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7 October 2001 Dana Delany vs Jennie Garth

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Posted by Simguy on 10/7/01, 9:34 am.


Before: Girls lining up for a shot at Denise Richards. Brunette seen as the weak sister at bantam, bookended by stalwarts Fishel and Hu, veterans like Garth and Delany more interested in getting a title than making history. Jenny G the favourite coming in - she's handled Dana in the past and looks to ride her youth to victory yet again. Delany quietly putting together a resurgence, coming off a solid victory over blonde icon Rebeccah Demornay, is in great shape, exuding calm confidence during pre-fight exchanges. Jenny in black velvet bra and panties - Dana in navy velvet bra and panties, and wearing expensive diamond and silver jewelry during ring instructions which are subsequently removed for the fight.


During R1: Dana Delany shoots the best jab of her career in carving out a banging shutout. Left hand pounding away on Garth - punch on the breast, punch on the breast, punch on the eye - Dana with her weight on that front foot, rocks back, steps around, then leans in again to continue to touch up the blonde. Garth stalking, then staring as Dana picks her apart - mesmerized by the red head's sharp, precision stick.


R2: Garth able to get her own jab working, getting close enough to hook body off it, but Delany won't be backed up. Digging hooks shoulder to shoulder - Dana gets the better of toe to toe exchanges and it's Garth who starts to back down. By the final minute - Jenny looks uncomfortable in their, covering up, bending at the waist as Dana lets her hands go. Thudding body shots culminate in a clipping right uppercut to the mouth - Head-pop Garth and she drops to one knee in shock as Delany turns and struts away all business.


R3: Jenny early, Dana giving ground, using the ring, and slowly turning the tables with her educated jab. Once she has Jenny covering up and tentative, Delany steps it up again, right hand at her chin to catch Jenny's jab, left hand low to hook hard into the blonde's creamy midsection. Garth huffing and puffing from stern shots to her waistline, takes a seat at the ropes and soaks up a two fisted beating from Delany who pounds away uncontested for points to the bell.


R4: Jenny gambling, jumping in to reach up underneath Dana's arms and work out of the wrap close in. Blonde takes over with hard hold-and-hit - wrapping her left up around Dana's back while digging in rights, then wrapping up the right to scoop in the left. Delany ashen faced as the punishment adds up quick - she's hurt and wobbly butt at the ropes as Garth continues to body up and work her over. At the bell, Dana visibly shaken, face pained as her mouth lolls on Jenny's shoulder - Garth winded from the effort, but hopeful - she's got Dana right where she wants her.


R5: Delany has been coming forward all night - now she points her shoulder at Jenny, drops the left hand and slide-steps back, looking to counter. Garth wades in, leaning into a spearing right cross - Dana rolls with it, comes back hard with an underhand right direct to the pit of the stomach and GARTH GOES DOWN! Jenny to all fours with a groan - Delany non-chalant turns and barks her kneecap against the blonde's forehead, sneaking it by the ref and leaving Garth in open-mouthed, drowsy rage as the count tolls. Jenny G up at 8, but swaying on the spot - she's hurt. On comes Dana - palming her right hand at Jenny's shoulder, then BITING in vicious hooks, body and jaw, body and jaw as the blonde sinks into the ropes. Garth all but out, hands at her lips, grunting as she buckles forward from the gut-touch, then getting cranked upside the head and sinking backward. Savage power punching proves too much - Jenny finally spills to all fours once again, sitting back on her haunches and staring vacantly around the ring as Delany breaks into a big smile. Garth deeply discouraged gives it up - KO5 Dana Delany!


After: Delany smiling, doesn't even think twice - she reaches down to Jenny's body as the blonde sits on her stool, pulling the blonde to her feet with, "Come on. You're going." Walk of shame for Garth - Dana with her right hand riding casually around the hips, waving and smiling as she promenades. Not just a dominant performance, but pundits are realizing "Hey, that was a pretty good blonde." Dana for real at least in so far as a Denise Richards challenge goes. "Why wouldn't I beat her?" Dana asks in post fight.



Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/20/09.

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