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Evangeline Lilly

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Evangeline Lilly

Personal Information
Birth Name
Nicole Evangeline Lilly 
Birth Date August 13, 1979  
Birth Place Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Height 5'5" (1.65 m) 
Occupation Actress 
FCBA Record
Total Fights 108
Wins 69
Wins by KO 45
Losses 37

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Division




Floydian (2004 to 02/18/18)

Lookout! Boxing (08/19/18 to Present)


Titles Held

Unified Bantamweight Title (01/14/06 to 02/11/06)

Unified Bantamweight Title (03/30/06 to 06/09/07)

     2 Successful Defenses

Unified Bantamweight Title (09/22/07 to 03/07/08)

     2 Successful Defenses

Unified Bantamweight Title (04/03/09 to 05/01/09)

Unified Bantamweight Title (11/21/09 to 06/28/10)

     1 Successful Defense

Unified Bantamweight Title (05/02/16 to 07/01/16)

Unified Bantamweight Title (01/31/20 to 05/29/20)

     3 Successful Defenses




Major Rivals

Jennifer Connelly

Eliza Dushku

Danielle Fishel

Missy Peregrym

Jaime Pressly

Britney Spears


FCBA Fight History


2004 (1-1-0)

10/22/04. (Partial Report) (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Kate Bosworth (1 Pt. Dec.)

11/12/04. (Partial Report), Def. Kadee Strickland (UD10)


2005 (5-4-0, 2 KOs)

01/15/05. Def. Kim Raver (UD10)

04/22/05. Lost to Jewel Kilcher (KO2)

05/06/05. (Partial Report) Lost to Kelly Packard (KO7)

05/27/05. Lost to Jaime Pressly (UD10)

06/04/05. Def. Eliza Dushku (KO10)

08/06/05. Def. Danielle Fishel (UD10)

09/02/05. Def. Kelly Hu (UD10)

10/15/05. Def. Carmen Electra (K04)

11/12/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Jaime Pressly (KO10)


2006 (3-4-2, 1 KO)

01/14/06. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Eliza Dushku (UD10)

02/11/06. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Jaime Pressly (KO10)

02/25/06. Lost to Danielle Fishel (KO2)

04/21/06. Lost to Britney Spears (KO6)

05/06/06. Def. Jessica Alba (KO2)

07/21/06. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (UD10)

10/07/06. Draw Vs. Scarlett Johansson

11/04/06. Draw Vs. Jennifer Connelly

11/18/06. Def. Jennifer Connelly (UD10)


2007 (8-1-0, 2 KOs)

03/17/07. Def. Jessica Alba (UD10)

03/30/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch, Allison Mack (UD10)

04/14/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Jennifer Connelly (UD10)

05/12/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Allison Mack (KO8)

06/09/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Britney Spears (KO2)

07/22/07. (Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Boxing) Def, Charlize Theron (Wide UD10)

08/10/07. Def. Kelly Hu (UD10)

09/22/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Ch. Danielle Fishel (KO9)

10/20/07. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Jennifer Connelly (UD10)


2008 (4-4-0, 2 KOs)

01/12/08. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def. Jaime Pressly (Close UD10)

01/12/08. (Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Tournament: Preliminary Rd.) Lost to Jennifer Garner (UD10)

01/26/08. (Non-Title Bout). Def. Jewel Kilcher (TKO10)

03/07/08. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Eliza Dushku (UD10)

05/02/08. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (1 Pt. Dec.)

08/08/08. Lost to Missy Peregrym (UD10)

09/19/08. Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

12/11/08. Def. Olivia Munn (KO3)


2009 (9-2-0, 4 KO)

03/20/09. Def Neve Campbell (UD10)

04/03/09. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def Ch Jenny McCarthy (TKO7)

04/17/09. (Non-Title) Def Britney Spears (TKO4)

05/01.09. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Missy Peregrym (UD10)

07/10/09. Def. Carmella DeCesare (UD10)

08/07/09. Def. Kate Beckinsale (TKO4)

10/31/09. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch Missy Peregrym (1 Pt. Dec)

11/08/09. (Bantamweight Title Tournament: Rd 1) Def Allison Mack (TKO2)

11/16/09. (Bantamweight Title Tournament: Rd.2) Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (UD10)

11/19/09. (Bantamweight Title Tournament: Semi-Finals) Def Kate Beckinsale (UD10)

11/21/09. (Bantamweight Title Tournament: Finals) Def. Eliza Dushku (UD10)


2010 (3-2-0, 2 KO)

02/26/10. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Def Summer Glau (KO5)

06/28/10. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Jaime Pressly (KO9)

07/23/10. Lost to Elisha Cuthbert (TKO4)

09/18/10. Def Jessica Alba (UD10)

11/03/10. Def Elisha Cuthbert (KO10)


2011 (2-1-0, 2 KOs)

03/13/11. Def Alyson Michalka (KO6)

06/18/11. Lost to Piper Perabo (TKO4)

06/20/11. (AHW Bout) vs Piper Perabo

10/23/11. Def Julie Benz (TKO7)


2012 (2-1-0, 1 KO)

02/19/12. Def Minka Kelly (UD10)

06/10/12. Def AJ Cook (TKO8)

09/07/12. Lost to Minka Kelly (TKO8)


2013 (1-1-0)

05/11/13. Lost to Laura Vandervoort (UD10

10/05/13. Def Carmella DeCesare (UD10)


2014 (0-2-0)

04/18/14. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch Claire Danes (UD13)

12/26/14. (Front Street & Lookout) Lost to Eliza Dushku (TKO8)


2015 (2-1-0, 2 KO)

02/27/15. (Lookout & The Wiz) Def Olivia Munn (TKO7)

03/30/15. (Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Minka Kelly (1 Pt Dec)

06/26/15. (Lookout & The Wiz) Def Margot Robbie (KO8)


2016 (2-1-0, 1 KO)

03/28/16. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Elodie Frege (KO5)

05/02/16. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Ch Minka Kelly (UD10)

07/01/16. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Claire Danes (KO8)


2017 (1-3-0, 1 KO)

04/28/17. (Lookout) Lost to Emily VanCamp (KO7)

07/29/17. (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Troian Bellisario (KO6)

09/17/17. (Ginny's Academy vs Bonzo's Gym Stable War) (Lookout & simgrrl) Def Lindsay Lohan (KO6)

12/29/17. (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Kaya Scodelario (KO7)


2018 (9-2-0, 9 KO)

03/30/18. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Kira Kosarin (KO8)

04/27/18. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Ch Emily VanCamp (KO7)

05/11/18. (Fight Night Live: Gold Rush) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Daisy Ridley (KO7)

06/30/18. (Lookout & Archer Lost to Shay Mitchell (KO6)

08/08/18. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Summer Glau (KO5)

09/14/18. (Fight Night Live: Summer's End PPV) (Boxing on the Beach) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Sienna Miller (KO7)

09/28/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Emily VanCamp (KO8)

10/26/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Claire Danes (TKO7)

11/09/18. (Fight Night Live: Supremacy PPV) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Scarlett Johansson (KO7)

11/30/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Alyson Michalka (KO7)

12/28/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Brie Larson (TKO6)


2019 (11-2-0, 10 KO)

02/08/19. (Fight Night Live: Blood Feud) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Claire Danes (UD10)

02/22/19. (Lookout) Def Eliza Dushku (KO7)

03/29/19. (Lookout/Caspian/Dollhouse) Def Bella Thorne (KO7)

04/26/19. (Lookout & Archer) Def Rachel McAdams (KO9)

05/31/19. (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Kaya Scodelario (KO7)

07/26/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Shailene Woodley (KO6)

08/17/19. (VIXENs vs Lookout Stable War II) (Lookout) Def Kate Beckinsale (TKO7)

08/30/19. (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Kira Kosarin (KO6)

09/27/19. (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Kaya Scodelario (KO8)

10/08/19. (AHW: "Unleashed in the Apartment") by Girls Friday) vs, Kaya Scodelario

10/10/19. (Fight Night Liver: Honour Bund PPV) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Priyanka Chopra (KO8)

10/25/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Emily Bett Rickards (KO6)

11/29/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Olivia Wilde (KO6)

12/21/19. (The Doll Ball Season 2 Round 10) (Lookout/Caspian/Dollhouse) Def Katheryn Winnick (KO8)


2020 (6-5-0, 6 KO)

01/31/20. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout/Caspian/Dollhouse) Def Ch Bella Thorne (KO10)

02/28/20. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout) Def Brie Larson (KO9)

03/27/20. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (100th Anniversary Fight) (Lookout & Front Street) Def Britney Spears (TKO10)

04/26/20. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Kaya Scodelario (KO9)

05/29/20. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout & Bonzo) Lost to Kira Kosarin (KO8)

06/26/20. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Elodie Frege (KO5)

07/31/20. (Lookout) Def Sofia Vergara (KO3)

09/25/20. (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Kaya Scodelario (TKO6)

11/03/20. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Kendall Jenner (KO7)

11/13/20. (Fight Night Live: Supremacy 2020 PPV) Lost to Elizabeth Olsen (KO9)

12/25/20. (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Naomi Scott (KO7)

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