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9 January 2000 Dani Fishel vs Michelle Pfeiffer

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Originally posted by Simguy on Sunday, 09-Jan-2000 18:52:49


Before: Dani challenging a slick boxer who seems as sharp as she ever was in Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer with the kind of slick efficient boxing that has given Dani trouble in ther past, but Fishel has the power to equalize things in a hurry.


Dani in pale blue aerobics sportsbra top, grey cotton aerobics briefs, Michelle in black sportsbra, grey cotton aerobics bottoms.


During R1: Michelle quickly takes over in the middle of the ring, batting out a quick double left hand, slicing don with a right, then walking away to re-set at another location. Dani bobbing up and down, pawing with the right to load up the left, but not much luck through most of the round. In the final minute, Pfeiffer slashing away with side to side combinations, and Dani bends low, comes up sharp with torquing left hook from hell catches Michelle in her wind up. Pfeiffer out on her feet, stares bleary-eyes for a moment as Dani wades forward, pushing Michelle onto her heels with the right, and bending that little body into the go home left hook. Pfeiffer crashes flat out on her back, hands above her head is knocked cold as Dani steps back in triumph/amazement. KO1 Dani Fishel.


After: Stunning resurgence as Dani basically switches Michelle’s “off” switch to end this one in a hurry, Pfeiffer caught standing up straight, in between her punches, and the second blow probably overkill as Michelle was stunned and helpless at that point. Fishel posts one of her most impressive, and easiest wins in a long while.


Reposted by Archer 7/5/09

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