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7 Septermber 2001 Title Ch Lucy Liu vs Jaime Pressly

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Posted by Simguy on 9/7/2001, 10:44 pm


Before: over/Under an incredible 3 rounds for this fight—both girls guaranteeing each other knockouts and walks in a fight that has almost primal undertones to it. “I lover this fight,” burbles an excited Shannon Elizabeth, “it’s like both these girls are committed to one another’s extinction—they won’t be happy with just a win. It’s really about who gets hurt first—both these girls are such finishers neither one can afford to get dazed. I’m not even going to try to pick this one.”


Lucy in black sports bra, leopard print trunks, slick ponytail, small gloves—Jaime in platinum bikini with singlet halter top, slick ponytail, small black gloves.


During R1, 2: Crowd oohing and aahing at the in and out circus punching executed by both women n these very close rounds. Lou with her hands at her side, staying lower then Jaime, sinewy and undulating with her upperbody—Pressly with her left hand at her lip, right across her chest, backhanding jabs and jumping in with lead rights—it’s slick, dangerous stuff from both girls. Fight covers every inch of ring, girls taking turns leading and countering, trying to time one another for the coup de grace.


R3: Liu finally carving out a little edge on the scorecards, baiting Jaime with her face, slipping under the blonde’s punches and coming back with quick mitts from the hips. Pressly on her heels at one key point, backing straight up—Lucy puts a flashy right, right, left onto the blonde’s face to chase her to the ropes and scoop the points.


R4: When Jaime scores, it’s usually coming off the jab from the hip, setting up sharp right hands that catch Liu bending backwards with her hands down. When Liu scores, it’s usually off a Pressly miss—Lucy coming up out of the crouch and bouncing punches from her thighs off Jaime’s glossy face. Another round too close to call as both girls start to shine up.


R5: Blistering exchange early on goes Jaime’s way as Lucy steps out with an uncertain look—Jaime backs her all the way to the ropes with a nice series of 3 straight right hands, Jaime able to lather away, getting into a whip-action rhythm side to side, lashing lets and rights, piling some systematic damage onto Liu who bends and bobs to no avail against the ropes. Midway through, Pressly beats Lucy to a gaudy hook—BIG head swivel from Liu who suddenly looks out on her feet as she follows through drowsily with her left, then sinks to her knees as Pressly just barely misses a kill-shot right over the top. Lou beats the count, but she’s cut in the mouth and wobbly butt—she digs in at the ropes and Liu fans hold their collective breaths as Jaime has a devastating final minute, Working in and out on Liu, Jaime’s clipping double left hooks under the chin, then salting away that right hand on Lucy’s all-too available face. Liu gets out of the round in horrible shape—busted up at the hairline, stumbling badly off the ropes as Jaime’s fists take a terrible toll.


R6: Liu sucks it up.l fighting through the pain to win a round with her legs. Bounding left or right, she coaxes Jaime in to chaser and makes the blonde pay with sucker counters from the thighs, placing shots right on Jaime’s jaw then pivoting away before they receipt. Pressly too brazen—getting potshotted by a very classy Luc Liu his round.


R7: Liu starts to find her groove. She’; stand in front of Jaime, leaning forward with her face, hands down, and just give a little head movement to frustrate the whip-punching blonde. Pressly leaping herself open and Liu’s putting punches together with fluid movement of her upperbody and legs powering the bows. Jaime getting touched hard to the breasts and face, starts to lump up and she’s clearly frustrated at the bell as the champ posts a slick shutout.


R8: Liu having fun—she’s there to be hit, but Jaime’s missed so much she’s tentative. Lucy will poke a right into Pressly’s tits, poke another, bob under an angry Jaime receipt and score hard with the hook on the chops. Lucy flashing the odd grin as she steps to her right, rolling her shoulders, looking loose and relaxed as Pressly walks her down but can’t get the good leather on. Another round to Liu—Jaime steaming at the bell.


R9: Mid ring slugging—girls getting wide and reckless and LIU GOES DOWN! Another clanging Pressly hook the culprit as Liu gets beaten to left hands and swoons helplessly to all fours once again. Lucy up, but shot, and Jaime takes over with a marauding, lanky-armed attack to either flank. Liu beaten by biting body and head shots starts to break down—reacting late, taking rolling 3 and 4 punch combos to her face as Pressly gets pretty on her opponent. Lucy clearly stunned—she’ll get clipped on the teeth and stand hunched over, taking a few more until finally dipping or bending into the ropes for respite. Big Pressly round—she snarls and bangs high fives with her corner after sending Lucy home hurt.


R10: Jaime lifting the jab off her hip catches Liu by surprise—Lucy teetering backwards can’t get out of the way of extended rights and lefts as Pressly bangs Liu to the ropes once again. Jaime’s eyes alight as Lucy covers up—blonde goes to Asian ribs with digging, hurtful left hooks, stunning Liu and leaving her helpless. Pressly liberal with that left elbow, propping Liu up for slinging right hands on the face and Liu’s looking groggy! Lucy with her fists stacked up uselessly at her chest, hunching forward, trying to bob and weave, but Jaime’s fists are tearing her up! Liu’s beautiful face jerks this way and that as she reels drunkenly side to side—mouthpiece dislodges from Liu’s teeth as Pressly slaps a hooks across the open mouth—it’s CARNAGE! Pressly lashing away with rising lefts and rights, legs and hips in perfect synch as she pumps away and LIU GOES DOWN! Lucy beaten to all fours once again, sinks back to her haunches and paws at the ropes to rise, but it’s OVER! Jaime Pressly KO10! With Lucy still down, Jaime lifts the Asian’s ponytail and tosses it back down with disdain before going on her stut.


After: As promised, a battered Lucy Liu is taken for an agonizing walk of shame—Jaime grinning, parading her prize brunette with one arm around the hip or neck, and waving to the raucous mob with her free hand. Liu winning her rounds with slick boxing, but Jaime doing all the punishing in this fight, finally landing one too many blockbusters for Lucy to withstand.


Reposted by Archer 8/25.09.


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