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8 March 2000 Lynda Carter vs Joanna Kerns

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Before: Women agree to 10 round limit, sending a message to the celeb mainstream that the legs and heart are still there.

Kerns coming off a devastating KO victory over hard hitting Jessica Lange - Carter a little slicker prospect, but Joanna enters the bettors favorite. Joanna in yellow sports bra, evergreen Adidas terrycloth trunks. Lynda in black sports bra and red Adidas trunks.

During R1: Lynda showing plenty of respect for Joanna's right hand, jabbing, moving right, and beating Kerns to the punch. Joanna trying to cut off the ring, finds leggy brunette hard to catch this round.

R2: Lynda inching closer, now bouncing her jab hand off Kern's eyes and forehead, still stepping left and fading back from the right hand. Kerns still not warmed up, can't find the range, coming up short on her jarring right cross, and getting licked by Carter's educated right hook.

R3: Kerns bulling her way in, but Lynda still effective outside, picking Joanna up with the jab, doubling it up and walking away behind a biting hook on the blonde's teeth. Joanna clearly frustrated, continues to barge forward, hands dropping as her form degrades, and midway through the round, Lynda steps right, walks Joanna into a crushing right hand over the blonde's left shoulder. Kern's front leg comes off the canvas, then she crumples in a heap. Shocking KO3 Lynda Carter as she finds the sweet spot.

AFTER: Carter setting Kerns up with textbook boxing, Joanna leans into the best right hand Lynda thrown in 10 years to switch Joanna off like a light. All Kerns tough talk about a mainstream comeback 041077looks a little hollow, as she couldn't be out any colder from Carter's single right hand bomb.

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