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Amanda Righetti

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Amanda Righetti

Personal Information
Birth Name
Amanda Righetti 
Birth Date April 4, 1983 
Birth Place St. George, Utah
Nationality United States 
Height 5'8" (1.73 m) 
Occupation Actress 
FCBA Record
Total Fights 162 (F)    1 (Other)
Wins 126 (F)    1 (O
Wins by KO 106 (F)    1 (O)
Losses  36  (F)    0 (O)
Draws   0   (F)    0 (O)

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Divisions





Will Power Productions (2004 - 2005)

Tech Unlimited (2006 - 2011)

Bonzo's Gym/Floydian (2011 to Present)


Titles Held

Unified Welterweight Title (06/26/09 to 10/09/09)

     1 Successful Defense

Unified Welterweight Title (02/15/10 to 11/12/10)

     3 Successful Defenses

Unified Welterweight Title (06/18/11 to 09/30/11)

Unified Welterweight Title (06/21/13 to 03/01/14)

     2 Sucessful Defenses

Unified Welterweight Title (11/30/15 to 09/30/16)

     4 Successful Defenses

Unified Welterweight Title (12/28/18 to 02/28/20)

     12 Successful Defenses

Unified Welterweight Title (11/26/21 to 05/27/22)

     5 Successful Defenses




Major Rivals

Jessica Biel

Bridget Regan


FCBA Fight History


2004 (6-3-0, 3 KOs)

08/20/04. (Debut) (Miami Club Fight) (Partial Report) Def. Eva LaRue (KO6)

10/03/04. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Alana de la Garza (KO10)

10/04/04. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

10/08/04. Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10)

10/15/04. Lost to Erica Durance (TKO3)

11/06/04. Def. Lindsay Price (UD10)

11/14/04. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Gina Gershon (TKO9)

11/26/04. Lost to Laetitia Casta (KO9)

12/11/04. Def. Jessica Biel (UD10)


2005 (3-4-0, 3 KOs)

01/01/05. Def. Jessica Biel (KO6)

02/04/05. Lost to Kelly Brook (KO10)

07/19/05. (Boxing on the Beach) (Hawaii) Def Stacy Kamano (KO10)

07/19/05. (Boxing on the Beach (Hawaii Lost to Taylor Cole (TKO4)

08/05/05. Lost to Eva LaRue (KO1)

09/17/05. Lost to Jessica Biel (KO4)

10/16/05. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Jennifer Finnigan (KO3)


2007 (0-2-0)

01/19/07. Lost to Navi Rawat (UD10)

02/17/07. Lost to Laetitia Casta (KO2)


2008 (1-1-0, 1 KO)

05/02/08. Lost to Yvonne Strahovski (TKO2)

11/24/08. Def. Karen Cliche (KO10)


2009 (9-4-0, 5 KOs)

01/01/09. Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

03/06/09. Def. Alana de la Garza (KO2)

04/03/09. Lost to Taylor Cole (KO4)

04/17/09. Def. Mandy Moore (KO2)

05/15/09. Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO5)

05/29/09. Def. Cindy Crawford (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/26/09. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

07/10/09. (Non-Title) Def. Bridget Regan (UD10)

08/07/09. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Torrie Wilson (TKO1)

09/28/09. (Non-Title) Lost to Sarah Lancaster (TKO4)

10/09/09. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Sarah Lancaster (UD10)

10/25/09. Def. Mandy Moore (KO9)

12/25/09. Lost to Kristanna Loken (KO10)


2010 (12-2-0, 8 KOs)

01/14/10. (Story by Simguy & Bonzo) (Boxing After Dark) Def, Maria Menounos (KO4)

01/16/10. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Elizabeth Berkley (KO3)

01/23/10. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Nadia Bjorlin (KO6)

02/01/10. (Boxing After Dark) Def Milena Govich (KO8)

02/12/10. (Welterweight Title Tournament Rd 1) Def Kristanna Loken (UD10)

02/14/10. (Welterweight Title Tournament Rd 2) Def Ali Landry (KO8)

02/15/10. (Welterweight Title Tournament Rd 3) Def Mandy Moore (KO4)

02/16/10. (Welterweight Title Tournamenr Finals) Def Natasha Henstridge (1 Pt Dec)

03/27/10. (Non-Title Bout) (Boxing at the Mirage) Def Jennifer Garner (UD10)

05/05/10. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Gena Lee Nolin (KO5)

07/10/10. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Moon Bloodgood (UD10)

09/18/10. (Unified Weltterweight Title) Def Stacy Keibler (TKO4)

11/12/10. (Unifed Welterweight Title) Lost to Bridget Regan (KO5)

12/12/10. (Boxing After Dark) (Results:Simguy;Story:Bonzo) Def Sarah Lancaster (TKO4)


2011 (12-3-0, 7 KOs)

01/01/11. Def Cassidy Freeman (KO6)

01/28/11. Lost to Natasha Henstridge (KO2)

02/16/11. (Boxing After Dark (Simguy & Bonzo) (Rematch) Def Natasha Henstridge (TKO6)

02/20/11. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch Al Landry (KO5)

03/02/11. (Boxing After Dark) (Simguy & Bonzo) Def Estella Warren (KO1)

03/13/11. Def Laura Prepon (UD10)

04/24/11. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Def Abbie Cornish (UD10)

05/20/11. Def Stacy Keibler (UD10)

06/18/11. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Ch Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

06/20/11. (AHW Bout) vs Gena Lee Nolin

06/22/11. (Non-Title Pound-for-Pound Bout) Def Erica Durance (KO9)

07/17/11. (Non-Title) (Boxing After Dark) Def Rebecca Romijn (KO9)

09/30/11. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Bridget Regan (KO7)

10/23/11. (Simguy & Bonzo) Def Katrina Law (TKO8)

11/20/11. (Boxing After Dark) (Simguy & Bonzo) Def Eva Larue (TKO5)
11/20/11. (Random Wrestling) vs Rebecca Romijn

12/09/11. Def Charlize Theron (UD10)


2012 (FCBA: 5-2-0, 2 KOs/ Other: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/17/12. Def Kristanna Loken (KO5)

02/19/12. Def Kelly Brook (UD10)

03/24/12. Lost to Paula Patton (KO9

05/05/12. (Simguy & Bonzo) Def Rebecca Romijn (UD10)

05/19/12. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Def Katherine Heigl (UD10)

06/10/12. Def Nadia Bjorlin (KO6)

07/23/12. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch Charlize Theron (TKO6)

10/05/12. (Jac Fac Bout) Def Downtown Julie Brown (KO3)

10/08/12. Def Paula Patton (UD10)

12/18/12. (AH Wrestling) vs Hope Solo


2013 (6-0-0, 5 KOs)

01/18/13. Def Cassidy Freeman (TKO9)

03/22/13. Def Gena Lee Nolin (TKO5)

06/21/13. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Ch Moon Bloodgood (KO2)

08/09/13. Def Adrianne Palicki (UD10)

10/05/13. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Mandy Moore (TKO2)

11/16/13. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Kate Upton (TKO6)


2014 (1-1-0, 1 KO)

03/01/14. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Cassidy Freeman (TKO5)

11/28/14. (Simguy & Bonzo) Def Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (TKO9)


2015 (6-1-0, 6 KO)

05/01/15. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Katharine McPhee (KO8) 

05/30/15. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Ch Bridget Regan (Close UD10)

06/26/15. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Elizabeth Berkley (KO5)

09/25/15. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Natasha Henstridge (KO7)

10/30/15. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Bianca Kajlich (KO7)

11/30/15. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Ch Sarah Lancaster (KO8)

12/30/15. (Non-Title Bout by Lookout & Bonzo) Def Jessica Biel (KO7)


2016 (5-2-0, 5 KO)

01/29/16. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bazz) Def Gemma Atkinson (KO8)

02/26/16. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Cassidy Freeman (KO9)

04/29/16. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Mandy Moore (KO4)

07/15/16. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout) Def Bridget Regan (KO8)

09/30/16. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Kate Upton (KO10)

10/28/16. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Kristanna Loken (KO6)

12/30/16. (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Karlie Kloss (TKO7)


2017 (7-2-0, 7 KO)

01/27/17. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Sarah Wayne Callies (KO4)

03/01/17. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Paula Patton (KO6)

04/28/17. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Karlie Kloss (KO5)

06/30/17. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout) Lost to Ch Kate Upton (KO8)

07/29/17. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Jennifer Lawrence (KO6)

08/02/17. (AHW: Bar Brawl) (Lookout & Ginny) vs Jennifer Lawrence

09/17/17. (Ginny's Academy vs Bonzo's Gym Stable War) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Hannah Ferguson (KO8)

09/29/17. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Gemma Atkinson (KO7)

10/28/17. (100th Fight by Lookout & Bonzo) Def Taylor Cole (KO7)

12/29/17. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Hilary Rhoda (KO9)


2018 (13-1-0, 13 KO)

01/26/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def AJ Cook (KO6)

03/02/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Kate Bock (KO4)

03/30/18. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & OddMan) Lost to Ch Tahnee Atkinson (KO8)

04/27/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Bo Krsmanovic (KO6)

05/26/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Kate Upton (KO5)

06/30/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Romee Strjid (KO6)

07/27/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Josephine Skriver (KO7)

08/15/18. (Bonzo's Gym "Ferragosto" PPV) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Yvonne Strahovski (KO10)

08/31/18. (Boxing on the Beach) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Laetitia Casta (KO5)

09/28/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Michelle Ryan (KO5)

10/12/18. (Fight Night Live: One Night Only PPV) (Lookout/Girls Friday/Bonzo) Def Bridget Regan (KO9)

10/26/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Taylor Hill (KO7)

11/25/18. (CBAD: A Cajun Farewell) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Ali Landry (KO6)

12/28/18. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Ch Kate Upton (TKO10)


2019 (13-0-0, 13 KO)

01/25/19. (Non-Title Light vs Welter Champions "Superfight") (Lookout/Archer) Def Mary Elizabeth Winstead (TKO10)

02/22/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Hannah Ferguson (KO8)

03/29/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Hilary Rhoda (KO8)

04/26/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Brooklyn Decker (TKO10)

05/31/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Tahnee Atkinson (TKO8)

06/28/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Behati Prinsloo (KO7)

07/26/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Bridget Regan (KO8)

08/30/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Camille Kostek (KO8)

09/27/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Mandy Moore (KO6)

10/25/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Jennifer Lawrence (KO8)

10/31/19. (Non-Title) (Lookout & The Wiz) Def Katy Perry (TKO10)

11/29/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Cassidy Freeman (KO6)

12/27/19. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Bo Krsmanovic (KO7)


2020 (8-4-0, 8 KO)

01/10/20. (Fight Night Live: Proving Ground PPV) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Kendall Jenner (KO10)

01/31/20. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Antje Utgaard (KO9)

02/28/20. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Adrianne Palicki (KO9)

04/09/20. (Fight Night Live: International Cup 2020) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Kelly Brook (KO6)

04/26/20. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Hilary Rhoda (KO8)

07/31/20. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Karen Gillan (KO7)

09/25/20. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Tahnee Atkinson (KO8)

10/30/20. (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Hannah Ferguson (KO8)

11/27/20. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Damaris Lewis (KO7)

12/11/20. (Fight Night Live: Final Resolution PPV) (Lookout/Bonzo/Girls Friday) Lost to Kate Upton (KO10)

12/25/20. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Bridget Regan (KO6)

12/31/20. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Paula Patton (KO5)


2021 (10-0-0, 10 KO)

01/29/21. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Danielle Herrington (KO6)

02/26/21. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Jennifer Lawrence (KO5)

03/26/21. (Lookout/Bonzo/Girls Friday) Def Kendall Jenner (KO9)

07/30/21. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Adrianne Palicki (TKO8)

09/24/21. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Courtney Tailor (KO7)

10/09/21. (CBAD: Battle of Wonder Women) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Gal Gadot (KO7)

10/29/21. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Charlotte Flair (KO4)

11/26/21. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Ch Hannah Ferguson (KO9)

12/10/21. (Fight Night Live: Final Resolution) (Non-Title) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Taylor Swift (KO9)

12/31/21. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Hilary Rhoda (KO8)


2022 (10-3-0, 10 KO)

01/28/22. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Karen Gillan (KO8)

02/25/22. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Sabrina Lynn (KO5)

03/25/22. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Iskra Lawrence (KO7)

04/29/22. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Tahnee Atkinson (KO9)

05/27/22. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout/Girls Friday/Bonzo) Lost to Brooklyn Decker (KO9)

07/29/22. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Diletta Leotta (KO7)

08/28/22. (Queen of the Beach Tournament: Sweet Sixteen) (Lookout) Def Sabrina Lynn (KO7)

08/28/22. (Queen of the Beach Tournament: Elite Eight) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Joy Corrigan (KO7)

08/28/22. (Queen of the Beach Tournament: Final Four) (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Emily DiDonato (TKO6)

08/28/22. (Queen of the Beach Tournament: Final) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Kate Upton (KO9)

09/30/22, (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Charlotte McKinney (KO8)

11/27/22. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Ch Robyn Lawley (KO9)

12/30/22. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Lorella Boccia KO8)


2023 (0-1-0)

01/28/23. Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Blake Lively (KO7)

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