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6 March 2008 Julie Benz vs Jennifer Connelly

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Posted by simguy on 3/6/2008, 7:19 am


Before: Connelly getting a lot of advice to sidestep this fight - critics think the terms level the playing field between the brunette hall of famer and blonde journeywoman. "I know it's more of a slugfest than a boxing match," Jennifer admits in prefight Stateside. "The heat's a big factor - the gloves we'll be wearing will make Julie a puncher - this is going to be grueling. But if I don't take this kind of fight now, I never will. This is no country for old women - that's for sure. Fighting Julie under these conditions should send a message to all those girls out there who think I'm looking creaky these days."

Fought on hard-packed sand just outside of Tripoli (North Africa). A few jeeps, pickups and SUVs form a rough circle around a roomy fighting area. Blistering sun overhead; harsh white light - heat distortion waves rising from the hoods of the automobiles. No ring. Benz is seconded by Kate Beckinsale and supported by her publicist and a couple of close non-celebrity friends. Connelly has Biel backing her, along with TU officials. BLONDE! Magazine cameraman and reporter in attendance along with about a dozen or so FCBA officials (timekeepers, judges etc). HBO also has a camera team on hand - shooting the fight in 70mm for a special limited theatrical release (New York, LA only).

Julie: scruffy ponytail with bangs framing face; white shirt open, blowing gently in a hot deset breeze; tight white cotton camisol; khaki shorts, long bare legs; tan hiking boots and thick socks; rough, tan work gloves.

Jen: Loose curls ala Blood Diamond. Denim shirt open, blowing in the breeze; royal blue tank top; tan shorts; bare legs down to tan hiking boots and thick socks; rough tan work gloves.

R1: Women approach slowly - boots scuffing on sand, kicking up little dust clouds. They ease into stances, dukes up chest high, elbows in. Julie jabs Jennifer's chest - pivots rapidly left: boots scraping in the dust. Jen squinting as she's up-sun of her blonde - she stoops, doubles the jab at Julie's body, pivoting left with rangy poise. First minute and a half passes in this fashion: Julie the first to step in off the jab, driving a workmanlike right/left to Jennifer's stomach. Connelly grunts, hunching forward to absorb body blows: Julie stays in there close, pounding short rights and lefts to Connelly's waistline. Jen taking it tuff, answers back a short chopping hook, then nips a tidy left uppercut, scraping Julie's face with harsh work glove. Girls trade blunt right hands in close - each scoring clean to chin: Julie mops up with a pair of tuff left hands tucked hard to Jen's tummy. Connelly stumbling forward - dukes at her temples: Benz backing Connelly up, walking Jen onto short, plugging rights and lefts to the body as time keeper shouts "TIME!"

During the break, girls separate, swig water from plastic water jugs as well as getting a good misting of water in the face from their seconds.

R2: Flat footed stances - tilting, crouching upperbodies. Right hands tight to cheeks - both women working jabs and hooks, dutifully punching each other's breasts and jaws. Eerily quiet: the click-and-wind of a camera; the odd cough; the shifting breeze; the sounds of the women's boots scuffing on dirt; the thump of their punches; the stifled grunts of pain and breathy gasps from the odd good connect. Benz doing well - jabbing Jennifer effectively, then hooking her stout. Connelly jabbing as well - her shirt sleeve rustling with the pumping action - but brunette not as accurate against swivelling blonde torso movement. Benz back to Connelly's midsection late with rights and lefts tucked in while walking forward: Jen grunting, wincing as she's slugged onto her heels and backed up. Round ends with women trading tough hooks to chins: Jennifer's knees buckling as Benz gets the better of trade.

R3: Benz has some things working. Her jab is finding Jennifer's face - busting brunette up underneath the left eye. Hook is moving Jennifer - catching her jaw and jug off the jab: Connelly having trouble reading and anticipating blonde's compact, palm-down delivery. Julie stepping in, digging to the stomach: good compact right/lefts crammed in short - Jennifer generally giving ground when blonde comes forward. Connelly scowling, trying to jab Benz off, but Julie's hard fists clearly demoralizing brunette. Late the round, pair of Benz right hands chops over top Jen's left, catching Connelly's jaw. Brunette knees give way, then lock straight - Connelly staggered, showing earmuff as Benz steps in close. Right hand swings wide to Jen's ribs; diggiing hook takes her in her tummy; left uppercut splits Jen's mitts, knocks her head back. Connelly stumbling around glassy eyed: Benz leans in, carrying a short right to chin and DOWN GOES JENNIFER! Connelly cracked, dropped to her back - kicking up a dustcloud as she lays for a moment in stupor. Benz stalking past, glaring down - she nods for water, walking to Beckinsale as Jennifer sits up herky-jerky, rolling painfully over her left hip to stand. Break: Jen's lower lip is bleeding, left eye starting to swell. She stands stoic against the pain as Jessica Biel brushes hair off Jen's face and applies enswell in slow strokes to that left eye.

R4: Connelly adjusting. She's jabbing, but not trying to box: Connelly going to the Benz midsection with tuff, tucking right hands, similar to the ones Julie's been pitching. Girls grunt, lay in close - each using the left hand to take the other by the shirt while plowing her tummy rights. Stamping feet kick up dust - women tugging and pushing each other around, trading body blows. Ref in there, pulling at the grabbing hands, barking warnings: this is still an FCBA contest and girls have to abide by the rules. Fighters start to loosen, mouth breathing in the heat: fighting crouches with right fists at mouths, left hands open, pawing and flicking at each other before the next slugging sequence. Connelly landing several good right hands to Julie's ribs and belly; several good right crosses clean to chin. Brunette has blonde backing up, blinking with uncertainty for the first time.

R5: Girls fall in - push - jostle - spin each other around. Julie holding Jen's shirt with the left hand while plowing a fat right hand to body; reloading and clouting Jen righty to jaw; backhanding Jen a cruel, illegal right across the face. Connelly slapped senseless - staggering, lips parted - Julie forward with lefts and rights - stepping into Jen with either hand, slugging her face and driving her backwards. Jen hits the door of a jeep, eyelashes fluttering, hands up at her shoulders: Benz digs into gut a thick right/left, punching the breath from Jen, slumping her forward. Benz reaches in, pushes Jen hard against the door with a metallic clang: Connelly groaning, eyes closed, lips curled back off her teeth. Benz back to the midsection - big swinging right hand plowed deep - quick push-in with right shoulder to flatten Jen against the door - another right hand pitched in thick to tummy. CONNELLY GOES DOWN! Benz seething, wiping her mouth with a shirt sleeve - ref pushes her back, giving whimpering Jen room to rise. Connelly takes woozy 8 - lifts her fists to her open mouth, staggers forward. Benz licks dusty, cracked lips - pawing her open left at Jen's hands, leaning in and CRACKING Jen a bawdy right cross. Connelly spun round to her right, dropped to hands and knees - she sputters and coughs as yellow dust rises. BENZ PUTS A BOOT IN JEN'S RIBS! Sickening thump of hiking boot in slender chassis - Jennifer shouting in pain - rolling to her back knees up, arms hugging her bod. Official bodies Julie back - she's gone feral, teeth bared: she'd be putting insurance boots to Jen right now if she could. Vicious foul buys Jennifer time to get off her back: she's weepy, cringing, hugging her body at the bell.



      Benz/Connelly Africa conc.


Posted by simguy on 3/6/2008, 7:20 am




R6: Heat becoming a factor. Girls are ragged, drenched with sweat and water. They step around flat footed, mouths open, eyes squinting in the sun. Benz doubles the jab to Jen's face with a curious, overhand pawing action; leans into a right cross - clouting Connelly's face back - sending Connelly reeling to her right. Connelly slipping under Benz right hands, hooking Julie to her ribs, then to her face: nice tight double hook putting Benz on her heels, buying Connelly time. Girls trade low-slung right hands to the stomach, hurting each other, crumpling each other up. Fight staggers into an SUV - Benz on top: she takes two fistfuls of Jennifer's shirt - slamming Connelly repeatedly against the side of the car: poor Jennifer's head whiplashing sadly back and forth as she loosens. Right hand pounds Jen's face to the right, spinning her onto the hood of the car. Benz snarling, moves in from behind - pushing Jen's cheek down onto the blistering hood of the car. Connelly crying out, stamping her foot in the dirt: ref moves in, pulls Julie off, reads her the riot act. "You're getting your ass kicked, Jen!" Benz cries out, trying to push past the ref. Connelly rubbing her cheek, glaring, gingerly tonguing the inside of her swollen lower lip.

R7: Julie backs Jen up with a right hand to the body, left hand to the body, right hand to the chin, left hand to the chin - stepping into Jen and punching on the march. Jen firms, blocking a Benz right hand with a raised left, drifting Benz a right to the mouth, a left to the mouth - swivelling blonde head as Julie staggers back. Back and forth, back and forth - women punching each other drowsy/stupid. At one point, Benz' back (right) leg skids out, putting her on bended knee. At another, Julie doubles Jennifer over with a series of digging right hands to the belly - blonde pulling Jennifer by her shirt onto the slugging mayhem; Connelly's butt back, jumping up with the impacts. Both women crying now - both busting up: very little in the way of boxing form or technique as slugging damage takes it's toll.

R8: Groggy beauties scuff towards each other - mouths open, dragging in 100 degree air with wheezing gasps. Jen ducks a sweeping Benz right, shouldering into Julie's stomach and driving her into the door of a pick up. Pair of right hands tuck into blonde tummy, doubling Benz over: Jen takes two fistfuls of shirt, sucking Benz off the door, spinning her, dragging her to the back of the flat bed. Right hand to the body pitches Julie forward with a cry: Jen stoops, reaches right arm in between Julie's legs, lifting Benz up and dumping her into the flat bed. Julie groaning, on her back, rolling to her side away from Connelly as Jen climbs onto the truck.

Jen scrambles, slaps hands down on Julie's back, roughly pushing her back to the sidewall of the pick up. Benz gasping, head lolling - her arms instinctively draping out along the low walls of the flat bed. Jen's left hand takes Benz by her top - right hand cocked, and Connelly's DRIFTING Julie short right hands. Crude, cudgelling blasts - Julie's head kicking back/lolling forward as she sits there, taking. Jen just powering in short shots - all shoulder as she leans into Julie. Ref finally clambers into the truck, pulls Jen off - reads her the riot act. Benz in a fog - wiping her mouth, sitting there in stupor as Connelly pushes against official, wishing to continue on Julie.

R9: Shirts off: it's Julie in her white cami top facing down Jen in her blue tank top. Groggy, staggering slugging - girls in wide stances, hands about chest high as they take turns stepping into each other. Short, plowing lefts and rights pound back and forth, punching beautiful faces back and around - slender legs stamping and staggering in dust. Late the round, Connelly really having a good stretch, systematically backing Julie up with blunt rights and lefts. Benz on the verge of collapse, grabs Jen by her tank top straps, tugs her-to, lifts the right knee snug up between Jennifer's legs. Connelly sobs out, drops to all fours in the dust. Benz open-mouthed, wanders away hands on hips as official bellows in outrage, giving Jen time to recover.

R10: Jennifer catches a second wind: Benz demoralized, exhausted, can't keep up. Connelly doubling her jab, knocking at Julie's drowsy face, then fetching her the right cross: Benz staggers back on her heels, head lolling, arms flapping. Jen pops hips-right, hooks Julie to her waist; Jen places left hand flat on Benz' chest to stabilize her, then drifts her the right cross to mouth. Julie spins round, staggers face-first to the nearest jeep - panting, both hands on the hood of the car. Jen moves in - both hands on Julie's back as Connelly balances, then a tuff right hand shoves brutally into Julie's lower back. Benz cries out, head pitching back as she stiffens: Jen bares her teeth, digs a left hand into Julie's lower back; digs another right into tender kidney. Julie's legs give way - she's down on her right knee, leaning into the car door: ref pulls Jennifer away by her shoulders from behind, shouting warnings.

Julie's spent - SO rickety as she bravely stands, legs trembling and buckling, her right hand clutching at her lower back. Connelly pushes past the ref - left hand extending to brace Benz at her chest: blonde just stares bleakly into brunette right cross. Julie belted to her right, sprawling chest-first onto the hood of the jeep: Jen pulls at the girl's arms, sucking her off the car, turning her around. Swinging right hand takes Julie in her breadbasket, doubling her forward into Jennifer's arms. Connelly bundles Julie up, slams her back into the jeep. Left hand secures Julie by her top - blonde head lolling as she slumps against the jeep: she's got absolutely nothing left to stop Jennifer's plowing right hands. Connelly slamming 'em in: Kate Beckinsale (tight black T-shirt; khaki shorts; tan hiking boots) shouting "Enough Jen! Jennifer, ENOUGH!" Ref finally pulls Connelly off: Julie out, dribbles down the side of the car to her knees, then pools to her face in the dust. KO10 Jennifer Connelly.

After: Connelly staggering away, then falling to an awkward seat in the sand - legs partially crossed: she's dimmed by punishment, heat, and exhaustion. Biel helps Jen up from behind, slapping her back and offering hearty congratulations as Connelly wins one of the most brutal celebrity fistfights on record. Connelly groggily notices Julie lying on her face: tears of fury well up in Jen's eyes - she's just on autopilot - her body wants to put boots to Julie's fallen frame! Biel holding damaged Jen back with a lopsided grin as officials tend to Benz.


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