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5 October 2001 Terry Farrell vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Simguy on 10/5/01, 5:05 pm.


Before: Nolin enters a prohibitive favourite - Farrell one of the classier welterweights, but fights at a range that Nolin loves - consensus seems to be that crowding Gena is the only way to handle her. Much of the lead-up concerned with TE's insistence upon a vigilant referee although Farrell insists she'll be her own policewoman. Gena indignant during one podium session, "Look: I'm going to beat you with clean punching and overwhelming power, but if I WERE to go crotch on you, there's not a damn thing you could do about it!" Uh oh. Gena in black sports bra, yellow track/sprinters trunks - Teri in royal blue sports bra (high neck) and aerobics bottoms.


During R1: Gena out confidently, smirking as she cuts off the ring, left hand out, open palm, right hand tucked in tight to the shoulder ready to spring. Nolin pawing with the left, launching into jolting right hands as she steps forward. Terry giving lots of lateral movement, rather stingy with her own jab, keeping her guard high and slamming the barn door shut to block Gena's banging rights in a tactical first for Nolin.


R2: Circumspect action continues - Terry answering with right hands after every Gena cross, trying to time the blonde, and both girls score glancing blows this round. Nolin bodying up late, taking the fight rough to the ropes, Farrel squirming and struggling to tie Gena up and not let her get off. Late in the round, Nolin seems to accidently tap Terry low - immediately offers to touch gloves in apology - Terry reluctantly accepts only to have Nolin barge back in and really ring up her trunks at the bell as the ref jumps in. Farrell enraged, trying to push past the official - jeering, taunting Nolin shrugging at a safe distance, just begging to be punched in the face.


R3: Anger looks good on Terry - she takes the fight to Gena, backing the blonde up with stiff jabs and hard right hands up the middle. Nolin gets her head turned on several occasions as she keeps her hands low - big blonde seems uneffected, but these are clean point-scoring blows for Farrell. Gena avoids the shutout late with some lunging right hands off the pawing left - Terry taking the blows well as both girls find the range this round.


R4: Farrell continues to outwork Gena - nothing fancy, just a firm jab, hard right hand down the pike - Nolin fielding solid Terry leather on her chin and looking to wing back with looping overhand rights. Final minute sees Gena's back touch the ropes for the first time - she looks a little confused as Farrell scores several times with slinging rights on the mouth to the bell.


R5: Terry's got the right hand dialed in - jabbing at Gena's eyes to screen, then sneaking the cross in and across the jaw with spearing force and NOLIN GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Farrell drills home a beautiful cross early on that locks Gena's legs and spills her straight back to the ropes - Nolin stunned, would have hit canvas, and she's helpless as Terry wades in to work. Farrell stooping to jab at the belly, then rocketing over with deceptively hard right hands on the face - Nolin getting tagged over and over again and GENA GOES DOWN! Nolin starched again to the jaw, jerks a quarter turn to her right and takes a knee, in big trouble. Farrell stays patient, jabbing at Gena's eyes or belly, surprising the blonde with the crashing right, but Nolin starts slugging back in the final minute. Both girls rung up by simultaneous lefts and rights on the jaw and TERRY IS HURT! Farrell staggering back, wide eyed, unable to punch as Gena wades forward, slugging the brunette the length of the ring. Farrell hits ropes in a daze and Nolin POURS in right hands, using the left to push against Terry's chest and prop her up for the next bomb. Bell sounds - Gena lands another gorgeous right to leave Farrel vibrating as the ref jumps in once again.


R6: Girls fall in - Terry wise to Gena's clinch-tactics, pushing and struggling body on body to keep Nolin from savaging her. Fight wanders to the ropes, girls tumbling along the strands - ref issuing constant breaks only to see both combatants fall back inside. Final minute - Terry gets some space, shows Gena the jab at the eyes and LABELS CHIN WITH A BEAUTIFUL RIGHT CROSS! Nolin's legs jam up again as she sputters into the ropes, eyes wide, hands at her chest and THE REF JUMPS IN! Nolin out on her feet for a moment, soon comes to and is enraged - Farrell jumping for joy with a sudden TKO6!


After: Controversy! Referee defending himself immediately after, saying Gena had been badly hurt in the 5th and that he was watching her for signs of further damage when she got clocked in the sixth. Nolin restrained from attacking the official, is apoplectic in post-fight, "I DEMAND an immediate rematch! When is the FCBA going to wake up and stop TE from buying matches? That was an OUTRAGEOUS stoppage - I was shaking off Terry's punches like I always do - anybody could see I was setting her up for a devastating finish - and the guy jumps in like I was getting killed! It's a FIGHT for chrissakes!!" Terry more restrained in victory, "Biggest win of my career? Well, stopping Charlize was sweet, but she was looking past me and didn't really give me her best game. Gena came in here to hurt me and I took it to her. It's definitely a tremendous win for me no question. Was she knocked out? Oh for sure. There was nothing in her eyes - she was all the way out. She would be screaming this way no matter how I beat her - I'm just glad I laid her out. People keep underestimating my pop - I'm not just a finesse fighter you know." Quick whistle or no - Terry HAD found a home for her right hand, had put Gena down with it and was winning on the cards when the unthinkable happened. Hotly debated on sports and entertainment shows for days thereafter.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/20/09

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