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5 March 2005 (Title) Ch Claire Danes vs Michelle Williams

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by Simguy on 03/05/2005



Before: First press conference, right at fighter introductions, Mish crosses the dais to slap a crisp right hand across Claire's face, ruining Danes' breezy superiority act and challenging Claire to scrap right then and there. Danes fuming, but declining - she's not about to be baited.


"This has been a long time coming," Claire tells assembled media. "I have no idea why HISC went out and bought this tramp, I mean - it's like they had a Masarati in the garage and felt they needed a Pinto to round things out. When you have Claire Danes - you HAVE flyweight. The last thing you need is some hamhanded, stumblebum, used-up, bar-room slut cluttering up the schedule."


Williams enjoying the cut and thrust of prefight - if anyone can get under the champ's skin, it's Mish. "You don't send a Kelly Packard or Nat Portman to do Mish Williams' work. Nobody's pounded Claire like I've pounded Claire and I'm just happy we cleared away the red tape to get this done. There'll still be a place in the gym once I've battered her: bathroom floors don't mop themselves you know!"


Claire in punching plaid bikini, bra strap top - Mish in black pushup and panties, white lace trim.


During R1: Oh that crafty...Mish? Claire braced, closed stance, looking to slide back from the rush and walk Mish into counter-hooks - but Williams laying up midring, grinning, creeping to her right and jabbing at Claire's hip - Mish is BOXING early. Danes clearly befuddled - very tentative opening moments as girls circle warily, posing, feinting. Mish doubling up the jab, shoots a saucy right to Danes' left tit, skipping back and to the right - Claire has to come forward to answer. Williams with a cuffing little hook upside the head, little juke-step to shake pursuit - she's working the perimeter like a cutey, forcing Danes to stalk! Claire walking Mish down and getting potshotted - Williams' taunting grin like a red-hot poker to Claire - Danes blushing crimson as she drops a role-reversal first. Bell, Claire shaking her head and talking to herself, further drops the ball as Mish dives in from the side, depositing the cheap flyweight elbow to unsuspecting gut - doubling Claire up with a cry of complaint. Mish beaming, strutting back to her corner SO proud of herself.


R2: Claire still catching up - now she's thinking 'boxing' and MISH PANCAKE TACKLES CHAMP INTO TURNBUCKLES. Head butt, pounding shoulder butt in the chest, rough stacking action, then MISH GOES TO TOWN! Williams set strong on her feet, crowding in close to Danes' chest - challenger just a-POUNDING away right hands to midsection and trunks in rapid-fire succession. Danes jerking forward, panicked and hurt - Mish just up in there, propping, stacking, then working with multiple bullying lefts or rights thrusting up into lungs. Claire trying to clinch but getting bumped back shoulders, elbows and forehead - Mish laying down the law, refusing to let Claire breathe, let alone punch or clinch. It's all too much - midway through, Danes falters to the side and drops to a knee, right hand in the ropes, eyes glassy: MISH LANDS CHEAP! Williams right there, clubs the cheapest right hand in history to downed champion's ear - poor Claire reaching up both hands to fend off Michelle's belly as ref charges in. Wonky 8 Danes and ON COMES MISH! Pancaking rush gives woozy Claire whiplash - she's limp, dazed, helpless as she droops forward, dukes at temples. Williams squared away, more measured now, putting punches together: she'll tap the liver hooks, double up into Danes' overhanging jugs, chop a right to jaw, prop with her extended left elbow. Mish systematic, bludgeoning short, snappy punches to temples, ears, ribs and waist - she leaves Danes trembling at the bell. Sunny smile Mish en route to her corner: she's got Claire on a leash through 2.


R3: Claire hurt to the body, but shaking it off - she comes out steely-eyed to get those punches back. Williams face-first into a hard jab, looping right hand on the eye - Claire ducking low on follow through, slips Mish's waving right, comes up a swinging left uppercut to Williams' body. Danes gambling, standing in the pocket but going right at Mish - overhand rights to the eye, licking hooks sliced to paunch - Williams stiffening under unexpected spank. Mish trudging forward, slugging wildly - gaping holes opening up and Claire's taking chances to fill 'em. Williams missing half a dozen swinging lefts and rights and Claire cashes in every single time - neatly stepping back, dipping her torso, licking back at Mish' available chin tightly clipped left and right uppercuts. Sidestep Claire - MISH STAGGERS FACE FIRST TO ROPES! Williams stunned, half-turned around and CLAIRE POUNDS RIGHTY BEHIND THE EAR! Smashing partial rabbit-blow drops Mish to her knees, right arm hung up over the middle rope - she lolls there as Danes screams down, bodied back by the ref. Williams shaking her head, taking a foggy 8 and ON COMES CLAIRE! Danes turns puncher - gritting her teeth and LATHERING away all things Mish - Williams sitting into the strands, boozy pout of protest as she extends mitts in a plaintive don't-hurt-me gesture. POUNDING RAIN! Claire pulling her hardest lefts and rights around and onto helpless Mish - gloves bouncing off face, jerking Mishy's skull to and fro - Claire occasionally altering trajectory to carve punches across Mishy's trembling tummy, further degrading the challenger. MISH IS FOLDING! Williams groaning forward, giving up her back and CLAIRE TAKES IT! Heartless kidney pound - one HISC vixen to another - there's NO forgiving blows like these! MISHY'S DOWN! Williams trembling, throbbing on all fours - Claire overheated but jogging to neutral corner like a pro - she watches as Mish blubbers, sobs, tries to climb the ropes BUT FAILS TO BEAT THE COUNT! Claire jumping for joy and breaking down at the sight - it's TKO3 for the winner and STILL champ CLAIRE DANES!


After: Let's just go ahead and call her dominant - Claire Danes turns back a tough style test for her and does it in grand style - hammering Mish for one of the most decisive outcomes ever between these two. Claire removing gloves, tossing her hair - she crosses the ring and pushes her way through concerned physicians, publicists and sycophants to pull groggy Mish to her feet by her bra straps. Stern champion's rebuke from Danes, shaking Mish hard enough to get Williams' head lolling back and forth, then pulling her forward - Danes with a slender right hand around the waist, glowing as she treats Mish to a miserable walk of shame. Round the ring, then Mish jammed into a free corner - so much history as Claire mounts the ropes, putting her belly on Mishy's face, clenching her left fist in the tangled mop of Mishy's hair and thrusting the right index finger to the sky as BLONDE! photogs flash away. Williams bleak and conquered, wrapping her arms around Claire's quivering hammies, fists supporting Danes' excited buttocks - one girl's dream the other girl's worst nightmare tonight as Mish fights back tears under the hated weight of Claire.


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