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5 March 2005 Grace Park vs Linda Park

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by Simguy on 03/05/2005


Before: Linda Park defensive in prefight - feeling pressured by alluring new Korean-American beauty Grace. "No, Grace is NOT my sister," Linda answers for the umpteenth time. "And even if she were, that wouldn't make any difference. Grace needs to know that I was here first and it hasn't been easy making things happen in the FCBA - I'm not going to just stand aside and let her waltz on in."


Grace upbeat, amused her side of the dais - she's a little bigger, deeper chested, a little sturdier - she's a very confident beauty coming in. "Linda's had her chance - whatever she was going to do, she would have done it by now. I'm not here to steal her thunder: I'm here to replace her outright. This is a chick who struggled with Tamlyn Tomita for God's sake - she's not going the distance with Grace Park!"


Punching ponytails, small gloves both vixens - Grace in camouflage sports bra, evergreen high waist trunks, black shoes, white socks - Linda in baby blue sports bra, baby blue aerobic-thong over white boy cut trunks, white shoes and socks.


During R1: Grace fists cocked chest high, eyes hard: she's looking to bang Linda out of there. Linda up on her toes, bopping left and right, dukes moving from chin to eyebrows and back again as she motors. Grace throwing strong, brawling blows - Linda moving her head nimbly under, bending at the torso, countering short and sharp hook-on-chin - Grace stutters back on her heels disconcerted: wasn't expecting sock out of Linda. Linda P jabbing as Grace tries to recover, then dipping, jerking a tidy left uppercut, dipping and getting a right uppercut on Gracey's chin: GP's knees do a shaky bend. Hook, left uppercut, pivot left - Linda prettying Grace up, not heavy handed, but brisk, accurate, pesky - she's placing her shots, timing them - precision taking the place of power as Grace falters backward. Linda jabbing to body and pressing Grace at the ropes: they're noggin-o-noggin in tight, working short, digging shots into each other's toned torsos, firm chests and taut sternums. Linda perky as she disengages at the bell, ponytail swishing: she just outworked Grace for points in a how-ya-like-me-now first.


R2: Grace eats a pesky one-two on the mouth, comes roaring forward: anger betrays her. Linda sliding back in good order, cuffing onrushing Grace hooks - finally GP honors the punishment, stops charging, covers up: Linda goes over to offense. Park with that short, clipping left/right uppercut sequence, skidding mitts off Grace's forehead as she leans forward, then PARKING a firm left in Gracey's liver. Shocked sob of anguish from GP as legs once again bend, but don't collapse - Linda pounces on wounded prey. Linda leaning forward head and gloves as she scoots around Gracey's left shoulder, hooking the body, chopping the skull right hands as GP turns sluggishly to get square. Grace confused, crossing her arms - she's just posing, facing into punches as Linda puts tidy lefts and rights together. Grace getting buffetted, but she's soaking up Linda's best leather - once again they're in there tight, forehead grinding forehead, mitts seeking out ribs and tummies with short, jamming swipes. Bell, Grace snarling - hooks Linda a tasty clout on the chops well late - LP batted to her left as ref jumps in.


R3: Linda's been classier, landed her best shots - she just can't hurt Grace and both girls realize it. GP attacking with renewed vigour - jabbing at Linda's chest, hurling clubbing rights at Linda's head, chasing after her with reaching hooks as LP staggers awkwardly away. Linda's face taut with concern - she's pressed to the perimeter, scooting right to keep back clear of the ropes, but Grace on with so much pressure now Linda's breaking down. Grace muscular - leaning in rough with head, slugging smaller woman to the biceps and shoulders, buffetting her upside the head - lot of it blocked or blunted, but sheer ferocity shutting Linda down. LP resorting to clinches in the final minute - Grace's arms writhing in and around Linda's as G keeps L pinned to ropes. Gracey's colour high - she chests up, forcing eye contact - resentful Linda pushes her off as ref gets involved once again.


R4: Linda running out of options: can't keep Grace off, can't outrun her - more and more they're fighting Grace's fight. Grace harming Linda to the ribs and flanks, banging her lusty, then bumping her rudely to ropes - Linda hands at temples, tempest tossed, teeth gritted - she's still tapping back combos, patting the odd hook to Grace's ribs, but to no good effect. Grace pounding Linda to a seat in the ropes with ripping, thick lefts and rights to the waist - muscular, rhythmic punching of a girl who knows her opponent can't hurt her. Pundits appreciating the way Grace resets on Linda - grinding with the forehead, bringing the hands back quick, then rip-snatching away in fresh bursts. Down the stretch, poor Linda groggy, swooning - she's trying to clinch, but Grace is getting uppercuts, brushing Linda back and exposing her to more bodywork. Horrifying bombardment of crisp lefts and rights finally pounds away on Linda's defenceless face, prompting a panicky ref to jump in. Grace roaring, showing a double-bicep pop as she stomps away the TKO4 victor.


After: Linda bloodied, battered senseless - she's the Asian Alison Hannigan tonight, trying to hold off a physically superior woman with pluck and decent skills: it's not enough. Grace eclipsing her girl, fighting irresponsibly early and paying the price, but simply upping the tempo so high and hard poor Linda couldn't match it. Gloves off - snarling Grace tugs Linda up off her stool by her waistband and muscles her to a nearby camera. Grace crowding in on Linda's left shoulder - holding Linda with a right fist clamped around her ponytail, left hand gripping roughly about her chin - Linda's hurting eyes pleading as Grace addresses the airwaves.


"Kelly Hu! You see this? This is you Kelly Hu - I'm coming for you! Ming-na! I'll do worse to you Ming-na! Kiana! Kiana Tom! You want to retire for real?" To make the point, Grace handles Linda like putty, jerking her torso abruptly sideways while riding her left leg over Linda's left thigh: abdominal stretch an Anime fighter would be proud of draws a whimpering gasp from Linda as Grace glares into the camera, pouring it on without a shred of mercy, pity or remorse

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