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7 March 2008 Title Ch Nadia Bjorlin vs  Mandy Moore

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Nadia Bjorlin 2.jpgMandy Moore 01.jpg




Unified Welterweight Title


Originally posted by Simguy on 3/7/2008, 10:05 pm.


Before: “I’m on record as saying I don’t think Mandy’s a very good fighter,” Nadia says matter of fact, shrugging brown shoulders in a green tank top. “She’s big and soft and slow footed—not tough. I know HBO loves her butt, but this girl isn’t the future. I can’t think of any better way to prove that then by turning her back hard in a title fight—just show her the gold, then turn the lights out.”


Moore poised, pursing her lips at the champ’s tuff talk. “I’m on record as saying Nadia IS a good fighter,” Moore quips in rebuttal. “She deserves everything she’s gotten, but like a lot of starlets—she needs an attitude adjustment—BAD! We all have weaknesses—she’s talked about mine—and Nadia’s very hittable and beatable, too. I prefer to get in the ting and show her what I mean rather than wasting my breath out here. I’ll just say she’s a good fighter and leave it at that.”


Moore in dark purple bikini; battle bun hair; black gloves. Bjorlin in gold bikini with bra style top; black gloves.


During R1; Bjorlin weaving in close, pounding Mandy a drifting right across the breasts to open. Moore aghast—sliding back, issuing jabs: Bjorlin weaving poke, stepping in, lopping the right hand over the top to chase Mandy to ropes. Moore in good order, walks Nadia in to clinch: ref’s break restarts action midring. Moore slowly getting the jab out first—pre-empting Nadia—pounding at skull and shoulders to keep Bjorlin outside. Midway through, paydirt: Bjorlin held up by Mandy’s jab—Moore able to extend on a big-woman’s right cross, pounding Nadia’s chin. Nadia shook—arms crossed as knees bennnnd hurt, then straighten. Bjorlin baby-stepping forward, then picks Nadia up the choice right uppercut. Great strapping whacks picks the champ up, stuns her—Nadia stumbling forward hits the ropes face-first as Mandy sidesteps. Down the stretch, Moore in wider stance shells Nadia at the ropes—Mandy pumping jabs, then leaning into short, heavy right hands. Nadia rocked at times—dukes at temples—she’s eating punches, trusting curvy legs to hold her up as Moore shows big in the first.


R2: Nadia out aggressive, but shabby in the leg: Moore able to stand ground, be first with the jab, clean up the tight hand, then clinch her girl for the break. Punch n’ clutch from Mandy—Bjorlin a little glassy-eyed—catching right hands on the button, sputtering forward into Mandy’s brawny clinch: Moore putting a body on and walking Nadia around until ref reefs ‘em apart, Crowd oohing and aahing as Mandy pours in right hand after right hand—ringing Nadia to chin, then cuddling her, walking her around. Bjorlin’s buttocks wobbling—she’s walking around on her heels, blinking, trying to clear her head, stubbornly wading forward into Mandy’s pulverizing one-twos, Moore very patient-=-walking Nadia in, scoring, tying her up. By the midway point, Mandy’s just pushing Nadia of rather than waiting for ref’s break—Bjorlin stumbling off, mouth open. Final minute—Nadia blundering forward into ruinous punches—Moore grooving right hands home, pushing her girl off by the shoulders: Mandy’s got Nadia hurt, sluggish, and cooperating. Heavy left jabs punch Nadia’s mouth open—she’s just staring as Moore’s crashing right smashes home. Head swivel Bjorlin—legs stay rooted as torso sloshes sideways then back and NADIA GOES DOWN! Bjorlin on her back, hands above her head, face working in agonized grimace as she tries to rally, but it’s NO GO! Stunning big-girl KO2 for the winner and NEW champ Mandy Moore!


After: That’s welterweight boxing—Moore able to lean her goodness into Bjorlin’s chin over and over again—Nadia simply goes numb under the relentless beat of mandy’s heavy fists. “If I hit you clean, you’re going to go,” bleats a happy, newly crowned champ in postfight. “With Nadia, the big concern is her handspeed in combination—she’s puts’em together like a bantamweight, so it’s important to get on top with the jab. I was able to keep her outside, tie her up inside, and land with beef, and that was all she wrote!”

Money on the table for Mandy: Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey both said to be interested in testing the new champ—good lucrative bouts in the cash-strapped welterweight division.


Reposted by Archer 6/28/09.


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