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5 March 2005 Jessica Biel vs Jennie Garth

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Posted by simguy on 3/5/2005, 8:57 am


Before: Opportunistic Garth looking to upstage Biel and take advantage of Jessica's recent struggles: parallels aren't lost on pundits. "It does recall Alba/Spears in it's cynicism," notes one Celebrity Ring stable-watcher. "Jennie knows that beating Biel would be huge - not just in the Technetium gym, but in the FCBA at large. Garth would be a player again and that's something she desperately craves, even if it means hurting Jessica near term."


Biel stern with media and fans alike - she's tired of the slump talk, tired of being kicked while down - she's drawing a line in the canvas with this fight. "I'm through being everyone's whipping girl," Biel growls in prefight. "I'm showing Jennie her place and believe me - it's no where NEAR the head of the table."


Garth in crisp ivory bikini, white gloves - Jessica in neon baby-blue bikini, messy blonde ponytail with forelocks down the cheeks, white gloves.


During R1: Garth wants in, Biel willingly accepts Jennie onto her chest, allows Jennie to walk her to ropes. Garth operating - methodical, thick strokes, single-shot, beat-down cadence - Biel dukes at temples, stooped forward, intent on drawing out Jennie's vigour. Garth: HUP (right hand jerked up into Jessica's crowd-pleasing jugs underneath); HUP (left hand jerked up, shoving rude to jug) HUH (left hook snaking down Biel's flank, tucking in behind elbow) HUH (double that hook down there) HUP (Tightly curled left uppercut ticketed for chin, partially blocked by Biel). Jessica just letting Garth get off all big-girl: Biel answering back in spots - snatching quick hooks to Jennie's midsection or ribs, dipping to her right and finding Jennie with screened right uppercuts out of the closed stance. Round to Garth: she carried the fight - Biel content to let JG work up a sweat.


R2: Biel agile midring, feinting, jabbing to get Garth guarded up and defensive - Jessica goes to work. Jess on her toes, hands gathered at waist level - she's bouncing into Jennie, snap-licking with either hand, bopping to the side as Biel kicks it up a notch. Dazzling, snatching sequence of shots at the minute mark: hook in Jennie's ribs, hook under her breastline, Jessi pivoting to her left; hook on Jennie's ear, left uppercut, Jessi pivoting left; startling right hand between the gloves, quick reload and gutting right hand to sternum - Jessi dropping her left hand as she picks Jennie up the tidy right uppercut capper. Garth sent sputtering backwards into ropes all lit up: Biel pouncing, bouncing and snapping punches off her stomach, all hard right crosses and licking left hooks as Jennie wilts. Accuracy of Biel appalling - every punch pounding off temple, chin, jug, ribs or tummy - Garth falling apart at the seams, sliding along the ropes in shellshocked, headlong, ramshackle retreat. Jessica loose and relaxed, punching and moving in effortless rhythm, seemingly reading Garth's mind and anticipating any Jennie receipt with deft footwork - clear reminder of Jessica Biel at her very best. Rare smile from Biel as she struts back to her corner - she sends Garth to hers wincing in pain, busted up around the eyes and mouth.


R3: Biel keeping it quick, not setting down on everything but dictating to Garth with sheer speed, volume and unpredictable rhythm. Jennie crossing arms, then going earmuff, leaning forward, then leaning back - she just doesn't know where to turn. Biel bopping, bouncing, keeping hands low - she'll pitty-pat upstairs to fix Jennie's guard, then cash in those exposed ribs hooks. She'll rip punches from her stomach to Jennie's chin, jugs and flanks - licking and strapping away, then pivoting to either side, feet always in position to keep something on Jennie. Garth gritting her teeth, but hesitant to even jab - she's getting lit up through 3.


R4: Jennie right hand at temple, exploring with her jab to Biel's chest - Garth knows she needs to generate some offense. Jessica with hands brazenly low - no respect - she's trusting her feet and supple upperbody to weave her away from Jennie's questing hands. Biel still taking what she wants, when she wants with splashy, flashy combinations - tearing up gut, free-swatting those melons, and pounding away up top hooks and crosses. Jennie's nose bleeding during the break - eyes wide, alarmed during the break.


R5: Biel too fast, too dynamic, too athletic - she's dressing Jennie up. Jessica tidies up Jennie's pleasing breasts with brazen two-gun shoe-shine - scrubbing away with swishing glee, then stepping out hands down to evade panicky Garth receipts. Biel so quick she can lead with hooks or startling right hands outside - but she IS occasionally jabbing from her hip as she circles, just to keep Garth guessing. Slower Jennie trying to time Biel, compensate with guile and judgement - but she's not having much luck. Jennie's only work getting down when Jess elects to lay in temple on temple, enabling both women to chug up into sturdy ribs underneath.


R6: Biel openly taunting Jennie - scoring with flashy lead right potshots off the ropes, leading with hooks on the ear - Jess shouting "Big shots, Jennie - Big shots!" or, "Too slow!" or "Here it comes!" Garth visibly wilting now, slowing, leaning forward - Biel able to go flat footed and spoil herself with great, strapping body shots from either hand, really getting up into Jennie's middle and savouring Garth's moist groans of protest. Jennie still getting off, but punches lack zip - she's just brushing and bumping with her fists, too hurt in the body to really generate stroke.


R7: Biel continuing to bounce, shimmy, taunt and light it up on Jennie at will. Jessica dropping her gloves and showing her chin, daring Garth to tag her - Jennie so beat up at this point she's hesitant to take the gifts for fear of the receipts. Biel's delivery nice and limber, snappy as she gets into Jennie's waist with hooks, turning her hips through the blows and sending shivers through Garth's worn-down chassis. Jennie trudging through it, still occasionally clubbing righty up top and kneading soft left/rights against Biel's stomach - Jessica ignoring it now, even letting Garth toss so as to open her up for harm in response.


R8: Cruelty of Jessica Biel evident as she comes for Jennie Garth, applying the finishing polish in steady sheets of leather, but never looking to end Jennie's night with one merciful blow. Garth covering up windblown as fists bounce off her head and shoulders, test her front guard and rip up her gut and ribs. Biel loving it, grinning throughout - hands low, she'll lean in close and haul a thick right hand square to paunch, step back and walk Jennie into a murderous left hook behind the elbow, turning at the ropes to keep her back clear as Garth blunders forward. Midway through, Biel pointing her left shoulder at Jen, left hand low, right cocked chest high - Jennie risks a right hand at Jessica' chin and pays the price. Biel with a quick roll to her right rides out Jennie's cross, comes back with a savage right uppercut to the body, drawing a wounded shout of agony from Garth. Jennie bunched up, helpless - Biel reloads and rips the sinewy right uppercut again, arcing it this time to chin and putting Jennie out cold on her feet. Garth frozen for a moment, then toppling to lie stunned on her face, hands bunched up beneath her limp body. KO8 in breathtaking fashion, Jessica Biel.


After: Slump over? Time will tell - but this is the best Jessica's looked in a half-dozen fights. "I had it all back tonight," beams a shining, happy Biel. "The timing, the snap, the reflexes - poor Jennie couldn't do a thing in there against me. People can write me off if they want, but I'm ready to start taking big names and kicking expensive ass again!"

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