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9 Feb 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Catherine Zeta Jones

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Charlize Theron 14.jpgCatherine Zeta Jones 06.jpg


Charlize Theron vs. Catherine-Zeta Jones (II) by Simguy 09-Feb-99


Highly anticipated grudge rematch is sold out early. Zeta Jones inactive since a crushing defeat of Charlize earlier in the year, while Theron has alternately struggled, then looked brilliant by turns. Key to Theron seems to be fighting within herself - when she gets excited, her form tends to break down badly - and she can be hurt. Zeta Jones still amateurish at times, is however, brimming with confidence for this bout - boldly predicting a stoppage during pre-fight conferences.


Zeta Jones in  black jogbra, red jockey bottom; white jogbra and teal bottom for Charlize.



Round 1: Both women set up shop in front of one another, standing flat footed and reaching for each other with probing lefts. Charlize's gloves very high - she's just range finding while Zeta Jones keeps snapping her left into Theron's bra. After almost a minute of patty cake, Theron comes over the top with a sizzling right hand. CATHERINE IS HURT!!! Single shot out of nowhere badly disorients the brunette who does the funky chicken to the ropes. Theron advances calmly, with a lot of time on the clock. She sets up in front of the stunned Zeta Jones, cocks her body and rips a hard right hook to the brunette's side, followed by a pair of left hooks upstairs to break down Jones' guard. Jones wobbly, gloves down and Theron drills her with a short right cross. Jones' head snaps back and forth as the mouth guard tumbles down her chest. Zeta-Jones slumps forward onto Theron's shoulder, then drops face first to the mat. Crushing KO1 redemption for Charlize Theron who struts the ring like she's King Kong with the win.


Theron vaults to the top of the hot prospect list with this blistering victory. Given time to set her feet and pivot her long body, Theron can hurt women and she seems ready for a step up in quality. Zeta-Jones comes back to earth with this loss

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