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Carmen Electra

Page history last edited by TheDollhouse 2 years, 6 months ago
Carmen Electra

Personal Information
Birth Name
Tara Lee Patrick
Birth Date April 20, 1972 
Birth Place Sharonville, Ohio

United States 

Height 5 Ft 3 In (1.60 m) 
Occupation Actress 
FCBA Record
Total Fights 101 (F)   1 (Other)
Wins 38 (F)   0 (O)
Wins by KO 24 (F)   0 (O)
Losses 61 (F)   1 (O)
Draws 2   (F)   0 (O)

FCBA Career Highlights



Sexy World Order (SWO) (2001)

Bell Sports Entertainment (1/11/03-11/30/03)

The Dollhouse (09/10/17 to Present) CEO & Trainer


Titles Held

FROM 1/20/00.

(1/24/00 FCBA Assigns Carmen: Paramount Bantamweight Title)

(1/24/00-10/21/00) 5 Successful defenses

Unified Bantamweight Title: (7/22/00-10/21/00) 3 Successful defenses

Unified Bantamweight Title (3/27/04-4/16/04) 1 Successful defense

Unified Bantamweight Title (5/22/05-8/20/05) 3 Successful defenses


Major Rivals

Elisha Cuthbert

Eliza Dushku

Danielle Fishel

Britney Spears


FCBA Fight History


1999 (8-8-0, 4 KOs)

02/07/99. Lost to Salma Hayek (Narrow UD10)

02/25/99. Def. Jada Pinkett (KO3)

03/01/99. Def. Janine Turner (UD10)

03/03/99. (MTV 118 Title) Lost to Elisabeth Shue (KO10)

05/01/99. (HBO Bantamweight Title) Lost to Jennifer Lopez (KO3)

05/02/99. Lost to Jennifer Lopez (K03)

05/02/99. Lost to Courtney Thorne-Smith (KO6)

05/14/99. (Junior Bantamweight Title) Def. Alyssa Milano (KO5) 

05/18/99. (Junior Bantamweight Title) Lost to Shannen Doherty (KO4)

09/08/99. (Jantzen Bantamweight Title) Lost to Chae (1 Pt. Dec.)

09/12/99. Def. Chae (UD10)

09/12/99. (Jantzen Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Kiana Tom (K04)

09/14/99. (Janzten Bantamweight Title) Def. Danielle Fishel ((UD10; 9RD-1)

09/15/99. (Janzten Bantamweight Title) Def. Teri Hatcher (UD10)

10/05/99. (Janzten Bantamweight Title)/UNified Jr Bantam) Def Shania Twain (KO4)

11/13/99. (Janzten Bantamweight Title) Lost to Jaime Pressly (1 Pt. Dec.)


2000 (5-5-1, 2 KOs )

01/20/00 (Assigned Paramount Bantamweight Title)

03/28/00. (Paramount Bantamweight Title) Def. Charlotte Ross (UD10)

07/01/00. (Paramount Bantamweight Title) Def. Nia Peeples (K04)

07/22/00. (Bantamweight Title Unification Bout) Def. Danielle Fishel (KO7)

07/29/00. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Kelly Hu (UD10)

08/06/00. (Non-Title) Lost to Lucy Liu (KO10)

08/13/00. (Non-Title) Lost to Lucy Liu (KO10)

10/06/00. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Draw Vs,Yasmine Bleeth

10/14/00. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Partial Report)  Def. Diane Lane (UD10)

10/21/00/ (Unified Bantamweight title) Lost to Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

10/29/00. Lost to Lucy Liu (KO2)

12/16/00. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Kelly Hu (UD10)


2001 (2-6-0, 2 KO)

01/31/01. Lost to Jennifer Lopez (K02)

02/24/01. (Paramount Bantamweight Title Lost to Ch Danielle Fishel (UD10)

03/10/01. Def. Amy Jo Johnson (KO1)

06/05/01. Lost to Kelly Hu (UD10)

06/19/01. Lost to Britney Spears (KO7)

10/05/01. Lost to Jolene Blalock (UD10)

10/11/01. Lost to Robia Lamorte (UD10)

12/15/01. Def. Britney Spears (KO4)



2002 (4-7-0, 4 KOs)

03/30/02. Lost to Nia Peeples (KO4)

04/02/02. Lost to Jessica Alba (KO1)

04/26/02. Lost to Brande Ledford (UD10)

06/14/02. Def. Tara Reid (KO1)

08/18/02. ("North Shore Special")Lost to Kate Bosworth (KO9)

10/18/02. Lost to Heather Kozar (TKO9)

11/29/02. Lost to Neve Campbell (TKO4)

12/08/'02. Def. Yasmine Bleeth (KO3)

12/13/02. Def. Jillian Barbie (TKO5)

12/22/02. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Angelica Bridges (KO2)

12/29/02. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Donna D'Errico (KO6)


2003 (9-6-1, 6 KOs)

01/03/03. Def. Jessica Alba (1 Pt. Dec.)

03/22/03. Def. Teri Hatcher (KO7)

04/05/03. (Hawaii Hilton Outdoors) Def. Danielle Fishel (KO3)

04/12/03. Def. Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)

04/26/03. Lost to Eliza Dushku (UD10)

05/03/03. Def. Jenny McCarthy (KO2)

05/31/03. Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

06/21/03. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Britney Spears (KO1)

07/10/03. Def. Kaley Cuoco (KO10)

08/08/03. Def. Brooke Langton (TKO3)

08/29/03. Draw Vs. Christina Aguilera

09/27/03. Lost to Britney Spears (KO1)

10/16/03. Def. Tara Reid (TKO3)

11/15/03. Lost to Keira Knightley (UD10)

11/21/03. Lost to Tiffani Thiessen (TKO5)

12/20/03. Lost to Neve Campbell (1 pt. Dec.)


2004 (3-3-0. 1 KO)

03/19/04. Def. Jaime Pressly (UD10)

03/27/04. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Eliza Dushku (UD10)

04/09/04. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Elisha Cuthbert (TKO9)

04/16/04. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Britney Spears (K010)

04/30/04. Lost to Kelly Ripa (UD10)

08/06/04. Lost to Britney Spears (UD10)


2005 (6-3-0, 4 KOs)

03/01/05. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Lorl Loughlin (KO9)

05/20/05. Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

05/22/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Jennifer Connelly (KO1)

06/04/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Jennifer Connelly (UD10)

06/11/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Tara Reid (TKO7)

06/18/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Jessica Alba (TKO5)

08/20/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Jolene Blalock (KO3)

10/15/05. Lost to Evangeline Lilly (KO4)

12/09/05. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (KO3)



2006 (1-4-0. 1 KO)

03/10/06. (Partial Report) (Boxing on the Beach) Lost to Lexa Doig (UD10)

05/08/06. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Lucy Liu (KO5)

06/11/06. ("Archived Eva Mendes Results": From 8/9/05:

(Boxing On The Beach; South Beach. Miami)  Lost to Eva Mendes (KO9)

08/19/06. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Janet Jackson (KO3)

09/22/06. (Partial Report) Lost to Salli Richardson (UD10)


2007 (0-3-0, 0 KOs)

01/05/07. (Partial Report) Lost to Jolene Blalock (KO8)

09/25/07. (Partial Report) (Exhibition Match) Lost to Stephanie Ly (KO1)

10/05/07. Lost to Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)


2008 (0-6-0, 0 KOs)

01/09/08. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Elisha Cuthbert (TKO4)

01/09/08. (3 Weeks Later). (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Elisha Cuthbert (KO2)

02/10/08. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Trista Sutter (Wide UD10)

03/07/08. Lost to Britney Spears (UD10)

08/03/08. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Jenny McCarthy (KO4)

09/28/08. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Billie Piper (TKO5)


2009 (0-3-0, 0 KOs)

05/15/09. Lost to Nicole Scherzinger (KO3)

08/13/09. ("Cougar Beach:Legends Tournament) Lost to Lucy Liu (KO4)

10/12/09. (Delayed Rep.from 8/26/09) (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Kelly Carlson (TKO1)




2010 (0-2-0)

09/24/10. Lost to Nicole Scherzinger (KO7)

10/01/10. Lost to Grace Park (KO4)


2011 (0-2-0)

07/31/11. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Lost to Julianne Hough (UD10)

12/31/11. (Simguy & The Wiz) Lost to Allison Mack (TKO9)


2012 (Retro: 0-1-0)

06/18/12. (Retro Ca, 2004 by Jac Fac) Lost to Downtown Julie Brown (KO2) 


2013 (0-0-0)


2014 (0-1-0)

07/27/14. (The Wiz & Lookout) Lost to Leven Rambin (KO3)


2015 (0-1-0)

12/16/15. (Glamour & Lookout) Lost to Emma Glover (KO6)



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