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6 Feb 2006 Eva La Rue vs Paula Trickey

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Originally posted by Simguy on 2/24/2006, 6:29 am


Eva in white crochet bikini, blonde hair

Paula in leopard print swimsuit, ring connections

UD10 Larue (8 Rounds 2, Eva down briefly in the 7th)


Larue quoted in BLONDE! Magazine—“I handled Jenny O’Dell when she fought me and Alana. If I hadn’t had De La Garza dragging me down, I feel I would have stopped Jenny—and you can print that!” That’s the kind of bravado that can hurt a girl in a fight like this—against a motivated, still-strong cougar like Paula. But maintained her razor sharp ways, posting over the crowd pleasing brunette and raising some eyebrows with the quality if this methodical win.


Even Trickey’s shining moment—a seventh round knockdown of Eva off a blistering barrage of  body shots—came to naught as Larue rallied off the mat, boxed hardnosed

Behind her jab and had Trickey swooning from right hands at the ropes at round’s end.


Throughout the night we saw a very efficient Eva, a defensively sound Eva, and an Eva who seemed able to hurt her foe with hooks, crosses and uppercuts—all tossed at the right times. A badly flustered Trickey was well worked over in this fight—probably the lessd competitive outing of her stop-and-start comerback to date.


In post fight, a brazen Larue refocused her attention on BSE: “I’d love to settle things with Jenny, and I think Charisma Carpenter and I are a match made in heaven, If Vanessa Williams thinks she owns Miami—I’d love to open her eyes by clicking ‘em. I’m unbeaten as a blonde and I plan on staying that way!” At press time—Harmon/Larue seems 90% done for a future PPV, barring the usual unforeseen negotiating shanigans.


Reposted by Archer 7/4/09.


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