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8 Sept 2001 Catherine Bell vs Charlize Theron (VII)

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Charlize Theron (w/Janet Jones training) vs. Cat Bell (VII) 9/8/2001


Human version of cock-fighting or pit-bull fighting - Theron and Bell pitted against each other in a six city promotional tour for the fight that sees them having to sit side by side in endless studio interviews, forced to watch clips of their often savage, always bitter rivalry while insipid commentators bait them with provocative questions. Girls are separated on several occasions after each takes the opportunity to scald the other with hurtful psychological attacks - it's easily the greatest rivalry in Celebrity boxing today.


"Both girls are past it," says a charitable Shannon Elizabeth, "but they're still both about equal, which makes this a great fight. Bell's old for a fighter - you can see she's lost a step, but Charlize is taking my knockout worse than I thought she would. I've watched Theron's open workouts and she's hinky from the punishment I gave her - I'm afraid I might have upset the scales between these two by lavishing the hurt on Charlize the way I had to. If she can shake it off, I still think Theron's the better fighter, but nobody gets inside that blonde head better than Cat - I just hope it's a good old fashioned slobberknocker."

Charlize in white string bikini; Cat in electric blue - nose to nose during instructions with dead-flat glares in both sets of eyes.


Round 1: Theron using her legs early to control distance, tempo - more robotic Cat turning, blocking high, getting dampened by Theron's piercing jab. All turns around in the final minute as Charlize skips in with a whippy hook, eats one in return and then gets caught with a beautiful right uppercut that momentarily puts her wobbly butt. Charlize clinching hurt around Cat's neck and Bell puts it to her BREASTS and ribs with ferocious pumping action - Charlize shocked, sleepy eyed from the early body beating that sends her back to her corner all a-tremble. Round to Cat.


Round 2: Theron out with blockbuster swings, but Bell calmly blocking or slipping the wide swings able to use Charlize' ferocity against her. AFTER A CHARLIZE MISS, CAT COMES HARD TO THE JUGS with single lefts or rights - good bashing strokes that really take the steam out of Charlize at the bell. Girls getting chest to chest as the referee has to intervene - Theron looking uncomfortable on her stool during the break.


Round 3: Theron continues to commit to big punching, finally starting to crack Cat's composure as the brunette gets swamped, beaten back to the ropes for the first time. Theron intent on destruction, sweeping side to side, hammering her way around Cat's high guard and getting increasingly good head movement on the brunette as Bell starts to take damage. Midway through, a cleaving right claps the mouth piece off Cat's teeth and she slumps drunkenly forward to clinch - Charlize heaving the deadweight brunette back into the ropes and continuing the bombardment. Final minute one of the great gut-checks of Cat Bell's career - hurt, seated on the ropes she hunkers down to take, and take she does - Theron BLASTING away with free-swinging lefts and rights leaves Bell dazed and shaken at the bell. Big smile from Charlize as she returns to her corner - brawling the boxer is starting to look like a winning strategy.


Round 4: Cat makes the best adjustments in the business, deliberately coming inside Theron's wide punching and making this a ground war inside. Bell using her left to wrap up under Charlize' right arm, holding the blonde close and making her trade body to body. Theron up to the task at first, holds her own as the tempo slows. Goes as a draw, but Cat's taking Theron's talent out of the equation with the infighting.


Round 5: Forehead to forehead, lanky beauties trade sock back and forth across the ring, each laying in with her shoulder, content to take her turn. Even until late when a Bell right hand clouts Theron's chin and stops the blonde from returning serve. Cat able to take over with a series of crippling lefts and rights to the body - Theron grimacing, clinching up high on Bell at the break.


Round 6: Cat with a sweet sequence, fighting in close with Charlize - Bell taps the jab, bends in with a short right hand on the chin, finishing up with her right shoulder on Theron's slackened face, then comes back with a slinging little left inside to bat Theron's face to the side, using her left elbow this time to brace Charlize face for yet another right hand. Punishing, compact work inside has Theron stunned, falling forward into ruinous gut punching as Bell steps back and CAT HOISTS A HALF DOZEN BLOWS UP UNDER THE BREASTS and into that flat belly. Midway through, Charlize' stubbornness pays off as she continues to come forward with her face on Cat's, Theron mercilessly clubbing jug with both mitts and the brunette goes into stupor at the ropes. Down the stretch, however, Cat takes over - hammering LEFTS AND RIGHTS TO THERON'S BREASTS, solar plexus and ribs, forcing Charlize to clinch up high, face drowsy from the devastating work to her foundation. Bell busted up, looks the stronger as she shoves Theron back with both hands on Charlize' ribcage as the blonde stares back in a haze.

Round 7: Cat reaching in with her left, leaving it on Charlize chest, then falling in with the clubbing short right - Theron with eyes lidded, mouth open is taking these shots too flush and it's costing her. Charlize lolling in with Cat as Bell starts to body the blonde into the ropes, Cat palming the blonde’s shoulders back, digging the body and following with ELBOWS TO PANCAKE BLONDE BREASTS! Drowsy pain on Charlize face betrays the punishment. Down the stretch, Theron turns it all around - with Cat bent over, Charlize reefs some unexpected straight-arm left hands up under the ribcage, sending a shudder through Cat's legs. Bell's turn to clinch - SHE'S pouting in pain, draped around Theron and pinning the blonde against the ropes to prevent any further damage. Charlize steals the round with the late power.


Round 8: Bell jabbing with Theron, but leaving the extended left on the blonde's chest to measure another clouting right on the mouth - punch seems to daze Theron for a few seconds, allowing Cat to muscle Charlize into the ropes. Bell's best, most consistent round sees her punish Theron with ever-increasing intensity to the body. Theron limp - Bell pushing Charlize around, nudging her arms out of the way to BASH BOOB WITH BOTH HANDS, taking whatever she wants from the blonde as Theron grows sleepy. Final minute especially brutal - Charlize draped around Cat's neck with sick hurt on her drowsy face - BELL PUMPING UP UNDER THOSE EXPOSED BREASTS, stomach and ribs to the break.


Round 9: Theron's legs are shot, hands low, but she's determined to beat Cat back. Savage two way brawling erupts, Cat with her slick left, right hand, right shoulder, left hook, left elbow type sequences against Theron's chest and chin - Charlize stepping back and plowing single right hands up into Cat's sternum, or slapping sling-mitted combinations back and forth as Bell falls in. Down the stretch a sickening series of left hands directly to the chest leaves Theron slumping forward gasping in yet another don't-hurt-me clinch - it's Bell mopping up at the finish, her fists punching into flesh, Theron just willing herself to go on.


Round 10: Cat's first right hand nearly takes Charlize' head off as it swivels dreamily to the side, but Theron won't budge! Blonde gives it back, laying in with Cat and chugging up underneath with a series of tired, but heavy rolling lefts and rights. Bell chokes down her pain and starts to trade back and it's the slobberknocker finish Shannon Elizabeth dreamed about! Girls laying in, taking turns, but down the stretch - Charlize stops working, eyes shut as her head lolls on Cat's shoulder. Bell just moving her hands, beating Charlize back to a seat at the ropes and fighting underneath the blonde's high, sleepy clinch. Crowd roaring - Cat on auto-pilot, each punch driving another nail into Charlize' coffin, but the blonde won't go down. At the bell, Cat can't stop herself from continuing to beat her helpless foe - referee separates the exhausted combatants and Bell lifts her mitts, goes chest to chest with Charlize and forces eye contact. Comes back UD10 Cat Bell.


Strange moment in the ring, girls gravitate to each other after the announcement, eyes obviously filled with something like hatred - nervous entourages ready to jump in, but the two warriors shake taped hands.


Leaning in, Charlize mutters something like, "You're not better than me."


Cat responds with "I own you."


It's a relationship like none other in the annals of the FCBA. Once again, Cat triumphs over Charlize with a heady mix of chutzpah and calculating execution, overcoming some great blonde moments in this fight with steady work. "The only thing that frightens me about Charlize is her mobility," explains Cat in post fight, "We wanted to beat her body, keep her trapped against the ropes, make her trade in close where she couldn't use her legs or get into a rhythm. She takes a great shot - I was crippling her to the body, but she wouldn't go down, but I knew I was taking it out of her. It's a huge loss for her, but it's really only an instrumental step forward for me. I wanted Shannon all along and now I've got her. I'm coming to get my title back baby - get ready!"


Shannon delighted with the wreckage of this fight, "Bell doesn't have the legs left at her best to face me and now that she's just been taken to the brink, it's going to be almost too easy. I can't wait to make an example out of Catherine and start my title reign in style."


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