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Danielle Fishel

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Dani Fishel

Personal Information
Birth Name
Danielle Christine Fishel 
Birth Date May 5, 1981 
Birth Place Mesa, Arizona
Nationality United States 
Height 5'1" (1.55 m) 
Occupation Actress 
Nickname "The Tank"
FCBA Record
Total Fights 231 (F)    2 (O)
Wins 127 (F)    1 (O)
Wins by KO  77  (F)    1 (O)
Losses  92  (F)     1 (O)
Draws  12 (F)     0 (O)

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Division


JMD (34C)



Tank Enterprises (1999 to 11/11/2007)

Foxfire Boxing (06/24/09 to Present)


Titles Held

(From 1/24/00)

Maxim Lightweight Title (2/1/00-3/11/00)

     2 Successful defenses

Maxim Bantamweight Title (4/2/00-7/22/00)

     2 Successful defenses

Reebok Bantamweight Title (6/3/00-7/22/00)

Maxim Bantamweight Title (2/10/01-3/3/01)

     1 Successful defense

Paramount Bantamweight Title (2/20/01-5/5/01)

     2 Successful defenses

Reebok Bantamweight Title (10/5/01-1/5/02)

     3 Successful defenses

Reebok Bantamweight Title (5/17/02-6/8/02)

     1 Successful defense

Unified Bantamweight Title (5/25/02-6/8/02)

Reebok Bantamweight Title (8/16/03-11/15/03)

     5 Successful defenses

Unified Bantamweight Title (8/4/06-9/8/06)

     1 Successful defense

"Jugs of Mass Destruction" Title (2/17/07-3/30/07)

Unified Bantamweight Title (8/11/07-9/22/07)

     1 Successful defense

Unified Bantamweight Title (8/28/15-11/30/15)

     1 Successful Defense





Major Rivals

Jessica Alba

Jennifer Connelly

Kelly Hu

Alyssa Milano

Britney Spears

Kiana Tom

Shania Twain

Michelle Williams


FCBA Fight History


1999 (22-17-4, 10 KOs)

08/02/99 (Debut) (Site: Disney World Fla.) Def. Britney Spears (UD10)

08/03/99. Def. Alyssa Milano (KO6)

08/05/99. Def. Shannen Doherty (UD10)

08/05/99. Def. Holly Marie Combs (KO1)

08/06/99. Lost to Lucy Liu (KO2)

08/07/99. Def. Amy Jo Johnson (1 Pt. Dec.)

08/07/99. Def. Melissa Joan Hart (KO2)

08/08/99. Lost to Teri Hatcher (KO3)

08/09/99. Lost to Gabrielle Carteris (UD10)

08/10/99. Draw Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker

08/12/99. Def. Donna D'Errico (KO10)

08/21/99. Def. Shania Twain (KO10)

08/21/99. Lost to Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

08/28/99. Lost to Kelly Packard (KO7)

08/31/99. Def. Teri Hatcher (KO7)

09/04/99. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (KO5)

09/04/99. Def. Bobbie Phillips (UD10)

09/06/99. Draw Vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar

09/07/99. Def Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

09/08/99. Def. Shania Twain (UD10)

09/09/99. (110 Title) Lost to Salma Hayek (UD10)

09/11/99. Def. Lucy Liu (UD10)

09/14/99. (Jantzen Bantamweight Title) Lost to Carmen Electra (UD10)

09/15/99. Def. Paula Trickey (UD10)

09/22/99. Lost to Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

09/25/99. Def. Pam Anderson (UD10)

09/26/99. (MTV 116 Title) Def. Ch. Geri Halliwell (UD10)

09/29/99. (MTV 116 Title) Lost to Gina Gershon (UD10)

10/05/99. (Maxim Title) Draw Vs,Alyssa Milano

10/06/99. (Maxim Title) Lost to Alyssa Milano (KO2)

10/12/99. Lost to Lucy Liu (KO7)

10/23/99. Def. Melissa Joan Hart (KO5)

11/07/99. Lost to Kiana Tom (KO4)

11/12/99 .Lost to Renee O'Connor (UD10)

11/14/99. Def. Chae (UD10)

11/19/99. Background to Blood Feud 99

11/20/99. ("Blood Feud '99") Lost to Alyssa Milano (TKO3)

11/25/99. Def. Christina Ricci (UD10)

11/28/99. Def. Leann Rimes (KO6)

12/05/99. Def. Celine Dion (UD10)

12/05/99. (Rematch) Draw vs Chae

12/09/99. Def. Denise Richards (KO2)

12/12/99. Lost to Shania Twain (TKO4)

12/17/99. Def. Drew Barrymore (TKO4)

12/27/99. Lost to Nicole Eggert (KO3)


2000 (12-10-2, 7 KOs)

01/09/00. (Studio 122 Title) Def.Ch Michelle Pfeiffer (KO7)

01/15/00. (Studio 122 Title) Def. Shannen Doherty (KO10)

01/18/00. (Studio 122 Title) Lost to Jamie Luner (KO10)

01/30/00. Def. Vanessa Marcil (KO2)

02/01/00. (Maxim Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Jamie Luner (UD10)

02/16/00. (Maxim Lightweight Title) Def. Janine Turner (KO6)

02/20/00. (Non-Title) Lost to Christina Aguilera (TKO5)

02/24/00. (Maxim Lightweight Title) Def. Natalie Raitano (KO2)

03/11/00. (Maxim Lightweight Title) Lost to Charlize Theron (UD10)

03/17/00. (Tank Enterprises vs Kim's Krushers) Lost to Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

04/02/00. (Maxim Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Natalie Raitano (UD10)

05/15/00. (Maxim/Reebok Bantamweight Title Unification Bout) Draw Vs. Shanie Twain

06/03/00. (Maxim/Reebok Bantamweight Title Unificiation Bout) Def. Shania Twain (KO1)

06/12/00. (Non-Title). (Site: Wembley Stadium, U.K.) Def. Samantha Fox (UD10)

07/22/00. (Bantamweight Title Unification Bout) Lost to Carmen Electra (KO7)

08/06/00. Lost to Kelly Hu (KO4)

09/05/00. Lost to Lucy Liu (KO3)

09/10/00. Def. Gabrielle Carteris (KO2)

09/22/00. Def. Ashley Judd (UD10)

Post Fight

10/17/00. Lost to Catherine Bell (TKO6)

10/31/00. Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)

11/11/00. Draw Vs. Alyssa Milano

11/25/00. (Maxim Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Kelly Hu (UD10)

12/22/00. Lost to Jaime Pressly (KO1)


2001 (13-5-0, 7 KOs)

01/04/01. Def. Jennifer Connelly (1 Pt. Dec.)

02/03/01. Def. Britney Spears (KO7)

02/10/01. (Maxim/Paramount Bantamweight Titles) Def. Ch. Jaime Pressly (KO8)

02/24/01. (Maxim/Paramount Bantamweight Titles) Def. Carmen Electra (UD10)

03/03/01. (Maxim Bantamweight Title) Lost to Kelly Hu (UD10)

03/31/01. (Paramount Bantamweight Title) Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)

05/05/01. (Paramount Bantamweight Title) Lost to Kiana Tom (UD10)

05/18/01. Lost to Janet Jackson (TKO9)

06/02/01. (Vacant Reebok Bantamweight Title) Lost to Alyssa Milano (KO9)

07/20/01. Def. Lil Kim (KO7)

08/11/01. Def. Eliza Dushku (UD10)

08/24/01. Def. Madonna (TKO7)

09/07/01. Def. Yasmine Bleeth (TKO5)

10/05/01. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Charisma Carpenter (1 Pt. Dec.)

10/20/01. (Non-Title) (TE vs Kim's Krushers Stable War) Lost to Lucy Liu (UD10)

11/09/01. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

11/24/01. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Brooke Langton (TKO8)

12/01/01. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Alyssa Milano (KO4)

     Post Fight


2002 (13-6-1, 8 KOs)

01/05/02. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Lost to Brittany Daniel (1 Pt. Dec.)

02/02/02. (Maxim/Paramount Bantamweight Titles) Lost to Ch. Britney Spears (KO8)

02/08/02. Def. Reese Witherspoon (KO5)

03/31/02. Def. Janine Garofolo (UD10)

04/08/02. Def. Barbara Niven (KO7)

04/16/02. Def. Charlotte Ross (KO3)

04/26/02. Draw Vs. Kim Basinger

05/17/02. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Jessica Alba (TKO9)

05/25/02. (Bantamweight Title Unification Bout) Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO3)

06/08/02. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Kelly Hu (TKO9)

06/22/02. Def. Denise Richards (UD10)

07/05/02. Def. Eliza Dushku (KO9)

07/13/02. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Kelly Hu (TKO9)

07/27/02. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Jennifer Connelly (KO8)

08/03/02. Lost to Alyssa Milano (KO5)

09/14/02. Def. Paula Abdul (UD10)

10/18/02. Lost to Lisa Rinna (UD10)

11/18/02. Def. Nia Peeples (KO1)

12/14/02. Def. Claire Danes (UD10)


2003 (9-8-3, 5 KOs)

02/15/03. Def. Michelle Rodriquez (UD10)

03/07/03. Draw Vs. Elisha Cuthbert

03/15/03. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch, Eliza Dushku (UD10)

04/05.03. (Hawaii Hilton, Outdoors) Lost to Carmen Electra (KO3)

04/26/03. Lost to Jessica Biel (KO5)

05/17/03. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Britney Spears (TKO8)

05/30/03. Lost to Tiffani Thiessen (UD10)

06/27/03. Def. Alyson Hannigan (KO5)

07/10/03. Def. Shannen Doherty (1 Pt. Dec.)

07/25/03. Def. Ashanti Douglas (KO1)

08/02/03. Lost to Jolene Blalock (UD10)

08/16/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Jennifer Connelly (TKO9)

09/13/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

09/27/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Lucy Liu (Close UD10)

10/11/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Def. Kelly Hu (KO7)

10/25/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Draw Vs. Halle Berry

11/01/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Draw Vs. Britney Spears

11/15/03. (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Lost to Eliza Dushku (KO9)

11/28/03. Def. Eva Mendes (TKO6)

12/14/03. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Kelly Ripa (UD10)


2004 (12-7-1, 7 KOs)

01/09/04. Lost to Pink (TKO4)

02/24/04. Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (UD10)

02/20/04. Lost to Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)

03/07/04. (Site: Japan) Def. Natalie Imbruglia (TKO8)

03/19/04. Def. Rachel Stevens (TKO5)

04/02/04. Draw Vs. Kiera Knightley

05/01/04. Def. Keira Knightley (KO5)

05/21/04. Def. Kelly Ripa (KO3)

06/04/04. ("The Tank" Vs. The Wolf Pack) Def. Eliza Dushku (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/11/04. ("The Tank" Vs. The Wolf Pack) Lost to Claire Danes (UD10)

06/19/04. ("The Tank" Vs. The Wolf Pack) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO10)

07/16/04. Def. Rebecca Budig (UD10)

08/06/04. Lost to Kaley Cuoco (KO4)

08/20/04. Lost to Salma Hayek (KO7)

09/11/04. Def. Beverly Mitchell (TKO5)

10/01/04. Def. Kristin Kreuk (UD10)

10/23/04. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (KO1)

11/19/04. Def. Raven Symone (TKO5)

12/15/04. (PPV Special "The Second Crusade") Def. Michelle Williams (KO7) 

12/30/04. Def. Amy Davidson (KO8)



2005 (14-5-0, 9 KOs)

01/14/05. Lost to Allison Mack (1 Pt. Dec.)

01/21/05. Def. Allison Mack (UD10)

02/26/05. Def. Vivica A. Fox (UD10)

03/11/05. Def. Grace Park (TKO7)

03/25/05. Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (TKO6)

04/16/05. Lost to Jessica Alba (UD10)

05/07/05. Lost to Erika Christiansen (TKO6)

05/27/05. (Rematch) Def. Erika Christiansen (KO3)

06/03/05. Def. Alyssa Milano (TKO2)

07/01/05. Def. Kelly Packard (UD10)

08/06/05. Lost to Evangline Lilly (UD10)

08/20/05. Def. Kelly Hu (KO4)

09/17/05. Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO7)

09/30/05. Def. Kiana Tom (KO8)

10/15/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Jaime Pressly (1 Pt. Dec.)

10/28/05. Def. Jolene Blalock (UD10)

11/25/05. Def. Kelly Clarkson (UD10)

12/10/05. Def. Bobbie Phillips (KO7)

12/10/05. (Private Sauna Fight) Def. Jennifer O'Dell (KO)


2006 (10-4-0, 5 KOs)

01/13/06. Def. Allison Mack (TKO3)

01/27/06. Def. Christina Ricci (UD10)

02/25/06. Def. Evangeline Lilly (KO2)

03/10/06. Lost to Britney Spears (TKO10)

04/08/06. Def. Holly Marie Combs (KO5)

05/05/06. Def. Lacey Chabert (UD10)

06/23/06. Def. Elisha Cuthbert (KO5)

07/15/06. (TANK ENTERPRISES VS, KRUZHERS Stable War) Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

08/04/06. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Scarlett Johansson (UD10)

08/07/06. (Unified Bantmaweight Title) Def. Neve Campbell (TKO9)

09/08/06. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Rachel McAdams (UD10)

09/23/06. Def. Britney Spears (UD10)

10/07/06. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Rachel McAdams (UD10)

11/03/06. Lost to Allison Mack (UD10)


2007 (7-3-0, 4 KOs)

01/05/07. Def. Christina Milian (KO5)

02/17/07. (Jugs of Mass Destruction Title) Def. Ch. Michelle Williams (TKO3)

03/03/07. (Non-Title) Lost to Cheryl Burke (TKO8)

03/30/07. (JMD Title Bout) Lost to Britney Spears (KO4)

04/27/07. Def. Kelly Clarkson (Wide UD10)

05/25/07. (JMD Bout) Def. Jessica Simpson (TKO10)

08/11/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Britney Spears (UD10)

09/07/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (TKO3)

09/22/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Evangeline Lilly (KO9)

11/09/07. Def Sabrina Bryant (Wide UD10)






2009 (1-4-0, 1 KO)

07/10/09 (Returns) Def, Britney Spears (KO10)

08/07/09. Lost to Jenny McCarthy (KO2)

09/15/09. (Foxfire/HISC Bout) Lost to Eliza Dushku (KO2)

10/25/09. Lost to Hillary Duff (UD10)

11/11/09. (Bantamweight Title Tournament) Lost to Kate Beckinsale (TKO1)


2010 (4-3-1, 3 KOs)

03/09/10. Def Alyssa Milano (KO5)

04/17/10. Draw vs Kelly Hu

6/25/10. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Lost to Kelly Hu (TKO6)

07/10/10. Def Candice Accola (KO5)

09/18/10. Def Allison Mack (5) (KO2)

09/24/10. Lost to Allison Mack (6) (KO10)

10/08/10. Def Allison Mack (7) (UD10)

11/26/10. Lost to Britney Spears (KO2)

     Post Fight


2011 (3-2-0, 1 KO)

01/13/11. Lost to Ashley Green (UD14)

03/13/11. Def Claire Danes (UD10)

04/24/11. (Simguy & Bazz) (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Lost to Alyson Michalka (UD10)

06/15/11. (Special 11 Opponents/11 Rounds Bout) Lost to Jenny McCarthy (Dec)

06/18/11. (Simguy & Archer) Def Kat Dennings (UD10)

06/22/11. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Kimberley Walsh (KO5)

07/17/11. (AH Wrestling) vs Laura Vandervoort

08/05/11. Def Freema Ageyman (KO7)

08/10/11. (BBU International Bout by Knowlesey) Def Katherine Jenkins (KO3)


2012 (0-2-0)

05/23/12. (JMD Bout) (Simguy & OddManOut) Lost to Christina Ricci (TKO2)

05/31/12. (AHW Wrestling by Lookout & Archer) vs Minka Kelly

06/16/12. (Boxing on the Beach/Bodypaint Bout) Lost to Alyssa Milano (KO5)


2013 (FCBA: 2-3-0, 2 KOs/ Other: 1-1-0, 1 KO)

05/31/13. (Maxim Cover Bout by Simguy & Lookout) Lost to Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)

06/21/13. Lost to Claire Holt (UD11)

06/24/13. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Def Hilary Duff (KO9)

07/20/13. (SWO Bout by Big Sexy & Archer) Def Alyssa Milano (KO)

07/29/13. (JMD on the Beach by Simguy & Lookout) Lost to Jessica Simpson (KO8)

08/09/13. Def Alyssa Milano (TKO4)

08/14/13. (SWO Bout by Big Sexy) Lost to Alyssa Milano (KO)


2014 (2-2-0, 2 KO)

07/11/14. (Lookout & Archer) Def Zoe Saldana (KO3)

10/10/14. ("Unfinished Business on the Beach: by Lookout & OddManOut) Lost to Ashley Greene (KO6)

10/31/14. (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Demi Lovato (UD10)

11/28/14. (Lookout & Archer) Def Christina Aguilera (KO6)


2015 (4-3-0, 3 KO)

02/27/15. (Archer & Lookout) Lost to Shay Mitchell (KO7)

03/07/15. ("Jugs Of Mass Destruction After Dark" by Vassago & Lookout) Def Anna Kendrick (KO7)\

07/31/15. (JMD Bout by Archer & Lookout) Def Lacey Banghard (KO4)

08/28/15. (Unified Bantamweight Title by Front St. & Lookout) Def Ch Allison Mack (UD10)

09/25/15. (JMD Title Bout) (Lookout & Simgrrl) Lost to Ch Lindsay Lohan (KO6)

10/30/15. (Unified Bantamweight Title by Front St. & Lookout) Def Margot Robbie (KO8)

11/30/15. (Unified Bantamweight Title by Archer & Lookout) Lost to Minka Kelly (KO8)


2016 (0-1-0)

06/10/16. ("JMD(D) Queendom III PPV") (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Jessica Lowndes (KO7)


2017 (0-2-0)

03/31/17. (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Olivia Munn (KO6)

05/26/17, (Lookout & Front St.) Lost to Britney Spears (KO10)


2018 (0-1-0)

06/30/18. (JMD Bout by Lookout & Front St.) Lost to Demi Lovato (TKO5)


2019 (0-2-0)

02/23/19. (JMD Bout) (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Demi Lovato KO9)

03/02/19. (The Doll Ball Season 2 Round 4) (Lookout/Caspian & Dollhouse) Lost to Jessica Chastain (KO6)


2020 (0-2-0)

01/31/20. (Lookout & Archer) (JMD) Lost to Kim Kardashian (KO5)

02/29/20. (Lookout & The Wiz) (JMD) Lost to Sophie Mudd (KO6)

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