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7 March 2009 (Title) Ch Jenny McCarthy vs Kate Beckinsale

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Posted by simguy on 3/7/2009, 8:53 am

Before: Just one thing after another with these two. Beckinsale attempting to get a restraining order against Jenny for prefight sessions - also bringing private security to keep Jenny back. Becks taunting Jenny with the Bunny bracelet, basically GUARANTEEING a physical confrontation: Jenny frequently baited up out of her chair by haughty Brit aristocrat; on and on and on.


"I just want to get at her, and tear her apart," a steamin' Jenny smolders at the podium. "I want one of those were she goes out, but she's still hung up in the ropes? And then I can pile on insurance, you know? I just want to pound her snooty face, and get my name off that cheap wristband of hers. Champin' at the bit fellahs: Kate is gonna feel my wrath!"


Beckinsale attempts comment, but when heckled, she simply sashays away.


Jenny in scarlet bikini; black gloves. Kate in black bikini; black gloves.


Stare down: Jenny pushes her nose into Kate's cheek; Becks tolerates the touch for about 3 heartbeats before shoving Jenny back. Fight delayed as girls go wild.

During R1: Jenny strides at Kate hands-at-sides: Becks dukes up, hopping forward. Jenny closes, then steps weight to her right (back) foot - easing back from a prodding Beckinsale jab then HOOKING Kate's mouth a lashing beaut! Punch sweeps up off Jenny's hip as she's poised on right leg: whacking, palm-up contact stuns Beckinsale - sends her stumbling to her left. Jenny grinning, hands at her sides: she strides-to as Kate hits ropes, dimly forming earmuff. "Come on, baby!" Jenny taunts, leaning forward with hands dangling - weaving side to side as Kate pokes out don't-hurt-me left/rights. Rolling out of a crouch, Jenny picks a right hand off her thigh, plows it through to Kate's chin: Beckinsale's knees buckle, sitting her into ropes. Jenny straightens, weight on left (lead) foot: she pops hips-right, lashing a left hook off her thigh to Kate's quivering ribs. Jenny eases out onto right foot as Beckinsale pitches forward a-groaning: Jenny leans back in, tucks a short right hand into Kate's waist, then pushes her upright. Beckinsale distraught, weak: Jenny squares up and MAC GOES RACK! Rampaging, jackhammer action - Jenny chopping her fists straight onto Kate's perky puppies with a hup-hup rhythm: Beckinsale slumping, bawling, eventually forms a shabby earmuff. Jenny comes off jug - just letting her hands go: she's humming now - back straight, lips set tight - just a-POURING the punishment home. Kate wilting forward, punches bouncing off her head and shoulders and DOWN SHE GOES! Beckinsale swoons to canvas, sprawling at Jenny's feet and it's OVER! GLORIOUS KO1 Jenny McCarthy!

AFTER; McCarthy enraged - crowing "GET UP!" and pushing the ref off as the man's trying to body her back. Kate punched fast asleep: Jenny just pouncing upon her hated rival and dismissing her with savage blonde fury. Many moments pass as Beckinsale is brought around - first to a seat on the canvas, then to her stool: she's bleak with defeat - only dimly aware of the totality of the thrashing Jenny's given her. McCarthy struts-to, hands on hips, gazing down with blazing satisfaction.


 "Cough it up, cookie. You - not one of your minions." Shabby Becks glares up, then gestures for the bracelet. She stands, unable to make eye contact with Jenny - working to get the golden McCarthy charm off the link. Head bowed, Kate holds the charm out; Jenny snatches it away. "Any time, Bytch." Jenny snarls, glaring at Kate, daring her to meet her eyes. "I'll take this bracelet away from you one bunny at a time, so help me God. Any time, any where. Didn't even get to work your jugs. Quitter. Ain't cha gonna say anything? Huh? I'm right here: why don't you drop one of those snarky British zingers? Not feeling up to it? Whatsa matter? Still trying to piece it all together? Newsflash: I'm better, punk." Officials gently guide Jenny away: she's made her point.


Doing the Bunny Hop


Posted by ANS: Underground on 3/7/2009, 10:44 am


Scene fades in a few seconds before a gloveless, rampaging Jenny McCarthy (who was apparently not through making her point) stormed into the swirling chaos of the Beckinsale corner and snagged a huge handful of Kate’s hair. Dragging the Briton to center ring over the useless protestations of security and entourage, McCarthy went nose-to-nose with the vanquished vixen and hissed, “You don’t get off that easy punk. After all the crap you put me through, all the smack you talked, you REALLY think I’m gonna let you leave this ring before you could give me a single round? No Goddamned way…”

Trying to shy away from the fire in the blonde’s eyes, Kate took a step back and murmured, “Puh… please…. don’t…”

Smiling, Jenny brought an index finger to the brunette’s lips and playfully ‘shoooshed’ her. “That’s for later Becks. Now…”

The American’s hand flew down to her nemesis’ bikini top, hooked the black lyrca in her claws and snatched it away with away with a theatrical flourish. Knowing full well that the brunette would try to run, McCarthy immediately snatched Kate’s right wrist and spun around behind her, pinning the captured limb up between the Brit’s shoulders with a painfully simple Hammerlock. Content to let Beckinsale cover up with her non-wrenched arm, Jenny wheeled toward her own corner and spotted Adrianne Palicki. Grinning to her teammate, the Knife asked, “Ade, would you do the honors? I believe Kate is feeling a wee bit…. exposed, at the moment.”

Beaming, the big blonde took something from one of Jenny’s cornermen and strode toward the waiting pair. Raising her trophy with a flourish, Adrianne revealed a headband adorned with a pair of white velvet ‘bunny ears’ that would be a familiar sight to anyone who’d visited the Playboy Mansion in the course of their travels. Flicking her gaze to Jenny, Adrianne said, “The only size I could find was ‘fat headed dope’ Lucky right?”

McCarthy snickered. “Totally, get ‘em on there.”

Palicki did as she was bade and stepped back, admiring her handiwork. “Not bad. Not centerfold quality, but it’ll do…”

“Yes it will.” Turning her attention back to the mewling, mortified Brit, Jenny dug her chin into Kate’s shoulder and purred, “All right cutie, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to walk your beaten ass around this ring and you’re going to wave to all the nice people. Got that?”

Sniffling, Beckinsale hesitated. “But… they’ll see…”

“Damn right. But I’m guessing a few topless pictures will be less detrimental to your fighting, ahem, career than a dislocated shoulder, don’t you?” Emphasizing her point, Jenny tugged up on the Hammerlock, making her foe wince and yelp. “Now… march.”

Biting back a sob, Kate stumbled forward and following another hard tug on her wrist, she pulled her arm away from her chest and waved desultorily. Savoring every single flashbulb, Jenny made the walk last, moving at a languid pace that took Kate along the perimeter. After hitting all four corners, Jenny led her prey back to the center of the ring and turned so that they were facing the largest glut of press. Giving the Hammerlock a final yank, McCarthy sneered, “Keep waving, both hands. Or this gets worse.”

Releasing her grip, she waited to see how Kate would react and was thoroughly pleased when the Brit raised both arms. Snuggling in close behind the brunette, McCarthy raised her hands and palmed them over Beckinsale’s exposed rack. Pressing her cheek in against the Brit’s, Jenny told the reporters, “Seems Kate has a few body image problems, so I’m gonna help her out. But the next chick to get Bunny Hopped might not be so lucky…”

Trailing off, McCarthy mugged for the flashbulbs even as Beckinsale shuddered and continued to wave despite the pain of Jenny’s ‘protection’ which was really nothing more than a JMD caliber breast mauling. When she was satisfied this scene would make the cover of every FCBA related publication, Jenny released her hold and gave Beckinsale a shove, dropping the brunette to all fours. Hands on her hips, Jenny said, “Keep the ears, they actually class you up a bit.” Without another word, the red-clad champion spun around and strutted back to her corner.

(Scene fades to black)


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