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5 May 2006 Sophia Bush vs Scarlett Johansson

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Posted by Simguy on 5/5/2006, 7:09 am.



Scarlett in purple satin push up, silver/white lace trim, purple satin panties.

Sophia in black bikini


KO3 Johansson.


Return to form of sorts for Scarlett—here was the head movement; the compact, biting hook; the constant aggression and smart pressure that had first made pundits sit up and think “hmmmm”. Johansson’s will imposed itself early—courtesy a violent, very short hook that sent Bush to canvas in the first minute, and as Scarlett batted her mitts and stomped to the neutral corner with fiery eyes, thee was no mistaking which vixen would be the boss tonight.


Constant pursuit and hard, compact power punching had Bush reeling along the ropes in the second, and a gorgeously doubled up hook--cheek then liver—would put Bush gasping on all fours halfway through the stanza. Again, Johansson batted her mitts together and stomped purposefully to the neutral corner, seething with finishing fury and anxious to clean up her battered and bewildered foe, Sophia would suffer, but she’d make it out of the round on trembling stems—bravely refusing the ref’s invitation to call it a night between rounds.


The third was perhaps Scarlett’s most impressive stanza, for in it, she showed patience and diligence, closing Bush efficiency rather than pure, unfiltered fury. Jabbing Sophia to the ropes, Scarlett maintained her balance, didn’t fall and smother herself on hurt prey, kept her mitts free and working as poor Bush slumped and soaked on the ropes. Sustained punishment via that biting, riveting hook in the body and clubbing right/lefts up top brought the ref in at the minute mark as Sophia drifted out on her feet, no longer responding to Scarlett’s advances.


Good effort, a sound trouncing—THIS Johansson could conceivably pound away with the likes of Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson, if not the taller, beefier bantam in the class.


Reposted by Archer 11/8/09.

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