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7 March 2008 Jennifer Garner vs Charlize Theron (XIV)

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Jennifer Garner 05.jpgCharlize Theron 13.jpg




 (3rd in Best of Seven Challenge) by simguy


"I just won't let her have this," Charlize says, drawing a hand down her torso to indicate what she's planning to deny her rival. "It's simple. I'm going to get long on Jennifer and control her. There's no excuse for her getting inside and banging on me - that only happens when I get lazy in a fight, and it's not going to happen in THIS fight."


Garner upbeat - rousing overhaul of Charlize last time out has brunette in high spirits.


"I've shown I'm stronger bodied than Charlize," says Jennifer all dimply. “And I've proven I'm stronger-willed. This Best of Seven format plays to my strengths - determination, resolve, endurance. Bit by bit Charlize is starting to realize that she's bitten off more than she can chew. There's a long way to go and a LOT of punches to throw - but I think the enormity of it is crushing Charlize. I truly do."


Theron in rich, royal blue bikini; gold-chain links at hips; white gloves. Garner in crimson bikini, black gloves; hair in a crown braid.


Round 1: TORRID SLUGGING! Girls closing, turning into vicious haymakers early - CHARLIZE CHOPPED TO ONE KNEE! Theron up quickly, shaking her head in foggy disbelief - Garner nailing a short, clubbing right hand to left ear has Golden Goddess wobbly butt just moments in. Jennifer in with jabs, POUNDING a straight right to Charlize' left breast; Theron back with the right uppercut/left hook - GARNER SCOOTS TO HER REAR! Jennifer up blinking in astonishment, shaky-legged: ON COMES CHARLIZE! looping lariat right hand takes Jen behind left ear, clubbing her in a little counterclockwise circle around CT. Theron bending into lashing rights - Jennifer forming earmuff, ducking under them. OH - Charlize snatches a vicious hook off Jennifer's abs - CT widening stance, twisting into hellish blows from either side. Garner bleak, stunned - final minute belongs to Charlize as she loads up, wails away long-limbed haymakers at Garner's prepared defences. Bell: Jennifer cut at the hairline, stumbling - Theron hooting in derision as blonde fists win a blazing, brawling first.


Round 2: Charlize settles in behind her jab, looking to control Jennifer midring. Wide stance for CT - she's issuing jabs off the front foot, hooking off the jab, pivoting left - keeping Garner well to the outside. CT's legs limber, lithe as she turns her foe - doubling up the poke, smashing at Jen's raised hands and skull. Garner weaving side to side, occasionally bashing back at Theron's ribcage - but Charlize dictating range, tempo through 2.


Round 3: Garner doubles up the jab, collapses distance on Charlize - Garner able to fight off CT's chest much of the round. Jen putting together withering combinations to Theron's ribs, flanks, chest and lats - clubbing back and forth with rigid, side to side briskness. Charlize standing her ground - leaning in on Jen, dipping and digging the left uppercut off the front (left) foot - blonde gouging at brunette midsection in spots. Late the round - punishing Garner body blows have CT loosened up - Theron taking clean, clubbing blows about her temples and jawlines as her guard drops in response to the pummelling downstairs.


Round 4: Jennifer jabbing in, POUNDING the right hand in under CT's left breast: gasping Charlize wilts back into ropes, cringing. Garner squaring away - pushing her head in between CT's mitts, working the body with vicious, side to side swat. Theron grimacing, stacked up at ropes and absorbing punishment - she's not having much luck getting off - reduced to cupping her hands around Jen's ears, pulling brunette head down and tieing her up behind the elbows. Good scrounging, wriggling work from Garner - she's fighting off CT's chest, just bashing non-stop at the goodness as long blonde legs stiffen.


Round 5: CT looking to elongate - trying to jab off the front foot: Garner weaving side to side, spitting back a stubby, destructive jab of her own chases blonde to ropes. Chopping right to jaw ragdolls Theron against cables, eyelashes fluttering: Garner cleans up with a thudding series of left and right roundhouses to the ribcage. CT gurgling, harmed amidships - she folds forward, ties up behind the elbows, glomming on for ref's breaks. Jen pushed back, but she dives back in with a slamming right to the heart - constant pressure on CT's svelte torso has blonde breaking down. Theron mouthbreathing - taking a beating to her arms and chassis, but answering back in spots; she's dipping and ripping left uppercuts to some effect, taking Garner in her sturdy stomach. Bell: Garner lands a late right hand to bicep/breast; late hook to tummy, sitting Charlize in ropes as ref moves in, barking warnings.


Round 6: Charlize trying to unpack that jab - Jennifer weaving it well, answering with crunching right hand counters underneath Theron's outstretched left, hammering those Oscar-winning ribs. CT driven to ropes AGAIN - Janet screaming at Charlize to get off there, but Garner not cooperating. Jen squaring away, chin tucked, shoulders hunched - she's just going at Charlize methodical, pounding her blonde's biceps, flanks, breasts, ribs with cudgelling efficiency. Charlize grunting, slumping forward behind her mitts as she ships it to the body: tired clinching from Theron as she pulls Jennifer in for ref's breaks. All Garner through 6 - she's systematically reducing her rival with non-stop attrition.


Round 7: CT jabbing, then leaning back - she's able to evade Garner's counter right hand, coming back with a HARD straight right to chin, finally backing Jennifer off. Pair of Theron jabs punches Jen's face back - brunette staring, groggy, eats a shattering right cross as Theron bends in and fetches it to chin. Charlize extends both hands, pushing Jennifer while sidestepping right - Charlize's eyes blazing as stance widens, anchoring her for power. Jabs pump in over Jen's left shoulder, punching her cheek: another right hand lands flush, torquing Jen's head hard to starboard. Jennifer's knees buckle - she stumbles forward to clinch: Charlize with another push, sidesteps right, maintains her attack off Jen's left shoulder. Pair of jabs punches Jen's face back, stunning her; wide left hook slaps Jen's face, sweeps her mitts aside; CRASHING RIGHT HAND LANDS TO CHIN! Head-swivel JG - Garner swaying a moment on the spot, then THUNDERING TO HER BACK! Jennifer twitchy, hands up above her head, face lolling gently side to side - it's OVER! KO7 in shattering fashion - Charlize Theron!


After: Theron giddy - leaping into the arms of Janet Jones and celebrating a huge come-from behind KO of hated Garner. BLONDE! Magazine quick to trumpet the victory: "For the first time, Charlize proved she could absorb a beating from Jennifer, then come back strong to knock the brunette hussy out. It's a huge accomplishment: CT now knows she can go rounds with this girl - the fight isn't necessarily Garner's if it goes past three. And most importantly, it's becoming more and more apparent that Jennifer can't take Charlize's right hand. The big eraser in this match up belongs to Theron, and that's a telling factor in any best of seven series."


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