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6 September 2009 Kristin Cavallari vs Briana Evigan

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Posted by simguy on 9/6/2009, 12:25 pm,

BEFORE: "I learned so much against Snow," Evigan admits, 6 weeks after her unexpected stoppage loss to veteran blonde slugger. "She was mean to me afterwards, but whatever - I was the better fighter and she knows it - I just lost focus. I fell in love with my punching - forgot about defence: I'll definitely tighten up against Kris, 'cause I know she can crack." Cavallari carving out a nice little niche for herself as the 'Laguna Beach Bad Girl' - fighting on home sand against up and coming ingenues has become a lucrative little sideline. "I've got the best body on the beach," Kris shrugs, as though stating the obvious. "Best body wins - everybody knows that. This girl's like Brenda Song - thinks she's all flashy and stuff: one hit and I'll change her mind for good!" Kris in bright baby blue bikini; small white gloves. Briana in sea-green bikini, small black gloves. Outdoor standard ring set up on Laguna beach - one long bank of bleachers for small, enthusiastic crowd.

During R1: Bri walking briskly in wide counterclockwise circle - when she's ready, she curves in, picks her hands up, chucks a sidearm right hand hard into Krissy's flank. Cavs with dukes at brows eats the body blow, hops forward, bends into a sweeping right, just missing Bri's head as Evigan's bopping back. Briana showcasing those springy legs and sporty, agile body - in and out, up and down: she's batting away to Krissy's waist, bouncing both mitts off firm blonde breadbasket. Cavallari blocking most shots up top, trying to set herself and time her foe. Cavs landing the odd hopped-in right to Bri's jaw, chasing the brunette back: Evigan taking it well, curving back to Kris and licking her tic-toc to body. Final moments, Krissy crumples up hurt off the two-beat body blows: Briana brightens, spruces up Cavallari's well-promoted breasts with a feisty flurry of lefts and rights at bell.

R2: Similar stuff - Kris aggressively forward, dukes up, looking to step in a very hard right up top, then hook Bri to her body. Evigan much more varied - bopping in and out - withdrawing to circle, changing directions...her legs give her initiative as she turns Krissy's flanks, constantly darting in and out on her. Steady, munching, PIK-PAK right/lefts to Krissy's waistline a constant refrain: Cavallari just stooped behind her mitts, lips tight as she suffers Evigan's brazen touch to tummy.

R3: Kristin's right hand pounding past Evigan's guard, bashing her to jaw, moving her backward. Briana blinking, walking away: she's a little spooked, taking the punches well, but learning to respect Cavallari's committed slugging. Cavs able to breathe easier without Bri constantly tapping her torso - little blonde brazenly forward, hurling heavy at Evigan's head, working her body whenever Briana fades to ropes. Bell: bright smile Krissy - she banked plenty of ingenue-busting blows in Briana's perky torso that round.

R4: Briana circling the ring, looking hesitant to engage: Krissy stomping forward, being the bully. Evigan's footwork far superior - she's generally able to sidestep and keep her distance - but Krissy enjoying moments. Evigan occasionally chased to ropes where Kris steps in close, hoists heavy left hands to brunette abs, and clobbers away rights and lefts up top. Evigan useful in the pocket, very supple on her hips - rolling and slipping shots like a little veteran. Krissy's round though: she's boss through 4.

R5: Kris hounding Bri in first minute, getting reckless in the process: Evigan circling to spots, walking Krissy in, touching her up, then sidestepping as blonde loses momentum. Second minute, Briana goes over to offence off a pounding right/left to paunch which stiffens Kris: Cavallari grimacing, mouthbreathing, unable to push forward. More hooks for Kris - Bri going liver, waist, right flank with rapid-batting left hands: Krissy giving ground for the first time, blinking away tears. Shocking lead right hand punches Cavallari on her mouth: she staggers back over her heels, hitting ropes in disarray. Evigan bounding in, bouncing rights and lefts off Krissy's taut waist: blonde screaming out, doubling forward as brunette mines hurt. JUG! Evigan grinnin' bratty as her little shoulders rotate a rolling series of shruggin' hup-hup into Kristin's moneymakers: Cavallari crying out, sitting in ropes. Briana SO springy and athletic - shifting weight from foot to foot as she bounces withering body blows off Kristin's flanks, tummy, tits. Cavallari bawling, finally eases herself to all fours, shuddering as the count passes her by. KO5 Briana Evigan.

After: Evigan seething, taking a moment to loom above Kris and devour the sight: chalk up one curvy blonde as promising young bouncer rights the ship. "I was disappointed after Brittany, but never discouraged," says plucky Bri in postfight. "I was determined to come into Laguna and take care of Krissy's business. She's a tramp and a raw slugger: no excuse for a trained dancer/fighter like me not to wipe the canvas with her!"

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