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5 September 2008 Padma Lakshmi vs Adrianne Palicki

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Part I


Posted by Simguy on 9/5/2008, 7:54 am.


Before: “I’m on record,” special commentator Tricia Helfer says at ringside, “I don’t think  Adrianne should take this fight. Padma’s not like anyone else you can face in the FCBA—she’s cruel in ways Adrianne won’t even understand, and she’s the most skillful tall boxer I’ve seen since Hurley. I know Palicki wants to test that skill, but I just think it’s a mistake—it’s too soon, Plus Padma wants to test that skill, but I just think it’s all a mistake—it’s too soon. Plus, Padma felt humiliated by her los to me—she’s SO motivated to hurt Adrianne: I’ve seen my share of blonde-haters I this game and in life, but I think this woman might take the cake. Nevertheless—the fight’s going ahead—so how can Adrianne compete? Well—Padma’s not terribly strong—she’s definitely a finesse fighter, and maybe Adrianne can slug Padma out of her game. And Lakshmi faded late against me, so Palicki’s young legs could become a factor down the stretch. But overall, Adrianne’s just going to have to stay focused and not get discouraged, because this fight is going to be hard on her before it gets better. If it ever does.”


Adrianne in cream coloured bikini, ring connection at jugs, snug fitting bottoms; white gloves. Padma in metallic green bikini with brass ring connections; black gloves.


During R1: Lakshmi comes out southpaw, sliding into position midring, torso swaying slightly as she’s very supple through the waist. Palicki swinging away, missing as Padma slips low, pivots-right. Padma striking back with snake-s tongue right jabs—punching Adrianne on her mouth, startling her. Padma ducking and weaving blonde haymakers, then sweeping the left roundhouse flat to Adrianne’s middle. Right hook cuffs AP up top—Padma pivoting to her right ‘round the hook, turning Palicki’s left flank. Final half more competitive: Adrianne committing to spearing lead rights up the middle, parting Padma’s haughty breasts; snarling Laksmi lashing back right hooks and swiping left hands as she’s backpedalling. Adrianne loses the round, but she’s getting gloves on meat, making it as expensive as possible for Padma.


R2: Popping straight right lead up the middle startled Padma—straightens her up; Palicki able to lash away lefts and rights to supple Indian torso as Laksmi’s forced to ball. Padma sliding to her right, frowning—Palicki’s length, strength proving more challenging than first thought. Adrianne disciplined in pursuit: hands up, eyes narrowed—she’s jabbing with no expectation of landing, just trying to locate Padma for shafting right hands. Lakshmi bending low, easing right shoulder into Adrianne’s hips, pivoting-right ‘round the nudge: SO difficult to draw a bead on dusky sorceress. Palicki wailing away—often missing over the top or making glancing contact; she’s the busier beauty, suppressing Padma and containing her to take the round.


R3: Padma finding her rhythm. She’s been rushed to this point, not always comfortable or in control: this round, she starts putting it on Adrianne in earnest. The lithe, swiveling pivots encircle Palicki, mesmerizing her as Padma scores, bends low to ease the right shoulder into blonde belly, then pivots supple to the side. Palicki missing more now—often badly: Padma leaning in and scoring slinging left hands to Adrianne face; clawing at her body with lathering right hooks under the left elbow, Padma’s jab a knocking stroke, patiently tapping at Adrianne’s face, disrupting her. After chopping, whittling and turning her girl for nearly three minutes—Padma bobs in up the middle, pulling a sleek straight left onto Adrianne’s chin. Crowd roaring as Palicki’s head snaps straight back—her body driven at the stumble into ropes. Bell: Padma making glittering eye contact as Palicki is dazed, hurt at the ropes.


R4: Adrianne busting up, but competitive as hell: she engages Padma midring, swinging away in turns as Laksmi attempts to walk Adrianne into punches. Padma sliding back, ducking to the side and pulling leather onto Palicki’s jawlines, but determined blonde pushing-through, slopping away heavy-slinging wide rights and lefts herself. Padma turning at the ropes—she’s getting the better of the clean connects, but she’s a little frazzled from the sheer ferocity of her blonde. down the stretch, Padma switches focus to Adrianne’s waist—leaning in to swing the left into paunch; leaning out onto left (back) foot to lick hooks across the ribs; reaching in under Adrianne’s arms to body up and step her around. Padma in control tummy to tummy, easing Palicki to ropes, pulling head down and carving uppercuts with either hand to earn warning at the bell.


R5: Padma keeping her lead foot (right) outside Adrianne’s (Left)—southpaw really picking her blonde apart this round. Palicki staring into both the knocking jab and the sudden, jamming straight left to left side of jaw. Padma scoring, bending in close, then pivoting around Palicki while pressing against her: gorgeous moves smothering Adrianne’s receipts while setting her up for more punishment. Padma smiling as she feints Adrianne, then smites her with delayed straight lefts up top, or wide left roundhouses to the body: Palicki confused, covering up late, starting to give ground as her form breaks down. Middle minute—Padma slides in close with right shoulder, jerks

the right uppercut in tight to chin, picking up AP hard, Padma twists torso-right, slopping the left hand in short and succulent to right side of Adrianne’s face, nearly clotheslining her and DROPPING HER TO HER BACK! Tons of supple leverage as Padma eases her whole lanky frame into the shot-and-push—Adrianne kicking her legs out as she sits up sputtering. Later—Adrianne covered up and stunned against ropes—Padma lashing at her with complicated rhythms of rights and lefts, strapping body and head both. Palicki bends forward face-in gloves: Padma heartlessly all OVER Adrianne’s exposed lower back, hammer-fist swabbing away side to side. Padma snarls a smile as groaning Adrianne is drummed to all fours—blonde panting, blinking back tears as ref shouts warnings to uncaring sorceress.




Posted by Simguy on 9/5/2008, 7:55 am.


R6: Adrianne dukes up, coming forward—but she’s shabby with hurt, stepping gingerly on uncertain legs. Padma fighting with just the hint of a smirk on feline lips—rotating counterclockwise, torso lolling gently in time to stepping. Right jaw: Pawing at times, then knocking—Padma dropping it out hammer style from her shoulder, cracking leather against Palicki’s puffy face. Straight lefts: sudden off right jabs or feints—Padma leaning in, jamming the punches to left side of Palicki’s face, buckling blonde legs every time, Body? Padma snatching at Adrianne, crippling her with lathering right hooks to left-side ribs or sweeping lefts to paunch. Throughout the beating, Padma’s stepping in, reaching around Adrianne’s back to tummy her around, or pulling her head down and pulling her about. Adrianne’s stronger in the weight room—but Padma’s spent her whole life managing the weight of other women with her hips and body—there’s a supple, elegant effortlessness to her leverage that makes Palicki seem an exhausted dance partner, Padma lavish with her touchings, reducing Adrianne to an open-mouthed, glassy-eyed wreck through 6/


R7: More Padma, Adrianne plucky enough to come forward—but she’s pre-empted, knocked at, stroked, then trussed up and turned. Padma easing Palicki to corners this round, bodying up tightly, pushing  Palicki’s left arm up and over to trap it between the women’s closely-grouped heads. Then, Padma’s tucking in right hands to exposed, quivering blonde breadbasket. Succulent brutality: Adrianne stacked up, left arm dangling awkwardly over Padma’s left shoulder; Lakshmi squirming atop her blonde, stuffing in cheap hold-and-hit right hands until ref pulls her off. Adrianne gurgling, damp blonde tousle in her eyes—she’s getting battered and embarrassed, but STILL she comes forward. Padma easily moving her girl around, twisting, turning and pulling at her, trapping her in corners, then cramming punches into her until ref’s breaks. Bell: Lakshmi leaning in full-body, embracing Palicki against the corner: Indian sadist takes her sweet time getting off, making Adrianne feel the weight of tummy against her.


R8: Padma knocking at Adrianne, chopping at her, sidestepping her: Palicki grimly fronted up, dukes at cheeks, teeth bared. Padma rotating counterclockwise, paws a right

Jaw/swings a wide left to Adrianne’s breast, smiling at the clout. Adrianne turns with, extends a stiff left jab to Padma’s left shoulder, then turns on a vicious right cross, landing with a thunderous, cracking impact to chin. Padma’s head tosses hard-right—lithe body spilling shoulder-first off to her right—SHE PITCHES INTO CANVAS! Lakshmi rolls to her back, eyes closed, mouth open—IT”S OVER! Good Lord—KO8—Adrianne freakin’ Palicki!


After: Lovely Padma stretched out—former lethal grace rendered docile, helpless by good old-fashioned American heat. Badly touched up Adrianne near hysterics—hugging her trainer, bawling in exultation: looks like a new legit lightweight blonde just might be arriving after all. Tricia Helfer standing, applauding along with everyone else—what a night for young Adrianne. “I just can’t believe it,” Palicki says, eyes tragically swollen by the constant pasting of Padma’s accurate mitts. “I was fighting my heart out, but she was like smoke in there. Thing is, Padma’s almost 40 years old—we knew she faded against Tricia, so the whole plan was to be competitive early, and pour it on late. She got careless—she thought I was out on my feet, and I was able to lean into her…and that was it. I don’t know what the odds were on this, but I know was a huge underdog: this is a tremendous confidence boost for me. I really feel like I belong  in the ring with anyone now!”


Reposted by Archer 9/25/09


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