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7 March 2009 Kristin Kreuk vs Natalie Portman

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Posted by simguy on 3/7/2009, 8:37 am




Before: "I think she's over-rated," a candid Natalie says of Kris in prefight. "You look at last year - her breakout year - and it was basically a few wins earned by buggywhip fouls and a diet of low-grade opponents. I have to hand it to HISC: the smoke-and-mirrors act with Kris has been amazing...but when you really put a microscope on her...I'm still not convinced. I'm sorry, that's just the way I feel."


Kreuk smiling with her mouth, but managing a flat-eyed glare at podium. "Portman's got nerve evaluating my career - especially when you consider HERS," Kreuk says. "All I can say is, check the record book, tramp. How many times do I have to beat Natalie Portman before it sinks in that maybe I'm a dead end for her? She's been coming at me for years, and I always turn her back. And buggywhips above the hip are legal: look it up."


Kris in purple string bikini; low black wrestling shoe with rolled-down sock; small black work out gloves. Nat in bubblegum pink bikini with boy leg; small black work out gloves; low black wrestling shoes with rolled down sock; hair in tight fighting french twist.

During R1: Midring, girls being sturdy, stiff-jabbing each other; both lean into rigid, straight hands, landing simultaneously to chins. Both girls jolted - ringing connect loosens up both sets of knees: both recover stiff-legged, pumping jabs. More right hands, more hooks: girls are punching hurt, extending on powershots, just facing-in and triggering. Minute and a half in, Kreuk starting to wobble - Natalie's dialing in, landing straight rights to chin, coming back the hook: Krissy's shots are waving. Crowd roaring as Kreuk stumbles forward out of her stance, staring in confusion. Nat steps in: crisp right hand; tidy left hook to left eye punches Kreuk's head back...SHE'S DOWN! Kris punched to her buns - sitting up all stunned and pretty, hands behind her for balance. Portman cut in her mouth, hands on hips as she walks wobbly-butt to neutral corner: she was a punch or two from going down herself. Kris up, shaking her head, blinking in exaggerated fashion: she brings dukes to brows as Natalie pours in. HARD pumping left takes Kris to paunch, slumping her in ropes: she's gasping, lips parted, eyes closed. Portman squared away strong: right uppercut pounds at Kristin's right breast; pounds at it again. Nat pushing Krissy's guard apart, then getting up in there all snug: she's shrugging home uppercuts, scrounging furiously at Kreuk's rack. Kristin sobs in shock: Natalie's scrubbing puppy like a puppy-scrubbing maniac! Final moments, Kris really unravelling - slumped in ropes and taking it to jug like she's never done before. Bell: Portman seething, all lathered up: she chests up, pushing her nose into Krissy's cheek and standing there big-girl until ref pulls her off. Kreuk stunned, staggering back to her corner all banged up through 1.

R2: Kristin feints Nat into a quick cover-up; tucks a short left hook to Portman's waist as Natalie's stooping forward. Kreuk ducks low, slipping Portman's high left hook: Kreuk stands up with her left shoulder bumping Nat's chin while right hand tucks in snug to trunk line. Portman grunting, backed up a step: she punches a short right hand to Krissy's chin, shaking Kreuk even as Kristin's cramming in an extra right to solar plexus. Once again, both girls are hurt early: Kris doggedly forward, tipping side to side and pulling limber stroke onto Portman's chin. Ropes: Nat hits in a fog, covers up earmuff, stoops forward. Kris baring teeth, edges in close, arches her back to pick Nat up the short left uppercut. Kreuk deliberate here: off the uppercut, she drops right foot back a bit - giving herself room to operate. She's punching straight, palm-down right hands at Natalie, trying to pierce the guard; she's hooking Natalie to chin and ribs - trying to time Portman's receipts. Nat bleak, glassy eyed, but picking spots to answer: stiff-punching cat-and-mouse as Nat plays dangerous game of peek-a-boo. Halfway point: Kreuk jerks a short right uppercut to chin, sitting Nat into ropes. With Portman drooping forward behind her mitts: Krissy leans in, deploys a wiry buggywhip right hand, chopping in above Natalie's left hip. Cry of pain, Portman: she shudders, knees loosening as Kristin rebalances. Shoving right hand in behind Nat's left elbow: Krissy snarling, chesting forward to tuck the blow home, then she widens stance, leans in and buggywhips Nat to body. Portman cringing, suffering, desperately hurt: Kristin riding her left hand against Nat's left ear to stabilize her, while hacking heartlessly away righty. Savage, limber-limbed chops: Kris mercilessly thumping away and NATALIE'S DOWN! Poor Portman wilting to all fours, sobbing as she reaches left hand to clutch at her back. She's cringing, on her haunches, paralyzed...and she's not getting up. KO2 in brutal fashion - Kristin Kreuk.

After: Kreuk pacing hands on hips, glaring at fallen Portman as ref's checking cringing Nat. Withering, hard-punching exchanges reduce both vixens early: both girls coming in with similar annihilation fight plans. Natalie eventually helped to her corner - she's still weepy, complaining of kidney punches. Kris moves in, pushing a blubbering Nat chest first into the TECH corner: glaring Kreuk mounts from behind - looming above Nat, taking a moment to stare out into the crowd. Looking down at Natalie, Kris slaps lefts and rights atop Portman's skull, agitating her - then Kris take Nat by both wrists, yanking her arms up and bellowing out into the crowd. Poor Portman! Natalie distraught, titling her head back into Kristin's trembling stomach as Kreuk holds her foe's arms up in surrender.

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