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8 Feb 2008 Jordana Brewster vs Odette Yustman

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Originally posted by Simguy on 2/8/2008, 7:10 pm.


Before: “Jordana’s time has come and gone,” Odette says, oozing pity. “She blew it. She had a tremendous opportunity to make some classic fights while she was hot , and she let the moment pass. I won’t make the same mistake: I’m beating Jordana, then I’m getting in front with Keira, Naomi, Claire, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Megan Fox—there’s so many girls I want to fight, but my main goal is to fight—and beat—Jessica Alba this calendar year. I want to be firmly established before next summer, because you know what? Someone else will be coming up, and I don’t want to standing in Jordana’s shoes when it happens.”


Brewster chagrined, but veteran beauty unfazed by ingénue grand plans. “Odette has so much to learn, I almost feel like crying for her,” Jordana purrs, “First, she’s going to get her heart broken by me. Then , she’s going to find out that it’s not so easy to get what you want in the FCBA. It’s not like I haven’t tried to make those fights she wants for herself—I have. It’s a cold cruel world out there, and it’s time Odette learned all about it.”


Odette in pink bikini lingerie with ruffled bottoms and lacy push up; white rabbit fur punching mitten; hair silky, long low ponytail down her back. Jordana in white cashmere crochet bikini; white rabbit punching mitten; hair in similar long low ponytail. During ring instructions—Odette’s tummy is visibly trembling.


During R1: Smooth, sinuous boxing—especially from Odette. Girls lean into punches—arms whispering across each other; fur mitts skidding across bronzed ribcages or thumping into firm tummy. Yustman rangy, gangly, leaning in and out in wide stance, turning her torso with her punches:  makes for variety of angles and deliveries for Jordana to have to decipher. Yustman drawing her hook across Jordana’s startled jaw as Odette turns torso-right; Yustman drifting a smooth right to Jordana’s mouth—fur mitten landing with a muffled thump. Brewster coming up short on shots, looking a little rusty: she’s pasted for pretty points in a showy Yustman first.


R2: Sinuous in-and-out from Odette—so pretty the way she turns her shoulders, tucks her chin, dips and rolls, then issues lick. Jordana very available—facing into a lot of punches: she’s not seeing Odette’s punches clearly due to Yustman’s sleek bends and twists. Midway through, Jordana showing high guard: Odette leans in with a strapping right/left to waist, then hoists the left uppercut and fits the right cross in up top. Jordana blinking, set back on her heels: good lithe shellack delivered as Odette slinks away smiling. Odette displaying a variety of jabs: pawing down from the left shoulder; rising up snappy from the hip; backhanded up and out from her stomach. Odette also slapping an open-hand hook to Jordana’s ear while executing a fluid pivot-left: swinging clout pretty to watch, but illegal—ref barks warnings to Odette to keep her hands closed. Jordana frowning, perplexed, getting hurt and outboxed in the second.


R3: Jordana lands clearn right hand early: Odette riding with it, taking the edge off by turning her head to the right upon contact. Odette managing distance—right hand up, palm out, left her shoulder, right foot well back as she’s leaning forward: she’s pawing the right hand, just measuring with it, looking to lure Jordana forward into na whippy check hook. Brewster bamboozled—she’s not having much luck closing on Odette as lanky brunette fades and licks slick counters while maintaining distance. Jordana also getting picked apart when she hangs back, finding it difficult to time her unorthodox foe. Adding to Brewster’s woes—Odette mixes up the menu midway through, putting power on the right hand instead of pawing it, shocking Jordana to chin—doubling it up bandy-limbed to put Brewster wobbly butt. Odette touching her foe, having her way: at the bell, she turns abruptly, drawing what will surely be the first of many ponylashes across a stricken opponent’s stunned face.


R4: Smooth, succulent punching from limber Odette: oily left uppercuts, gliding right crosses as she twists her torso, arches her back, leans into shots. ODETTE GETS HURT!

Midway through, Jordana hanging back, finally tags Odette a biting hook to chin as Yustman’s looking to lick her own hook from the hip. Odette sent stumbling, eyes blinking: Jordana hopping in, bats a whacking hook to smooth brown tummy, beating a gust of breath from Odette’s lips. Yustman to ropes, covering up face-in gloves—lissome body suffers vengeful Jordana squares away hard-eyed, lathering to the flanks. Odette finally reaches to clinch, neck-clasping Jordana, pulling her head down: tears bead on Yustman’s eyelashes as she grimaces in discomfort.


R5: Jordana over to offence, stalking her prey now: Brewster’s eyes cold and dark—no mercy as she presses the pace. Odette still body-rocked—lopes the perimeter elbows in/hands up—she’s swishing back shoeshine combos, just gently scrubbing fur across Jordana’s face whenever Brewster gets too close. Jordana much more meanspirited—spearing in her jab to drive Odette ropeside, then leaning in close while reaching her left arm back to deliver a whacking hook to body. Yustman groaning, clinching, using the neck clasp to pull and spin her foe: ref warning Odette about it, trying to break the young lady of bad habits early.


R6: Jordana on the march—brazenly hopping-to and engaging as Odette melts away. Yustman supple, turning in sharp pivots, using that open-mitt slapping hook, tucking chin behind either shoulder, bending and weaving away like tall grass in a shifting breeze.  Jordana the aggressor, but having trouble really landing flush: best shot is undoubtedly that vicious, Oscar De La Hoya hook against Odette’s waist. Yustman still just pushing and brushing with her punches—trying to distract and vex rather than hurt her foe. Another strong Brewster round sees her eat up Odette’s early lead.


R7: Odette rediscovers her courage—and with it—her power and accuracy. Punching—with Jordana—Odette us able to consistently beat Brewster to punches, skidding mitten off chin time and again to pre-empt Jordana. Brewster goes from bully to watery-eyed victim as her legs are checked: several sinewy strokes have Jordana’s knees giving way. Odette showing the Alba-esque ability to slug going forward or back—so pretty the way she walks Jordana onto the smooth left uppercut or turning left hook. Coming Forward, Odette’s leaning into slinging right crosses and scoring—the way she leads with her head and shoulders leaning in first acts as feint which is freezing Jordana for the punch. Wonderful, lanky face punching takes the initiative from Jordana, but give her credit: Brewster stand up under Odette’s hardest strokes in the 7th.


R8: Odette eases off the power, content to touch her foe and move about her. The slap-hook/pivot routine is featured—Odette then just touching her jab to Jordana’s face to keep her off balance. Ref actually pulls Odette aside gives her a shake: “Close that fist, Odette: man, I mean it!” Jordana reluctant to press—still stung and groggy from the chin-lashing she took last round, Breather for both women—Odette just loping and circling, being supple and bendy: Jordana keeping dukes up, turning, flinching, keeping herself safe.


R9: Jordana doubles the jab, coaxing Odette to cover up: Brewster in with a thumping right/left to waist buckles Odette’s knees at the open. Cringing Yustman looks to snake her left hand behind Jordana’s head: Brewster responds with a pumping, thrashing series of rights and lefts to ribcage, momentarily crippling Odette. Yustman blurting in pain, folding up face-in gloves in front of Jordana, tilting forward into whacking body-lather: Jordana glaring, 100% focused on submitting Odette through main force. Odette weepy, but managing the odd clinch or lope-away—she strings things out, even walks Jordana into the odd right hand to keep Brewster from really rolling in the 9th.


R10: It’s close—both girls know it—both come out to compete rather than fold under the pressure. Best two-way round of the fight as girls stand in front, taking turns. Odette so sinuous on her hips, leaning in and out on wide-spread feet, lashing her fists into and across her foe as she twists and dips into the deliveries. Jordana more conventional—elbows in, hands up, chopping back in straight one-twos, finishing up that batting hook in Odette’s ribs and waist. Spirited fare—Odette separates herself late by sliding back, taking Jordana to chin via supple left uppercut, then smiting her a swatting left hook clean to the cheek: Brewster misses a right hand as Odette pivots ‘round Jordana’s right flank, leaning away from the slot. Comes down to the two punches landed by Odette and the miss from Jordana as Yustman takes the 10th, and the contest UD10 close.


After: Jordana quietly heartbroken—not bearing to watch Odette’s squealing victory celebration in her debut. Yustman so happy, hugging everything in sight: nothing quite like an ingenue’s first triumph. “The hard part’s over,” Odette chimes in postfight. “You can’t teach ‘pretty’—and I’ve got that. Everything else I can learn, and I showed how special I am tonight on Jordana. I’ve got a year, and I’m not going to waste it: but this time next summer, Jessica Alba’s going to be on television somewhere, trying to make a comeback, and I’m going to control EVERYTHING in her place.


Reposted by Archer 6/16/09.


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