jarring right crosses and clanging hooks, chasing Molly ball over the ring and putting her on her rump in a feverish second. Keibs doesn’t fight on the inside per-se, but she DOES gallop enthusiastically to the body, swinging her arms back and forth in an effective thrashing motion: all too often, Molly covered up and stooped into this thumping work, sponging without reprisal. Sims was bewildered by the flyweight-like volume, and getting hit far too often by quality Keibler chin-punches. As Molly marked up, wore down, and grew distinctly shopworn, it looked for all the world like a Keibler goose-egg romp: a result which would have had Maxim and HBO execs jumping for fat-cat joy. Unfortunately for the boxing barons—Molly Sims had other ideas,


Sims began to claw her way back into the fight in the fifth. She’d hurt Stacy in the fourth, but a wild Keibler rally had stolen that round: nevertheless, Molly had found the mark with her right hand and pitched it in again to put Stacy wobbly butt. Going to Keibler’s ribs, Molly finally bleached the smile off Stacy’s face, leaving Keibs frowning and panting as Sims took her foe to task at the ropes.


Undaunted, Keibler continued her crowd-pleasing, reckless attack in the 6th and 7th, out-punching Molly and staggering her yet again—but Sims was now finding ways to punch-with and time her girl: the all-Stacy rout had  turned into a grim slugging contest with both girls getting rung up midring. In the 8th, Stacy began to slow visibly—courtesy Molly’s rigid, clawing lefts and rights to the ribs—and Molly sat her foe down at the ropes with a ringing hook near the bell. In the 9th, Stacy’s woebegone face told the tale: she was desperately hurt, out of has from her pell-mell slugging in the early rounds, and Molly wasn’t about to let Keibs catch her breath. Strafing Stacy up against the ropes, Molly pasted straight lefts and rights against her foe’s face, punching past Stacy’s raised mitts to effectively pound Keibler out on her feet. TKO9 Molly Sims in an upset as an unconscious, but upright Keibler was cradled to safety by a concerned ref.


BEST MOMENT, KEIBLER—Second round, late. Having chased Molly pillar to post behind a constant barrage of long armed licks all around long. Stacy finally got to Sims with a late burst. Flocking a pesky triple-jab, Stacy leaned in and thrust her right hand in on Molly’s chin, freezing the model in a slight, stupefied crouch. Shifting left, Stacy stabbed out a very strong, rigid jab-stiff-arming Molly off balance, and pouring into the breach—Stacy leaned into a ringing right to the right side of Molly’s jaw, dropping Sims to her buttocks near the ropes. Keibler’s grin lit up the arena as she pranced away, pigtails bouncing.


BEST MOMENT, SIMS—Hammering Keibler into stupor, Round 9. In her best, hardest-hearted punching since jacking Taylor Cole—Molly Sims rediscovered her killer instinct, pouncing on a swaying and knock kneed Keibler with murderous intentions. Punching in a criss-cross pattern from her shoulders—pushing off the ball of her right foot—Molly hammered away at Keibler’s drowsy  face punching the blonde upright and out at the ropes as Stacy’s hands drifted down to her tummy. Out cold, poor Stacy’s legs continued to hold her up as her head bounced off the repeated strikes from her opponent’s fists.


Reposted by Archer 7/3/09


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