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5 September 2008 Megan Fox vs Leighton Meester

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Posted by Simguy on 9/5/2008, 7:50 am.


Before: “Leighton doesn’t really want this,” Megan says in prefight, shaking her head for emphasis, “Her people are pumping her up, but it still hasn’t sunk in that other girls are going to try to do her harm in this sport. She’s not up to it, and I’m going to do her the biggest favour of her career. See that pretty face of hers? I’m going to bust that thing up. When Leighton wakes up and sees what I did to her, we’re not going to be hearing any more from Miss Meester.” Leighton refusing to be podium-bullied—squaring her shoulder, lifting her chin in rebuttal. “I’ve been everywhere since 2005/2006, but my ‘people’ held me back for more seasoning and sparring,” Leighton explains. “I’m fit and sturdy—Megan’s concern is touching, but I don’t need any favours from her—and as for pretty faces getting busted up—two can play at that game honey!” Meester in pastel pink bra and panties, small white rabbit fur punching mittens. Fox in pastel blue bra and panties; small white rabbit fur punching mittens.


During R1: Megan upright, boxing conventionally: straight jab, straight right hands rake her target early. Leighton keeping dukes up, showing good scoot as she scampers away from rigid Fox touches. Megs pressurizing Leighton all around ring—straight jolts nfrom the shoulder seeing out Leighton’s cheeks and eyebrows as promised; occasional shafting right slants down to scrape across ribcage. Rabbit fur mitts thumping and whispering across ingénue pate and chassis—it’s all Fox getting off; Leighton motoring around, showing springy legs, but no much offence.


R2: Leighton directly at Fox’s bra with bully-be-gone shoeshine—rabbit pelt mittens scrubbing back and forth against Megan’s perky wonders as Fox stumbles forward. Leighton sidestepping-right, doubling up her jab—nice thumping contact cheek and brow on Fox as Megan’s reorienting herself. Right hand Meester—stroked long across Foxie’s chin. Digging hook Meester—off the front foot, delivered tart to Foxie’s ribs. Swinging hook Meester—delivered off right foot as she hopping the apron, pounding Fox hard on the jaw, startling bigger brunette. Takes Megs 2 minutes to sort out the paste-and-move tactics of her foe: she scores with straight right crosses to Leighton’s chin-tip ate, hooking-with and moving Meester at the bell. Rabbit fur gloves won’t cut, but they deliver terrific thumping jolt—perfect for face-punching.


R3: Leighton hopping to her right along the apron: she’s stopping, pinging straight, criss-cross combos against Megan’s front, then hopping away from receipts. Fox walking right through this stuff—these are arm-punches, Meester not setting down enough to get Foxie’s respect. Megs stepping in her jab, punching Leighton’s left eye, mouth with stern poke. Whenever Meester’s driven into ropes, Megan assaults her with robust right/lefts to the body—Megan getting rangy-big on this girl. Meester cute under pressure—taking a beating, then spinning out of there: she’s preventing Fix from pinning her to ropes and working her over. Megan’s round: she’s the clear aggressor—Leighton unable to hurt Fox with those scrubbing combos up top.


R4: Cruel smile on Megan’s lips as her jab is penetrating with force, pounding against Leighton’s left eye. Meester brave early on—ping-ping-pinging away lefts and rights before scooting—but Megan blocking on raised guard, then brazenly stepping through bit. Midway through, Fox’s pounding jab freezes Leighton: Megs able to turn over a jolting right cross to chin, buckling Leighton’s legs. Meester shook, hurt—she clinches, mouth open on Foxie’s shoulder as ref moves in to break. Leighton running now, eyes concerned—Fox waking her down, jabbing her stiff to ropes, then pouring on lathering rights and lefts as Leighton covers up earmuff, Leighton breaking down under pressure, but late the round—she rallies off the ropes, snarling and flurrying back tasty at Megan, backing bigger girl off. Fox snarling as she circles-out, then curves back in: Leighton greeting her with more churning hup-hup—showing good handspeed in combination. Fix hurts Leighton this round, raises an ugly mouse under Meester’s left eye, but can’t drop the plucky little beauty through 4.


R5: Similar look: Leighton hopping the perimeter; Megan stalking her with hands near her cheeks. Fox not holding her guard together well as she moves: Leighton’s able to pop shots from her hips off the hop—playing  little game of toggle-chin with Megan. Megan really facing into a pasting—Leighton lighting her up with swinging hooks off her right foot; swinging rights off the left foot—Meester generating power by torquing her body and pitching from the hips. Megs run up time and again—she’s startled, not getting off, allowing Leighton to hop away free of charge. Down the stretch, Meester continues to score with these brisk, swinging clouts: FOX GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Megan stunned staring as her knees give way: Leighton wide eyed, jumps in, lashing a limber right hand flush upside the head: the thump of rabbit-fur mitten on skull. Left hook off the right foot—lithe, swinging delivery from the hip; right hand off the left foot; left; right; LEFT! RIGHT! Megan frozen, facing into a torrid face-clapping as little Leighton busts away. Meester SO excited to be thrashing Megan’s face—she lands 6 swinging clouts, hops to the right, then steps in another looping right hand on the cheek, nearly driving Fox to her knees, Megan dazed, but able to withstand the shock: Leighton a pretty little puncher, but could be undergunned here, unable to get Fox off her feet despite quality strokes, Goes as 10-8 without the knockdown: Leighton’s beaming smile tells the story as she jogs back to her corner for the break.


Fox/Meester conc.


Posted by Simguy on 9/5/2008, 7:51 am.


R6: More Leighton. Fox angry, but bewildered and badly scuffed up: her pursuit is tentative, and she’s not punching enough. Meester with that constant hopping along the perimeter—she’s got a pretty way of catching Fix off the hop, clouting away with swinging hooks and right hands, really polishing away on Foxie’s face. Megs getting used to the touch, doesn’t seem as hurt—but she’s frequently startled, stopping in her tracks when Leighton scores. Meester moving to her right, claws cheeky come-along hooks across Megan’s breasts: Leighton openly grinning as she mauls rack, humbling Fox. Bell: Leighton raising both mitts and squealing with pleasure: she’s just taken the lead in this fight with brisk combinations, constant lateral movement, and all the luck in New York City.


R7: Fox all banged up—tender tissue around her eyes swelling, lips puffy from a torrent of Meester face punches. Megs regroups behind that stiff poke: best answer for a swift combination puncher. Meester touched hard on the face early—bops away rather than attempting to penetrate. Fox taking canvas, but having trouble cutting the ring off: Meester a springy little minx reversing directions on the apron, bopping it to either side to wrong-foot Fox. Leighton’s sudden bursts of straight lefts and rights aren’t enough to discourage Fox though: without committing, Meester just can’t punch her way through Megan’s prepared defences. Fox content to stalk, block, jab and work hard whenever she can catch Meester stationary.


R8: Fox makes inroads—building everything off the spearing jab up top. Meester growing frustrated—she’s getting her face punched with increasing authority, can’t block incoming stick as well, and Fox is cutting off the ring better.  Leighton doing best at close ranges when she can let her hands go and tattoo Fox’s torso inside. Megan taking away these opportunities with pounding jabs first, then strong, driving right hands to put Leighton ropeside, Whenever Meester sits in strands—Fox looms above her, digging in mercilessly behind either elbow,. Leighton punching a lot of right hands off her back (right) foot as she’s bailing: pushing, bumping contact only, face or breasts. Good discipline from Megs: she realizes that she’s got a speedy tic-tac-toe artist in front of her—looks to take away Leighton’s legs late with body thump.


R9: Megan stalks her prey: Leighton mouth breathing, left eye now closed—she’s slowing down. Leighton fighting grimly off the ropes, clawing combinations and trying to punch Megan off her. Fox too strong, too well-schooled with her jab: she pounds away poke until Leighton covers up, then gets after her with driving right hands. Meester breaking down—guard gets a little loose: midway through, she eats a crashing right to chin, slumps into ropes and sits down awkwardly on her right hip. Fox glances down with smoldering satisfaction, finally punching Meester off her feet.


R10: Fox moves in to clean up….Leighton won’t have it. Meester twitching swinging punches from her hips off the ropes, getting off first, then either clinching Fox, or sidestepping her, Megan getting a little bamboozled—she’s never hurt, bit she’s allowing herself to be tied up, and she’s covering up too much as Leighton swats away. Good busy stuff from Meester—she stays out of harm’s way, gets touches, and takes the 10th round from a frustrated Megan Fox. Comes back UD10 close, Fox.


After: Leighton’s pretty face busted up as promised, but she’s unfazed—even approaching Fox in the aftermath with a compact mirror to show Megan her own puffy features. Fox enraged at Leighton’s cheek—officials move in to separate little vixens, writing Meester up for taunting. “She’s got nothing,” a scuffed up Fox hisses in postfight. “I could have taken her out early, but I carried the kid, because honestly? I wanted to punish her, All that pitty-pat crap did nothing: if I had been a judge, I wouldn’t have given her a single round. She’s a little tramp, and a disgrace to boxing.” Leighton upbeat despite swollen features—seemingly proud of the shiner she’s sporting. Very good FCBA debut for sporty little brunette who seems combative and not at all gunshy. Meester’s hardest blows enough to stun Fox, but clearly not enough to badly and consistently hurt her: Meester’s people will take the results and look at maybe repositioning their girl at 110.


Reposted by Archer on 11/24/09.

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