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Brandy Ledford

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Brandy Ledford

Personal Information
Birth Name
Brandy Lee Ledford 
Birth Date February 4, 1969
Birth Place Denver, Colorado
Nationality United States 
Height 5 Ft 6 In (1.68 m) 
Occupation Actress 
FCBA Record
Total Fights 43
Wins 23
Wins by KO 17
Losses 20

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Divisions





Team Canada (Team Psychologist): (11/19/2011 to Present)


Titles Held

Reebok Flyweight Title (06/12/00-06/24/00)

Unified Flyweight Title (6/14/00-6/24/00) 1 Successful defense



Major Rivals

Neve Campbell

Teri Hatcher

Paula Trickey


FCBA Fight History




2000 (8-3-0, 7 KOs)

05/02/00. Def. Kari Wuhrer (TKO9)

06/03/00. Def. Kristin Davis (KO1)

06/03/00. Def. Diane Lane (KO1)

06/04/00. Def. Charlotte Ross (KO2)

06/11/00. Lost to Lucy Liu (KO8)

06/12/00. (Reebok Flyweight Title) Def. Ch.Gillian Anderson (KO7)

06/14/00) (Flyweight Unification Bout) Def. Michelle Pfeiffer (KO3)

06/24/00. (Unified Flyweight Title) Lost to Lucy Liu (UD10)

07/02/00. Lost to Kelly Hu (KO5)

07/04/00. Def. Natalie Raitano (KO2)

10/17/00. Def. Kelli Williams (UD10)


2001 (2-1-0, 0 KOs)

02/05/01. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Krista Allen (KO7)

02/06/01. (Boxing After Dark) Def Stacy Kamano (?)

12/24/01. Def. Brittany Daniel (UD10)


2002 (3-2-0, 2 KOs)

04/17/02. Def. Teri Hatcher (KO4)

04/19/02. Lost to Teri Hatcher (UD10)

04/26/02. Def. Carmen Electra (UD10)

05/03/02. Lost to Catherine Zeta Jones (KO4)

05/31/02. Def. Kim Basinger (KO10)


2003 (0-2-0, 0 KOs)

02/05/03.(Boxing On The Beach). Lost to Erika Eleniak (UD10)

03/14/03.(Partiual Report) Lost to Maria Bello (UD10)


2004 (7-1-0, 3 KOs)

11/07/04. (Boxing After Dark). Def. Brande Roderick (KO6)

11/08/04.(Boxing After Dark) Def. Kate Bosworth (UD10)

11/13/04. Def Carmella DeCesare (UD10)

11/19/04. Def. Scarlett Johansson (UD10)

12/03/04. Def. Tiffani Thiessen (UD10)

12/17/04. Lost to Paula Trickey (KO9)

12/21/04. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Teri Hatcher (KO8)

12/31/04. Def. Yasmine Bleeth (KO3)


2005 (0-7-0, 0 KOs)

01/15/05. Lost to Neve Campbell (UD10)

02/05/05. Lost to Jaime Pressly (UD10)

02/25/05. Lost to Kate Bosworth (TKO8)

04/23/05. Lost to Lexa Doig (UD10)

05/01/05. (Playboy Mansion Boxing) Lost to Erika Eleniak (KO5)

07/04/05. (Boxing On The Beach) (Partial Report) Lost to Brooke Burke (UD10)

11/11/05. Lost to Paul Trickey (UD10)


2006 (1-1-0, 1 KO)

03/24/06. (Partial Report) Def. Charlotte Ross (KO8)

09/22/06. (Partial Report) Lost to Debrah Farentino (1 Pt. Dec.)


2007 (2-1-0, 2 KOs)

03/14/07. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Salli Richardson (TKO9)

05/25/07. Lost to Lexa Doig (KO10)

06/08/07. (Partial Report) Sparring Session vs. Ali Landry

11/09/07. (Partial Report) Def. Carla Guigino (KO8)




2009 (2-1-0, 2 KOs)

01/01/09. Def. Jewel Kilcher (TKO3)

01/16/09. Def. Neve Campbell (TKO4)

01/18/09. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Neve Campbell (KO1)



2010 (0-1-0)

03/10/10. (Brief Report) (Vancouver) Lost to Emmanuelle Vauguier (KO3)


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