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8 Sept 2006  Shannon Elizabeth vs Sienna Miller

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Posted by simguy on 9/8/2006, 9:33 pm

Before: You don't see flyweights stepping up to take on lightweights very often - but Sienna Miller's amongst the scrappiest of the former and undaunted by the challenge. "Chop - chop!" An upbeat Miller details for assembled press with the edge of her hand. "I shall cut Shannon down to size in short order!" Elizabeth for her part bemused, but wanting to stay busy - she agrees to make 120 if Sienna can eat her way up to 110. "I'm not going to fight her if she can't hold 110," Shannon says, "but if Sienna can get within 10 pounds of me, why not? She thinks she can box me and she IS probably quicker, so I'm not writing her off entirely. It's a great chance for me to work on some things, try some different looks. I just hope she sticks around long enough for me to get the work in!" Shannon in crimson bikini with gold cube-link connections hip and jug. Sienna in black string bikini (a little baggy in the bottoms), short blonde tousle. Both vixens opt for small 4 oz workout mitts - black for Sienna - red for Shan.

During R1: Shannon gives up her height almost immediately - odd to see the much taller brunette lean in cheek to cheek with Miller - girls standing flat-footed, planting legs firm and pushing into each other. Shan with her mitts at her cheeks, head in close to Sienna's - Miller straining to hold her ground against the weight of the bigger girl. Sienna working - patient, diligent punching: she'll dig the right hand firmly up underneath (PAK!) - small mitt sticking into Elizabeth's sinewy ribcage 'neath the jugline. Sienna also plugging her left hand (PAK!) into tummy, then pushing into Shan to keep from being walked back. Elizabeth unconcerned - absorbing slender limbed blows, occasionally cuffing Sienna on either ear with short, clipping shots - quickly leaning in again to keep heads close. Strange-looking round strangely crowd pleasing: Miller consistently, methodically fitting her mitts into offending torso-meat; Elizabeth unmoved, keeping her weight on Sienna and answering back with firm, workmanlike about the head and shoulders.

R2: Elizabeth doing a little more boxing - hands relatively low when she's outside - backhanding and swatting a lazy jab to keep Sienna bobbing and weaving. But Shan insists on crowding, leaning in and bending down to give up her height - brunette committed to fighting on the inside against Miller. Where Elizabeth bends - Sienna stands up straight - pushing up into Shannon with her knuckles under Elizabeth's breasts, or palming the bigger girl's hips - waltzing with Shan before sampling gut or rib meat. Miller's buttocks wobbling with the effort of holding her ground - Shannon steadily forcing Sienna backwards, absorbing the blonde's punches and cuffing back at her in enough spots to take the round.

R3: Miller starting to realize that getting in won't be a problem: she's a little freer with her punches this round, putting 2s and 3s together rather than digging once, then pushing up. Frisky lather pinking up the Elizabeth ribcage - small mitts bouncing off taut flesh with crackling spank - Sienna getting the hang of stepping back and letting Shan fall onto the rising body blows. Elizabeth steadily outworked - not giving Miller much respect: brunette just leaning in to keep her head close to Sienna's, answering back the odd desultory jerking blow to slender British ribs, of cuffing clout to ears.

R4: Shan boxes a bit - just a smidge, just to win position - then she leans in, walks Sienna back, puts a little leather to her this round. Shannon just strapping individual licks against Sienna's golden brown chassis - stroking lefts and rights striped against ribs, tucked to firm little tummy, and most importantly, clipped tight to chin via the all-important uppercut. Elizabeth being a little more physical with Sienna now - hands cupping the blonde's ears as Shan moves Miller's head to either side, preparatory to some abuse. Some holding and hitting from Elizabeth as well - just riding the left behind Sienna's head to anchor her for jerking little right uppercuts. Scuffing and bumping, backed up by Shannon's constant body lean enough to salt away the round for Elizabeth.

R5: Sienna fighting her little heart out - eyes narrowed, cheeks puffing as she exhales through pursed lips in synch with ratchetting, straight left/rights into Shannon's willowy torso. Elizabeth simply leaning into it, taking the blows, crowding Sienna, smothering her, walking her around. Before long, they're back to waltzing - rubbing, pushing and bumping each other in constant contact before digging and swiping with compact punches. Elizabeth warned for pulling and controlling Sienna's head with grabby hands up top - blonde often tugged off balance and roughly spun side to side when Shannon wants to change up angle.

R6: Elizabeth stands outside and shells poor Sienna long, stiff jabs: Miller's head shocked back, nostrils bleeding, brows frowning as she picks her dukes up temple-high. Elizabeth graduates from face-punching to jabbing Sienna heavily in her upperchest - destabilizing punch moves Miller backwards, clearly discouraging her. Shan economical with that right hand, rarely deploying it: when she does, it's usually a firm, tucking shot into Sienna's gut as the blonde tries to edge in close to change distance, or a medium-sweet straight poke-off-the-jab to help dampen Sienna's spirits. Shutout Elizabeth - she fights like that it's hard to see Miller finishing this fight.

R7: Shan gives up her height - bending down face-on-face, step-waltzing around, making Sienna take weight. Miller standing up straight-legged, pushing into Elizabeth, then pumping in single shot lefts and rights to tummy and rib, stepping back to walk Shan into punches. Shan occasionally strapping lanky licks to her foe's svelte ribcage, but it's the uppercut that's making Shan money: anytime Elizabeth wants it, Miller's chin seems willing to accept the charge. Down the stretch, Shannon jerking a short left uppie off her front (left) foot finally unhinges Miller's knees. Blonde stamping around hurt for a moment, pushing back into Shannon with a concerned expression: brunette content to simply body Miller to ropes and nearly push her to her knees at the bell.

R8: Another bruising shutout Shannon Elizabeth - little Sienna starting to break down under the constant press of her foe's wiry body and lanky punches. Miller dukes at her cheek, elbows in, crouching forward even as she steps away from Shannon - Elizabeth able to walk her foe down and strap her lanky, both hands. Shan's slinging small-mitt strapping sounds out brisk as leather bounces off bony arms, flanks, skull. Shan hitting a lot of arm, but hurting Miller nonetheless - little Brit biting down on cries of pain as Elizabeth patiently hounds her, heartlessly lashing her pillar to post. Bell: Miller visibly distraught, legs trembling, but defiant - rejecting concerned ref's invitation to quit on her stool.

R9: Crippling strap applied to Sienna's quivering little tummy - Elizabeth's small mitts cutting in under the elbows as she carves away lanky, both hands. Miller hurt, stumbling forward behind her mitts - Shannon dipping her left shoulder and trying to walk blonde onto jagged left uppercuts off the lead (left) foot. Minute in - yahtzee: Shan gets the left TART off the point of Miller's chin, sidestepping prettily as blonde clatters to all fours in a fog. Give Sienna credit - she wills herself up off her knees, swaying shabbily at the ropes as ref barks 8: she sits in the cables, wearily waving Shannon in and covering up as long brunette obliges. Last bit's tough to watch - Elizabeth no longer content to molest and bully: she's torquing her punches, stroking with vicious, buggywhip leverage in slashing side-to-side arcs - Miller can't stand against it. Sienna licked and strapped senseless - she sprawls on her face, succumbing to the punishment as Elizabeth turns and prances away the KO9 victrix.

After: Sienna goes 9, effectively carried much of the way as Shannon works on her inside game with little risk. "She's feisty to the body," Elizabeth admits, ribs still pink from Sienna's consistent touch, "but I was too strong for her, and I really felt her wilt over the second half. I was never going to let her finish the fight - I knew I could take her any time I wanted - but I was enjoying breaking her down like I was a middleweight, you know? I don't get that many opportunities to put my body on girls - most of the lightweights my height are bigger-boned and naturally heavier than me - so this was fun."

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