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7 October 2006 Title Ch Rachel McAdams vs Dani Fishel

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Part 1:


Posted by Simguy on 10/7/2006, 12:14 pm.


Before: “I was 100% behind this decision,’ Rachel explains in prefight, defending the Mountee call to grant Fishel an immediate rematch, “it needed to happen. Dani’s not beaten yet—she’s still living in a fantasy world where I somehow confused her with words and tricked her out of the belts. She doesn’t recognize my primacy because she refuses to admit I beat her body and soul last time. This stage of my career is being defined by what I do with Dani—I can’t duck the responsibility of bringing her to heel. This is the fight I need to legitimize my title reign and move on to face other challengers with authority. It’s the biggest fight of my career at this point, and I want to thank Dani for making it happen.”


Fishel the very picture of determination—champing at the bit to reverse the previous verdict, “I wonder who’s living in a fantasy world this time?” Dani smiles both hands gripping podium-edges, “Rachel think I’m somehow deluded about what happened last time—but I’m not. I’ve been outboxed before—I know it when I see it, and she took it to me like a champ. So I congratulate her and I respect her, but I’m going to get in her trunks and beat her like a just-off-the-bus ingénue, because those are MY belts she’s wearing. She’s proud—I’m proud—we both have tremendous belief in ourselves—this is going to be a great fight. I know it won’t be easy and I wouldn’t have it any other way: Rachel McAdams is a class act and she WILL test me before I knock her out!”


Dani in navy bandeau bikini with large baby blue polka dots and bra strap support; white socks/aerobics shoes; white gloves; puncher’s ponytail with bangs. Rachel in Maple Leaf motif sports bra, red low-rise boy cut stretch shorts; white socks/aerobics shoes; red gloves with white knuckle-bars; curly puncher’s ponytail with bangs. Side note foir boxing insiders/handicappers: Allison Mack once again retained as a special Dani Fishel mimic by Team McAdams.


During R1: Hard negotiations—Rachel trying to establish jab midring, Dani seeking to deny her foe distance, crowding to chest and taking fight to apron. Fishel taking stick on her face, scorched some strong right hands upside her head, but she’s bobbing and weaving forward, getting her hooks in: both vixens enjoying moments as fight moves from midring to ropes and back again. Down the stretch, Dani finally gets her way—Rachel covering up peek-a-boo, elbows in, sitting in the ropes as Fishel squares away for a thumping series of roundhouse rights and lefts to her foe’s flanks, Thudding punishment dished out—McAdams stoically bearing up, twisting her torso side to side to help deflect and absorb shock as Fishel bashes out her first points of the fight.


R2: Similar hard-core two way action early—Dani paying any price to get to Rachel’s chest, force McAdams to back up and deny Rachel the opportunity to push off the ball of her right foot. Rachel’s face taut with concentration—shortening the jab to allow her to rip left hooks and uppercuts off it, retreating in good order to size Dani up for intercept right hands. Blazing stuff, but midway through, Rachel gets exceptional leverage on a muscular left uppercut off the front (left) foot, putting Dani on her heels, Spitting brace of jabs chases Danielle to ropes and McAdams CHUGS into jug, both arms pumping—just a robust pum-pum-pummeling oif Dani’s healthy rack, momentarily stunning the jiggling juggernaut, Fishel shaken, goes to clinch: Rachel clips left uppercut off her left foot, eases to right foot to clip right uppercut and SPILLS DANI TO ALL FOURS! One glance down at Dani’s shuddering back for Rachel, then McAdams all business to  neutral corner, auburn ponytail tossing back and forth across her upperback. Fishel up, breathing through pursed lips, trying to keep her face clam but her eyes betray her disappointment at the bell.


R3: Rachel controls the round midring, circling to her left with patient cross-steps and pivots, pumping out a steady stream of jabs, keeping Dani at arm’s length, but this round defined by three distinct McAdams attack-sequences. Each occasion identical—Rachel pounding at Dani’s left eye with jabs, gets Fishel moving backward in irritation, forces Danielle to ropes, then gets into the Fishel rack with that chugging hup-hup-hup of pumping lefts and rights. Rachel scores beefily to jug, then disengages, walking back to midring to reset behind her jab as Dani grimly trudges forward. Very methodical stu8ff—Dani contained, then given firm punishment as McAdams looks the champ through 3.


R4: More Rachel McAdams authority, Jab landing with a sick, splashing spank against Dani’s face—Rache extending on it when she wants to sting Dani, shortening it when she wants to hook quick off it. Fishel backing up—not good for her: Rachel taking full advantage whenever Dani’s back hits the ropes to POUND the Fishel jugs as lustily as they’ve ever been taken. Rache doing her work on the apron, then disengaging—making the decision not to stand in front of Dani too long, even when Fishel is suffering, Midway point, Rachel bends into a torrid right cross, clouting Dani’s head aside as Fishel’s coming in hands-low: Dani covers up earmuff, does a hurting little pony-trot as she’s put momentarily wobbly butt, Down the stretch, Rachel walks Dani onto a short left uppercut off the front foot, doubles into a left hook to buckle Fishel’s knees once again, Through 4, Dani lumping up nicely—McAdams working her jab, busting hard punches, corner relatively satisfied, but reminding her: “Work her body now, Rache. You’ve got her hurt, you’ve got her backing up—get downstairs and tear her up.


R5: Rachel gets downstairs, prepping Dani with banging one-twos up top (blocked), then help herself to paunch via a thick, thudding hook. Juicy punch brightening Allison Mack’s face at ringside when it lands—blonde clapping happily, shouting encouragement as Rachel digs it home. McAdams rosy-cheeked, working hard—she’s got Dani creep-stepping forward behind her guard, hesitant to punch—Rachel can be the first, be strong, then step to the side with impunity. Third straight Rachel McAdams shutout sends Fishel to her corner in a funk-Syren’s send enough, “When did you become Dani McAdams?” Syren queries, drawing a blush of shame to Fishel’s cheeks. “Seriously, if I’d known you were going to worship Rachel instead of fighting her, we could have just mailed this in. I have one questions Danielle: how much more of this are you going to take?” Dani glaring at Syren like she’s just been slapped—Syren lowers her voice, “You think I like talking to you like this? It’s hurting me, D: don’t put me ion this position. You bget out bthere and get respect from that girl—any way you can.”


McAdams/Fishel conc.


Posted by Simguy on 10/7/2006, 12:17 pm.


R6:  Rachel barely up off her stool when Fishel hustles in—Canuck tackled hard to turnbuckles, clubbed about her head and shoulders and forced to cover up behind a panicky peek-a-boo as Dani unleashes, Fishel on wide-spread pins, hips twisting side to side as she torques roundhouses—big, fat bashing sounds coming off Rachel’s spanked flanks. Rache grimacing, trying to slide-right along the ropes—Dani stepping-with to parallel course, jabbing stubby to Rachel’s chest to maintain contact, then plowing in an overhand right to swivel McAdams’ head for the first time. Rache stunned, stooping forward—now absorbing a stuffed Fishel left hook up under her elbow, Dani pushing into Rachel-getting underneath the taller girl and stacking her meatily into ropes pushing at the biceps, pawing-down the hands to open up torso and jaw to the bludgeoning trauma, Rache under constant threat, trying to keep covered up, looking for the odd little counter-uppercut, but she’s pretty much suppressed. Dani romps bell-to-bell—HER ponytail now doing the happy bouncing dance of the aggressor as Rachel sits and soaks on the ropes.


R7: More Dani—Rachel stampeded to ropes, forced to brawl face-on-face with the li’l juggernaut. Occasionally, they’ll form slugger’s arch—forehead to forehead—trading thick, sharp licks in underneath or clouting each other tidy up top—but Dani won’t be backed off, Fishel constantly pushing in on Rachel—pawing at her gloves or pushing her inner-elbows back, smothering McAdams in the brief intervals between slugging. Whenever Rachel covers up and stoops commits on the shots, ponytail tossing side to side, Rachel gritting teeth, emerging from her shell late to avoid the shutout: grimmest two-way of the fight as McAdams digs hooks to Dani’s body and tries to uppercut her chin—Fishel refusing to be backed off, answering hamhanded rights and lefts slopped body and head, Bell: they’re still working—ref has to part seething beauties with a sharp warning to “heed my instructions at all times.”


R8: More Dani, Rachel bodied to ropes once again—she’s hardpressed, grimacing as she works to tie Dani up behind the elbows, grinding her face and hairline against Fishel’s in sweaty lock-ups, Dani’s stocky legs stamping, backside jumping as she pushes up and in—constantly stacking Rachel awkwardly against the cables, denying McAdams her stance. Fishel a master at fighting out of clinches—so hard to tie her up as she wriggles compact limbs free and finds a way to stuff short punches into Rachel’s body. When Rachel covers up instead of clinching, Dani exploits her, unleashing a pounding torrent of lefts and rights, gloves bouncing beefily off skull, shoulders, flanks. Rachel being bludgeoned around her ears ash she forms peek-a-boo, then ripped to her ribcage behind the elbows—McAdams proving her toughness this round as she’s badly thumped, but keeps her feet. Bell to bell Dani—mitts practically steaming from hot contact with Rachel’s bruised flesh. Fishel stomping back to her corner with lazing eyes, flared nostrils: Rachel wincing, face puffy and sore, ribs pink through 8.


R9: Midring, Rachel elbows in, dukes up—she stands her ground and beats Dani to a standstill with short, clouting lefts, rights and uppercuts. Dani’s momentum halted—she’s catching it hard on her face, gutted once or twice by hooks trimmed across her waistline—now SHE’S covering up peek-a-boom trying to regroup, Rachel goes to the uppercut—lefts off the left foot, rights off the right—splitting Dani’s mitts, picking up her chin and face: Fishel takes tentative steps backwartd, crossing her arms to protect against the upthrusting menace. RIGHT CROSS RACHEL MCADAMS! Gorgeous clout tosses Dani’s head to starboard, her arms crossed, elbows up, lips pursed in shock—she’s in full retreat, hitting ropes in a fog as Rachel walks her down. another right hand stroked flush to face as Dani poses in her crossed-arm—ANOTHER RIGHT HAND! Fishel flabbergasted—finally, slowly switching up her guard to form earmuff. UPPERCUTS! Rachel narrow-eyed, thin-lipped as she scrapes the left uppercut against face once, twice, three times—short little strokes, then a RIPPING left hook in behind the elbow to win a gasping bleat of pain from Dani


Left forearm pushes against Dani’s guard, stacking her.


Right roundhouses scyrhes to Dani’s quivering gut.


Left hook digs in sidearm to tummy—body punches sounding out CHUP! CHUP! CHUP! Moist, beefy cuts of paunch.




DANI GOIES DOWN! Fishel panting on all fours, staring stupidly at her mouthpiece lying on the canvas—Rachel staggers away to neutral corner, open mouth sobbing for air. Bell sounds to end the carnage as both girls sink heavily onto their stools.


R10: Rache dukes collected ‘neath her chin—she strides in her lead (left0 foot, twisting torso to chop a short, pre-emptive right clean to Dani’s jaw. Fishel stepping in fence post holes, dukes at temples: Rache dips-n’-digs a GORGEOUS  left hook off her front foot, taking Dani firm amidships, Cringe, stagger-step back—Dani’s hurt to the body and RACHEL PILES ON! McAdams jabbing Dani to ropes, then sinking a bloodcurdling right to paunch—popping hips-right to bite that carving sidearm left. SAVAGE licks—poor Dani screaming “UHHHHHH!!!” as she sits into the ropes, terribly, terribly hurt. BUT FISHEL WON’T PUNK! Dani hooking on instinct, catching Rachel upside the head—beating Rachel to a short right hand inside—McAdams legs give a shimmy and she backs off, lips parted. Crippled Dani trudging forward, left cradling her trembling gut, right cocked at her chest—she’s trying to step and fit Rachel for looping over hand rights. McAdams leaning on right (back) foot to slip, answers a sharp one-two—straight, jamming punches off the shoulder bouncing Dani’s head, unhinging her knees, Dani out on her feet—swinging crazy right hands—too easy for Rachel to see, read and evade them now. McAdams easing out of range, then stepping in—OH she’s picking Dani apart one-two, one-two, ONE-TWO! Fishel unraveling as Rachel’s pinpoint strikes add up—Dani staggering foundering, missing flailing right hands, McAdams stomps her left foot forward as she hooks, Dani staggering, foundering, missing flailing right hands. McAdams stomps her left foot forward as she hooks, POUNDING the mouthpiece off Dani’s teeth! Fishel blinking rapidly, teetering on her heels: Rachel doubles up the hook, TRIPLES the hook and drops a TASTY right hand short to face—PUTTING FISHEL ON HER BACK! Poor Dani! Crowd roaring to it’s feet—Rachel chest heaving, shoulders rising and falling as she drags in sobbing breaths: Fishel on her back, knees lifting as she slams her fists down on canvas at her hips, trying to fight off the darkness! Dani’s head lolling side to side, eyes shut tight in a KO’d little frown—but FISHEL BEATS THE COUNT! Dani swaying on her feet at “10”—eyes swollen to slits—she blubbers “DON’T YOU STOP IT! DON”T YOU DARE STOP IT!” As she senses nervous ref getting ready to pull the pin. Rachel wades in as ref waves her forward: tears flowing down McAdams’ cheeks as she scrounges up one last burst of energy. MAC ATTACKS~RACK! Pumping, chugging, desperate lefts and rights dig, dig, dig at Dani’s bosom, pounding the flesh flat and sitting Fishel into the ropes. Dani’s done—head bobbling as torso absorbs shock, hands drooping, eyelashes fluttering—bell tolls as one girl partakes of another girl’s jug then collapses into Dani’s sobbing embrace. Comes back UD10, for the winner and STILL bantam champ, Rachel McAdams.


After: They’ve said some hard things to each other, they’ve done some hard things to each other—but Rachel and Dani spend a good 5 minutes cheek to swollen  cheek, whispering and sharing the moment in their own little world as ring floods with the usual suspects. “She had tremendous pounce tonight,” a gracious Fishel offers in postfight—beaten unrecognizable by Rachel’s relentless fists tonight, “Every time I was hurt, she followed up with 2 or 3 more stiff shots—she earned every one of those knockdowns tonight with hard work. I’m disappointed, but I’m not discouraged—Rachel’s raised the bar for all of us, and I’m going to respond in kind. I’ll tweak my game, tighten up a few loose ends, and I’ll be back better than ever. Rachel’s going to be a great champion—right now, she’s in a class by herself, it’s up to me to close that gap and overhaul her.” Rachel similarly battened, throbbing ribs tenser-bandaged up for her interview. “Dani proved tonight why she’s been a force for so long at 120,” McAdams gushes. “She came back at me and made my life absolute HELL in that ring, and even in her darkest moment, she refused to give me satisfaction, I’ve never seen anything like Dani denying me that 10th round knockout—I have no idea what it would have taken to stop her tonight. I want to thank my trainer and promoter: all the doubters and naysayers were wrong guys—we did it! And I want to thank Allison Mack and Elisha Cuthbert for the INSANE sparring they gave me—they really got me ready for this fight.”


Reposted by Archer 11/16/09.

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