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8 Aug 1999 Dani Fishel vs Teri Hatcher

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Originally posted by Simguy on Sunday 8/8/99 15:55:02.


Before: Also on the undercard of Demi Moore/Charlize Theron. Hatcher a classier version of Shannen Doherty, and with Fishel handling Doherty, many are expecting the youngster to take the next step in this very high profile bout. Hatcher constantly referring to herself as the “teacher” in pre-fight interviews, is a classic right hand puncher/boxer. Dani the left hook artist—could make for a sensational finish either way.


Teri in midthigh red cotton spandex shorts, black jogbra, Dani in grey cotton spandex midthigh shorts, teal jogbra.


During R1: Teri unnerved by chants of “Da-Ni Da-Ni” during the instructions. All that talk of boxing goes out the window as Hatcher throws away the gameplan, gets into that Tommy Hearns wide stance and RIPS right hands into Fishel’s face to open an action packed first. Dani stunned, takes a series of crashing rights on the left side of her face, hooking back desperately, but Teri has the range early. Rocking back on her front heel as Dani swipes blindly, Teri leans in, pushing off her back foot with crushing power into shattering right hands, connecting clean on Fishel’s face and DANI GOES DOWN!! Dani rolls to her back, bleeding from a bad gash over her left eye, and struggles to beat the count. Hatcher lopes in, lashing that lanky left hook, and turning her whippet body into those slicing rights to hammer away at Dani’s tender facial region. Midway through the round, Fishel staggery, the youngster Teri’s lunging right and times an instinctive left hook, catching Hatcher  clean on the jaw and TERI GOES DIWN!! Now Hatcher collapses to her back, head spun badly around by Dani’s flush punch, and Teri  is hurt. Hatcher beats the count with tears in her eyes as Dani wades IN, AND THE FINAL MINUTE IS ALL Fishel, hammering away at the waist and shoulders of her foe as Teri covers up for dear life on the ropes. Sensational action packed round goes Dani’s way after a shaky start.


R2: OH TERI! Teri rips open that eye again as she catches Dani with another murderoys lead right to open the second. Fishel stumbling, reaching for Teri, but Hatcher stepping back, swatting at Fishel with the left, then HAMMERING her with that savage accurate right time and again.. Dani beaten senseless after the first minute—she tries to clinch as Teri walks around her, arms down, lifting the jab off her hip to smack back the youngster’s head and set up more lethal right hands. Kodak moment as Teri drills Dani with right cross, then stands straight up as Fishel’s cheek droops onto Hatcher’s breast. Teri with hands at her side, smirks as she turns into short uppercut snap Dani’s head off her chest, then goes on to shut Dani out with merciless jabs and crosses to the bell.


R3: Dani unable to see out of a badly swollen left eye, continues to take unacceptable punishment from Hatcher, who never once has stopped to box during this match. Hatcher ripping the left hook, long and lanky, into Dani’s midsection, steps back and spears a final right hand to the jaw, crushing Dani’s head flat against her shoulder, then skipping away as Fishel falls forward onto her face. Brutal, slugging KO3 for Teri Hatcher as she steps across the fallen Fishel en route to her corner.


After; Stunning dismissal of Ms. Fishel by Hatcher, who brought her A game with her tonight. Teri considered the more fragile fighter going in, showed guts in coming off the carpet to drill Dani into oblivion in 3 of the most vicious rounds of boxing seen this year. Fishel heartbroken by the loss, proves unconsolable for days after the beating.


Reposted by Archer 6/20/09.


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