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8 August 2008 Blake Lively vs Adrianne Palicki

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Posted by Simguy on 8/8/2008, 6:06 pm.


Before: "I'd be in trouble if hairpulling her allowed," Palicki quips in prefight. "Or snakebites - I hear Blake's got a mean snakebite. But really, in boxing - I'm going to clean this girl's clock. You're going to see power boys - Palicki Power - the kind of power that brings girls to their knees. Blake just doesn't have the firepower to get me off her - I know I'm going to be able to punch hard in this fight, and that’s terrible news for Lively." Blake ill-amused: conqueress of Beth Harnois isn't getting the respect she's owed. "Adrianne couldn’t start for Lookout," Blake says, deliberately looking to tweak an ingenue's pride. "I'd have her carrying a clipboard for another year at least, because I saw raw talent against Cliche, but not a lot of ring-smarts. And somebody better remind her that I can punch too - hard. Ask Beth Harnois if she thinks wading in to me is a good idea!" Adrianne is sporty red/white barred bikini (link for bikini style visual: http://ahwgallery.com/Dec82.html); white gloves; shoulder length blonde hair sassy. Blake in sea-foam green bikini - curious medallion connections at hips: white gloves; hair loose tangles.


During R1: Series of determined Palicki right hands punches Blake's guard apart at the open, scoring to skull, scattering Lively to ropes. Storming follow up: Palicki stepping in with sweeping underhand right, then she's there chugging - big Margarito-style lefts and rights slamming away at ribs. Lively bug-eyed, shook: she issues the fight's first clinch, hanging on for ref's break. Second minute - Blake's covering up under hammering assault to her guard: again, Palicki's able to break down the defence, knocking Blake's knees together, sending her reeling. Massive attack to the midsection, follows as Palicki flows forward: head down, arms lashing back and forth; Lively groaning, covered up earmuff and BLAKE TAKES A KNEE! Tears brimming - Lively tremble-bodied, shuddering as she takes her 8. Palicki glowing - strutting all grins to neutral corner, grinning at ringsiders. Resume - Palicki more measured - moving in flat footed to secure Blake at the ropes, palming Lively's ribcage to stack her up, then working the body with supple lanky stroke underneath. Lively grimacing, all cramped up here: Palicki riding her chin out over Blake's right shoulder, hoisting thick, rangy punches up into Lively's aching gut. Bell: Palicki makes grinning eye-contact before spinning away: she's loving it on Blake in the first.


R2: Palicki on Lively with right hands again - big, swinging sidearm roundhouses to flank and skull, bashing at poor Blake as she covers up. Lively getting used to the touch, starting to time the incoming better - she's able to hold her ground, make good reads as Adrianne's getting off big-girl. Minute mark, Lively takes a shivering right off her left hip, then immediately answers - bending into a short-chopping right hand to kiss Adrianne bingo on the chin. BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Palicki caught loading up - pretty head-swivel, then she falters to all fours, eyes blinking in shock. Lively squeals in delight, hands high as she struts past; Blake hacking the taller girl down to size with great timing and accuracy. Follow up: Palicki still blinking when Blake wades in: Lively's turn to test midsection as she squares away and applies strapping licks. Adrianne grumpy - sagging back into ropes - she takes a few shellacking whacks across her waist, then swallows her pride to clinch. Blake happy in the grasp, wiggling like a puppy that doesn't want to be picked up. Palicki just slowing the pace, getting herself out of the round. During the break, Adrianne can't even make eye-contact with her trainer as he reads her the freakin' riot act.


R3: Palicki more responsible - attacking aggressively, but jabbing Blake's guard to fix position first. Lively bending as Palicki's hurling right hands, getting under’em, now - both girls starting to read each other, making adjustments. Adrianne assuming a pleasing, loose-limbed slugging rhythm - elbows out of the side as she bends and twists into her shots, slopping on the harm with limber shellack, Lively buffeted - keeping her guard together, but unable to hold her ground as Palicki slugs to the ribs and flanks: Blake sliding to the side, looking for more right hand counters, but Adrianne's not leaving gaping openings anymore.


R4: Systematic striking assault for Palicki - she steps I behind her jab, making sure of Lively before opening up further, Adrianne bending in, lashing a whip-arm right against Blake's torso: Lively making how-could-you eyes as she pulls away, Palicki walking her girl down, negotiating her to the ropes, then crowding in big girl. Adrianne riding her chin out over either Lively shoulder - using her hands to palm at Blake's ribs or hips position - then Palicki hoists in the harm all supple and lanky. Good, thick shellack applied - Palicki lifting heavy punches into Blake while leaning in close - then palming and moving her about, controlling her. Lively just sick about it, but she’s not answering: Adrianne has her girl crippled at the apron, Blake takes a knee at the midway point - eyes shiny with hurt - but Palicki right back on after the 8 count: along the ropes, Palicki steps-with, keeping her hands on Blake's hips, then fitting her for licking body shots underneath, it’s all too much: badly discouraged Blake shudders and droops down, blubbering as she eases herself to her haunches. Crippled beauty sniveling, hugging her battered ribcage, unable to rise as 10 count passes her by. Thudding KO4, Adrianne Palicki.


After: Palicki overwhelms pretty Blake Lively - but trip to the canvas wasn't in the fight plan tonight. "Oh boy, did I hear it," Adrianne shakes her head in postfight, chagrined. "She caught and dropped me - I couldn't believe it. I was belting her stupid one moment, and the next, I'm swabbin' the deck! That’s just attention to detail - that’s focus - and it's coming, but I know it's something I'll need to improve on with stronger girls. Blake's actually a little better technically than I thought she'd be. I was expecting slaps and push-punches from her, but she was turning'em over, trying to hurt me. Gotta give her credit for that." In days to come, observers will comment on Palicki's almost Lake Bell-like delivery with the rangy arms-akimbo look over the third and fourth rounds.


Reposted by Archer 9/8/09.

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