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9 February 2001 Ali Landry vs Rebecca Romijn

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Ali Landry 1.jpgRebecca Romijn 01.jpg

Posted by Simguy on 2/9/2001, 7:16 pm.


Before: Media wonders how Landry’s going to prepare for a new opponent at such a late date after Swanson’s inexplicable departure—Ali retorts, “I don’t watch tape. Other girls get better by watching tape of me, not the other way around. Swanson, Romijn—a blonde’s here to get hurt tonight, that’s all I know.” Becky one of the most athletic and durable of supermodels, can stop anyone in the division with her right hand. Landry in gold bikini, long brown curls, Becky in classic black bikini.


During R1: Landry working with typical pageant thoroughness—hands up, palms out, she steps around Romijn with short jab to the forehead, and a spearing right hand down into the solar plexus that has the big blonde wincing. Midway through—Landry chops the right hand into the body, bringing Becky’s hands down, then comes upstairs with the hook and ROMIJN IS HURT! Set up and caught flush on the jaw—Becky swoons on stiff legs as Landry swings wide right to the ribs and continues to turn over the hook on Becky;s chin. Romijn finishing up glassy eyed on the ropes—old fashioned shove and slug from Landry at the bell puts the mileage n a scuffed up blonde early.


R2: Romijn shakes it off, comes back with a long, unfurling jab that’s pesky enough to keep Ali away. Becky stepping forward, laying the rangefinder out, forcing Landry onto the defensive. Down the stretch, Landry giving ground, slips the jab and VCRACKS a sharp left hook across a startled model’s wide eyed face—Romijn’s legs buckling—she sprawls backwards as Landry chases her across the ring. Ali steals the round late, hurting Romijn, piling on with short left and right licks to the waist to leave Becky staring at the bell.


R3: Landry in a groove now, right hand at her cheek, left hand across her belly, she’s stepping right, feinting with her head, waiting for Romijn to paw the jab and BANG! Counter right hand licks out, barks off chin, down goes Becky, Romijn’s back leg just giving way, drops her to one knee—she’s up quickly, but has that starting look, Landry patient, dipping low to reach in jabs, herding Romijn to the ropes, then it’s an explosive final minute. Ali murderous with wide swinging blows to the body, setting up riveting short uppercuts inside—Becky buckling forward, then rocked back—she’s out on her feet at the bell as a grinning Ali Landry winks at her stupefied foe.


R4: Romijn flat footed, grim determination on her puffy face—she stands and slings back at Landry as Ali continues to touch the body to set up lightning strikes upstairs. Even early as Romijn’s power balances Landry’s precision, but down the stretch, both girls extend on missing right crosses—Landry much more compact, recovers first twists into her hook to beat Romijn to the punch and DOWN GOES BECKY! Romijn badly hurt this time, corkscrewing to her haunches. Chin lolling to her chest as she goes under for a second, then groggily comes to—she goes to all fours, to one knee, finally to her feet at 10—ref somehow pronounces her fit to continue at the bell.


R5: You can see it—Ali’s actually trying to tempt right hands out of Becky, just so she can beat the inefficient blonde to the book. Becky getting caught repeatedly as the girls trade all around the ring, but Landry can’t get her body behind the punches—Romijn is rocked, staggery, but taking the punches fairly well as Landry rolls to her fifth straight.


R6: Corner desperately trying to get Romijn to clinch, mess with Ali’s rhythm—Becky completely disregards the advice, comes out slugging with wide sweeping lefts, slinging right hands that arc down and LANDRY GETS TAGGED! Ali a little complacent slips the hook, but lays over on her right side, allowing Romijn to get extension on her cross that pops against the side of Landry’s head and sends her reeling. Landry is hurt, bur professional as she recovers—she spends a minute covered up on the ropes, slipping and blocking effectively while she waits for her legs to return—then she clinches, walks Romijn back to midring, gets the ref’s break—and hides behind the stick and move to the bell. Round to Romijn, but it’s a missed opportunity as Ali escapes intact.


R7: Ali with the right at her cheek, left hand low, sets up to counter, rolling her torso and trying to come back with right hands, but Romijn is stubbornly overwhelming this round, Becky’s incredible reach the problem—she’s licking and slapping wild blows at Landry—Ali able to make the defensive move, but her counters are coming up shirt. Round to Becky as Ali misjudges distance, and her opponent’s condition.


R8: Landry stepping in a little closer, goes back to the high guard, stabbing straight right hands down into the body, and coming back upstairs with opportunistic hooks. Once again, Romijn starts to field leather—eyes going dim as Landry uses the sternum to set up the chin. By the midway point—Romijn is rubbery limbed reacting late—pushing her hands out pathetically—Landry’s punches are clubbing her senseless. A short left hook swivels Romijn’s head, leaving her drifting on her hips—Landry steps right, clips a right hand from her hip across the teethl, comes back a crashing left hook on the jaw, and Becky topples backwards like a Maybelline redwood—crashing flat out—arms wide for a photo op KO8 Ali Landry.


After: Consistent, methodical, brutal bet down leaves Romijn a battered wreck—Landry controlling her dangerous opponent from the outset—Becky never really recovering from the first half bludgeoning. Walk of shame sees a jubilant, happy Ali parade her dizzy foe from corner to corner—on the slow walk—Landry talking to her prize. “Did you see that hook I caught you with in the fourth, what a…” Romijn just wants it to be over.


Reposted by Archer 9/12/09.


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