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6 March 2009 Ashley Scott vs Odette Yustman

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Posted by simguy on 3/6/2009, 7:21 am

Before: "I just cannot WAIT to get at this girl!" An upbeat Ashley Scott grins in prefight. "A chick this pretty; this vapid? Guys - it's like Christmas for me. I'm gonna unwrap Odette and show her off for what she really is. An empty box, with a pretty bow."


Yustman getting a taste of hardnosed lightweight competition: she's trying hard not to let Ashley get the intimidator's edge. "Ashley was the first name that came to mind when the decision was made to move me up," Odette says at podium. "She's how I want to announce myself. It's how Ali Larter did it; it's how Alana De La Garza did it...and it's working out well for them so far."


Odette in tight white cotton tank and panties; white gloves. Ashley in hot pink bra and panties; white gloves; long blonde curls in low ponytail - ringlets messy about her face.

During R1: Nasty shock for Ashley early: Odette's outjabbing her, ouboxing her. Yustman sticking Scott, steering her round the ring, driving a startled blonde before her. Down the stretch, Odette's jab sets screen for a slinging right - catching Ash just behind the ear, around her outstretched left. BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Ashley's legs give way, scattering her to all fours: electrifying lanky knock down gives Yustman a surprising 10-8 first.

R2: Ashley on bicycle, eyes alarmed: Yustman the aggressor. Pleasing to see such leggy beauties chase each other down - jab at each other's faces - bend into sleek, whistling, rangy right hands. Each showing supple torso movement - dipping side to side, pivoting 'round the weaving motion as the opponent misses. Odette coming forward, taking canvas away from Ashley: brunette ingenue confident with veteran blonde comp early.

R3: Odette walking forward, giving up her height: Ashley starts to time her girl for slashing hooks; hesitation right hands. Scotty getting the distance - bending in, twisting with her shots, lashing limber at Odette: Yustman thrown over to defence, her hands up at temples for the first time. Ash pivoting clockwise - left (lead) foot in a bucket: she'll ease herself forward, pumping stout right hands flat-knuckle to Odette's toned midriff as Yustman's guarding high; Ashley cuffing her hook, slapping Odette while pivoting 'round brunette right flank. Smooth round of boxing sees Scott stabilize her front, take the initiative away from over-eager Odette.

R4: Scotty going to work: she's ranging in, starting to turn Odette midring, dictate terms. Lanky brunette showing dukes-at-temples, looking tentative as Scott pops jabs off guard. Scotty working to the waist: wide, slinging sidearm right hands; plugging, pumping right hands landing flat-knuckle; whippy hooks. When Odette stoops forward behind her mitts to relieve pressure - Ashley leans in close, looming above Odette to dig in behind either elbow CHUP! CHUP! CHUP! Sinewy blonde treating willowy brunette to the rigors of disciplined, sustained body work: Yustman sent back to her corner wincing.

R5: Shutout Ashley Scott: she spends the round working behind her jab, turning Odette midring, touching her up. Scotty taking what she wants - a little waistline here; cheekbone there; chin, jug, flank. Odette grimacing, keeping her dukes up, but looking out of her depth as sinewy blonde weaves in and out, tormenting her ingenue at will.

R6: Ashley loose, assertive, working in and out: she's hanging her jab a bit and Yustman makes her pay. Minute mark - Odette slings a heavy right hand, taking Ash upside the head: blonde has to ponytrot out of it to prevent the knockdown. Yustman eagerly upon Scott, whacking lithe blonde midsection with lanky right/lefts: Ashley grunting, doubling forward behind her mitts as Odette straps away. Even hurt, Ashley still elusive: straightening up and leaning away as Odette brushes the left uppercut; rolling side to side with criss-cross lefts and rights.

R7: Odette with a good first minute, threatening to jab Ashley to ropes and applying lashing lather: Scott halts the attack with a licking, supple, rangy left hook to crotch. Scotty smoothly over to offense as poor Odette cringes up: Ashley pivoting counterclockwise, savagely stroking away lanky to Odette's flanks and waist. Lithe, stroking punches - Scotty sinuous with her strokes, body-whipping Odette into near paralysis.

R8: Ashley elects to straight-box Odette: Yustman proves once again she can find Scotty with right hands at range. Scott pulling away from a searing blast - taking just enough off to prevent the knockdown; she reels hurt into ropes nevertheless. Odette loping in - ready-position with hands at temples: she's dipping side to side, lashing up and across at Ashley, punishing that svelte ribcage. Nice lanky strapping action from Odette - similar to Ashley's own delivery: crowd-pleasing lanky power from both girls tonight. Odette all business: she'll punish Ashley to the body, then extend the left hand to push Scotty into ropes, pinning her down for the next strapping sequence. Ash rolling sinewy in the pocket: she absorbs thrilling damage, but keeps her chin off the menu as Yustman dominates at ropes.

R9: Ashley feints Odette: Yustman covering up earmuff, stooping forward a smidge; Ashley deploys savage, buggywhip right hand, taking Odette above left hip. Cry of pain, Yustman: pretty brunette demoralized by the shot; Ashley pushes Yustman big-girl, sending her tottering to ropes. Scotty hard-eyed, tight-lipped: she steps to, lashes Odette a heartless stroke across the waist as Yustman's showing earmuff. Scott snatching at Odette - bringing the mitts back quick after landing lanky: gorgeous to watch a tall girl execute crisp and snappy like this. Odette lashed mercilessly to her ribs and flanks - Ashley stroking both sides of the plate, taking the time to cripple Odette. Yustman cringing forward behind her mitts: curving right uppercut takes her between the mitts, picking up her face drowsy. Ashley's eyes blaze - she knows Odette's hurt: Blonde shifts weight to left (front) foot, picking Odette up a curling little left uppercut. Yustman helpless, butt in ropes, taking uppies: fists curl forlornly into Odette's chin as her eyelashes flutter. Ashley easing herself from one foot to the other, applying sinuous licks - snatching at Odette's lean lats, picking up her tits, cuffing her cheeks. It's all too much: Yustman lathered into stupor - she pitches forward, sprawling cheek-down at Ashley's feet. Scott smiling - taking the time to step magnificently over Odette's conquered, long chassis en route to a well-deserved ring strut. KO9 in limber fashion - Ashley Scott.

After: Odette giving a good account, dropping Ashley and forcing Scott to take a deep breath tonight. In the end, Ashley too seasoned, too skilled - applying her experience edge each and every round to wear Yustman down. AND SCOTTY WANTS MORE! Ashley grinning, helping a swooning Odette up off her stool: blonde snakes right arm around bendy brunette back to guide Yustman out for a welcome-to-lightweight walk of shame. Good win for Ashley: in danger of being branded a stepping stone, Scott stood up and denied a well regarded young brunette prospect tonight.

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