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7 April 2006 Lauren Holly vs Lisa Rinna

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Posted by Simguy on 4/7/2006 , 7:21 am.


Rinna in peach bikini w/fringes

Lauren in lavender bikini, white lace trim on sport-cut top


UD10 (6 rounds to 4) Holly


Elegant cougar battle a real pleasure to watch: both women busy, smart and classy in the ring; neither too proud to get scrappy when necessary.


There was no “look” to this bout: both women fight well behind their jabs and often began the rounds outside, but there would be no set of conditions prevailing throughout the night. Sturdy exchanges were slugged out in the corners, Both women found themselves mauled along the ropes, Both tapped jabs to faces, hooked off jabs and doubled up hooks to tasty ribcages in pleasing fashion. The work rate was uniformly high; the action encompassed every inch of canvas—sometimes at the hop, sometimes with a creeping step. Defences were sound, with both women moving their heads and upperbodies stepping out to change distance, and circling when not trying to impose will toe-to-toe.


But the harder punching vixen was unquestionably Lauren: her right hand held sway over everything else that happened in this fight. It was a bit of a surprise: Rinna came in with the puncher’s reputation, and a fine right hand of her own—but only Holly tossed the cross with any conviction on the night. Lisa’s points came via work rate and positioning: Holly won her rounds by wider margins, scorching Rinna with lunging rights in the first, fifth, seventh and tenth heats—the last an emphatic shutout that saw a well-worn, lumped-up Rinna looking decidedly discouraged. It was Holly 6-4 in rounds, but in reality, it was Holly decisively the victrix as Lisa simply refused to take the chasnces necessary not just to compete, but to win.


Lauren would get a chance to call out some names on PPV, and she call she did: Denise Richards, Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer O’Dell and Cat Bell all were mentioned as women she thought she could “take advantage of”.


Reposted by Archer 11/15/09.

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