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7 November 2001 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Allison Mack

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Posted by Simguy on 11/7/2001, 6:40 am


Before: Hewitt unappreciative of Ali’s brazen attitude and plain-spoken confidence—lots of petulant sulking and posing from the brunette who doesn’t make many friends during the promotion. Mack being portrayed as a rising star, still has holes to fill—Hewitt will test Allison’s ability to handle slick boxing and provide some answers as to where the blonde newcomer fits in. Crowd jammed with flyweight celebrities, including proposed Mack opponent Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachael

Leigh Cook, Kirsten Dunst, Shannen Doherty—pretty heavy scouting for a non-title, non-PPV event.


\Jennifer in electric blue sports bra and boy cut trunks, wet brown curls; Allison in pale blue bra, navy track sprinter’s trunks.


During R1: Mack comparatively raw, trying to chug her way in with overhand rights and crude left hooks to the ribs—Hewitt giving angles, slicing the jab, pivoting around her girl dishes out a classy lesson this round.


R2: Allison sticks with the gameplan—pressure, pressure, pressure. Hewitt controls matters mid-ring, but as action drifts to the perimeter, Mack gets stronger, lands heavier about Hewitt’s waist and hips and eventually has the brunette clinching about the head and right arm of the blonde. Round to Mack as battle lines are clearly delineated.


R3: Hewitt intentionally bodying up just so she can step back and walk Allison into uppercuts and the tactics works wonders. Mack stumbling forward, gets chinned repeatedly as Hewitt gets her legs under sweet little jolts in close—Ali comes undone as brunette sidesteps and flits away, leaving a hurting blonde reeling on the spot, All JLH the rest of the way, circling, chiseling her jab t the eyes of the blonde, worrying the chin with a cuffing hook, always turning and stepping to the side to keep Mack from lining up proper. Big shutout JLH—Mack looking shiny and wasted as she sags in her corner.


R4: Mack stubborn to the body—heavy handed bombs spank away side to side as Hewitt tries to jump back with limited success. Allison forcing Hewitt to trade, but down the stretch, Jennifer’s accurate uppercuts put Mack wobbly butt once again. Ali swooning, reaching to clinch as Hewitt clips chin with short, economical strokes, shaking Mack to her foundations. Late power steals it for Hewitt—Mack bleeding from the mouth—blonde has taken a tremendous number of crisp, clean punches on he chin and it’s starting to add up.


R5: Mack finally remembering to jab her way in, flick-flicking a stubby jab from the elbow that’s enough to back Hewitt to the ropes—grinding toe to toe favours the heavier blonde insider. Mack keeping her head on Jennifer’s chest, busy to the body with both hands, and leaning in with her shoulder to keep Hewitt from spinning out—good shove and slug for points this round.


R6: Hewitt falling in shoulder to shoulder trying to pull out and walk Mack into more punishment, Tactic worked earlier in the bout, but Mack makes her read, times Hewitt’s uppercut and NAILS the brunette a thunderclap hook on the chin as Jennifer backs straight out. Hewitt ragdolls to canvas like she’s been shot—face twisted in pain, writhing on her back—it’s OVER! KO6 Allison Mack leaves Jennifer Love Hewitt in ruins.


After: Hewitt comes-to and immediately protests the “early” stoppage, unable to accept the sudden turn of events in what had been a competitive boxer/banger scrap. Mack looking like a rudimentary Dani Fishel in this ones—effective on the inside, but paying a heavy toll to get there—light punching Hewitt able to do sophisticated damage just with sheer volume and timing on her hittable foe. “It’s coming,” says a puffy-faced Mack in post fight, “we’re one or two fights away from testing Mish Williams waters and once she’s put in place, I can focus on belts.”


Reposted by Archer 8/25/09

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