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Gena Lee Nolin

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Gena Lee Nolin

Personal Information
Birth Name
Gena Lee Nolin 
Birth Date November 29, 1971
Birth Place Duluth, Minnesota
Nationality United States
Height 5'9" (1.75 m)
Occupation Actress/Model
Total Fights 216 (F)   2 (B)
Wins 131 (F)   2 (B)
Wins by KO  87  (F)   2 (B)
Losses  82  (F)   0 (B)
Draws   3   (F)   0 (B)

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Divisions






Kim's Krushers (2007)

Sceej Boxing (2009 to 06/15/11; 2012 to 01/16/20)

Front Street Boxing (06/15/11 to 10/02/11)


Titles Held

Reebok Welterweight Title (2/28/00-3/11/00)

Reebok Welterweight Title (3/25/00-3/27/00)

Unified Middleweight Title (3/17/01-3/30/01)

Unified Welterweight Title (11/12/01-2/1/02) 3 Successful defenses

Unified Middleweight Title (8/31/02-10/19/02)

Unified Middleweight Title (11/8/02-12/30/02) 3 Successful defenses

Paramount Welterweight Title (7/3/03-7/26/03)

Unified Middleweight Title (7/16/04-9/30/04) 5 Successful defenses

Welter/Middleweight Title (Transitional Title as Middleweight Div

was merged into Welterweight) (10/8/04)

Unified Welterweight Title (4/22/06-7/21/06) 3 Successful defenses

Maxim Lightweight Title (9/23/06-2/2/07) 2 Successful defenses

Reebok Lightweight Title (11/4/06-2/2/07) 1 Successful defense

Unified Lightweight Title (12/2/06-2/2/07)

Unified Welterweight Title (5/12/07-6/9/07)

Unified Welterweight Title (4/23/11-6/18/11)


Major Rivals

Cindy Crawford

Jewel Kilcher

Ali Landry

Brooke Shields

Charlize Theron


FCBA Fight History


1999 (16-12-1, 123 KOs)

05/08/99. (Fox Featherweight Title) Lost to Charlize Theron (UD10)

05/29/99.(Non-Simulated Fight Story By Samdog) Vs. Yasmine Bleeth

07/15/99. (Non-Title) Lost to Kiana Tom (KO4)

07/15/99 Def. Charlize Theron (KO3)

07/16/99. Lost to Charlize Theron (UD10)

07/29/99. Def. Charlize Theron (KO6)

08/04/99. Lost to Naomi Campbell (K04)

08/06/99. Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO2)

08/15/99. Def. Lynda Carter (KO7)

08/16/99. (Moulin Rouge. Paris) Lost to Naomi Campbell (KO6)

08/21/99. Lost to Yasmine Bleeth (TKO4)

08/22/99 (Universal Studio Featherweight Title) Draw Vs,Charlize Theron

09/07/99. Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

09/11/99. (Sports Illustrated Title) Lost to Ch Tyra Banks (Narrow UD10)

09/17/99. Def. Charlize Theron (KO10)

09/19/99. Def. Naomi Campbell (KO1)

09/20/99. Def. Angie Harmon (KO10)

09/22/99. Def. Gina Gershon (KO9)

09/22/99. Def. Danielle Fishel (UD10)

09/26/99. Def Lynda Carter (TKO8)

10/02/99. (Sports Illustrated Title) Def. Naomi Campbell (UD10)

10/03/99. (In Style Magazine Title) Lost to Ch Jennifer Lopez KO3)

10/07/99. Lost to Charlize Theron (KO8)

10/08/99. Def Mariah Carey (TKO9-Carey Quits On Stool)

11/03/99. Lost to Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

11/06/99. Lost to Charlize Theron (TKO7)

11/14/99. Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10) 

11/14/99. Def Bobbie Phillips (TKO4)

12/22/99. (Studio Lightweight Title) Def Ch Cameron Diaz (TKO1)

12/23/99 (Studio Lightweight Title) Lost to Charlize Theron (KO10)


2000 (20-10-0, 14 KOs)

01/16/00. Def. Ali Landry (TKO10)

02/05/00. Lost to Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

02/08/00. Def. Carey Lowell (KO4)

02/19/00. Lost to Charlize Theron (KO7)

02/26/00. Def. Cindy Margolis (TKO9)

02/27/00. Def. Uma Thurman (KO2)

02/28/00. (Reebok Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Rebecca Romijn (UD10)

03/11/00. (Reebok Welterweight Title) Lost to Tia Carrere (KO7)

03/19/00. Def. Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

04/08/00., Def Jewel Kilcher (KO6)

05/17/00. Def. Debra Messing (KO1)

05/23/00. Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10)

05/25/00. (Reebok Welterweight Title) Def.Ch Tia Carrere (KO1)

05/27/00.(Reebok Welterweight Title) Lost to.Charlize Theron (UD10)

06/03/00. Def. Sophie Marceau (UD10)

06/16/00. Lost to Tia Carrere (KO4)

07/03/00. Lost to Terry Farrell (UD10)

07/01/00. (Maxim Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch Sophie Marceau (KO8)

07/21/00. Def. Bo Derek (KO4)

08/09/00. Def. Halle Berry (KO2)

08/12/00. Def. Cameron Diaz (KO3)

09/06/00. Lost to Ashley Judd (KO9)

11/07/00. Def. Talisa Soto (KO7)

11/11/00. Def. Tia Carrere (UD10)

11/21/00. Def. Jenna Elfman (KO1)

11/25/00. Def. Famke Janssen (KO2)

12/09/00. Def. Kristy Swanson (KO3)

12/12/00. Lost to Tessie Santiago (1 Pt. Dec.)

12/22/00. Def. Tessie Santiago (KO1)

12/29/00. Lost to Paula Trickey (UD10)


2001 (15-4-1, 9 KOs)

01/15/01. Def. Jennifer Lopez (1Pt. Dec.)

01/30/01. Def. Paula Trickey (UD10)

02/09/01. (Unified Middleweight Title) Draw Vs. Ch. Sophie Marceau

02/24/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch Ali Landry (UD10)

03/14/01. Def. Krista Allen (KO1)

03/17/01. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Ch. Cindy Crawford (KO2)

03/30/01. (Unified Middleweight Title) Lost to Sigourney Weaver (KO8)

05/06/01. Def. Renee Zellweger (KO6)

06/01/01. Def. Clare Stansfield (KO1)

06/16/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

08/07/01. Def. Shannon Elizabeth (UD10)

09/01/01. Def. Natasha Henstridge (KO2)

09/30/01. Def. Torrie Wilson (KO2)

10/05/01. Lost to Terry Farrell (TKO6)

10/26/01. Def. Sela Ward (KO9)

11/09/01. Def. Terry Farrell (UD10)

11/12/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

11/16/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Krista Allen (KO7)

11/21/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def.Monika Schnarre (KO2)

12/01/01. (Non-Title) Def. Charlize Theron (1 Pt. Dec.)


2002 (15-6-0, 11 KOs)

01/26/02. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO9)

02/01/02. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Cindy Crawford (KO10)

02/11/02. (Site: Playboy Mansion L.A.) Lost to Ali Landry (KO9)

03/04/02. Def. Cindy Crawford (UD10)

04/29/02. (Site: U.K.) Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO1)

05/17/02. Lost to Anna Falchi (TKO3)

06/22/02. Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO2)

07/21/02. Def. Stacy Kamano (KO5)

07/23/02. Def. Allison Armitage (KO1)

08/06/02. Def. Heather Kozar (UD10)

08/09/02. Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO9)

08/16/02. Def. Natasha Henstridge (KO9)

08/23/02. Def. Christy Brinkley (KO7)

08/31/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def, Ch., Cindy Crawford (TKO6)

10/19/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Lost to Elle MacPherson (KO6)

11/08/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Ch. Christy Brinkley (KO1)

11/23/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Ali Landry (UD10)

11/29/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Daisy Fuentes (KO5)

12/14/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Mariah Carey (KO1)

12/30/02. (Unified Middleweight Title) Lost to Brooke Shields (UD10)


2003 (3-4-0, 1 KO)

03/14/03. (Partial Report) Lost to Dawn Marie (KO9)

03/21/03. Def. Ali Landry (KO4)

03/29/03. Lost to Jennifer Garner (UD10)

07/03/03. (Vacant Paramount Welterweight Title) Def. Monica Bellucci (UD10)

07/26/03. (Paramount/Reebok Welterweight Title Unification) Lost to Charlize Theron (TKO6)

09/05/03. Def. Kristanna Loken (UD10)

09/27/03. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch. Kristanna Loken (KO7)


2004 (10-6-0, 5 KOs)

02/27/04. (Partial Report) Def. Lynda Carter (UD10)

03/12/04. Lost to Brooke Shields (KO10)

05/07/04. Lost to Katherine Heigl (TKO5)

05/28/04. (Partial Report) Lost to Eva LaRue (KO2)

06/04/04. Def. Cindy Crawford (KO2)

06/18/04. Def. Cindy Crawford (UD10)

07/06/04. (Boxing on the Beach) Lost to Taylor Cole (UD10)

07/16/04. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Ch. Tyra Banks (KO3)

07/23/04. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Tyra Banks (KO3)

08/07/04. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def Kristanna Loken (UD10)

08/13/04. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Victoria Silvestedt (KO1)

09/09/04. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Tyra Banks (UD10)

(NOTE: FCBA decided to merge the Middleweight Div. into the Welter.

Until unification was accomplish a transitional "WELTER/MIDDLEWEIGHT

TITLE was created).

09/30/04. (Welter/Middleweight Title) Def. Tyra Banks (UD10)

10/08/04. (Welter/Middleweight Title) Lost to Kristanna Loken (KO9)

10/15/04. (Partial Report) Lost to Torrie Wilson (1 Pt. Dec)

11/27/04. ("Welterweight Cavalcade") Def. Monica Bellucci (KO9)


2005 (8-3-0, 4 KOs)

01/01/05. Def. Victoria Silvestedt (KO1)

01/21/05. Lost to Nikki Visser (UD10)

03/25/05. Def. Cori Nadine (KO10)

05/06/05. Def. Estella Warren (KO8)

05/13/05. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch. Ali Landry (KO6)

08/06/05/ Def. Kristanna Loken (KO6)

09/30/05. Def. Rachel Hunter (UD10)

11/17/05. (Junkyard Fight) Lost to Charlize Theron (KO)


2006 (12-1-1 9 KOs)

01/13/06. Def. Brooke Shields (KO5) 

02/10/06. Draw Vs. Tia Carrere

02/24/06. Def. Natasha Henstridge (KO3)

03/24/06. Def. Laura Prepon (UD10)

04/07/06. Def. Tia Carrere (KO5)

04/22/06. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (KO3)

06/09/06. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Taylor Cole (KO3)

06/23/06. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Nikki Visser (KO9)

07/11/06. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Mariah Carey (UD10)

07/21/06. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Charisma Carpenter (KO9)

08/12/06. Def. Torrie Wilson (TKO2)

09/23/06. (Maxim Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Erica Durance (KO1)

11/04/06. (Maxim/Reebok Lightweight Title) Def. Taylor Cole (KO7)

12/02/06. (Lightweight Title Unification Bout) Def. Charlize Theron (UD11-Extra Rd.)


2007 (5-5-0, 3 KOs)

02/02/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Jennifer O'Dell (UD10)

03/17/07. Def. Lauren Graham (TKO3)

03/30/07. Lost to Mandy Moore (KO8)

05/12/07. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

06/09/07. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Nadia Bjorlin (KO2)

08/28/07. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Torrie Wilson (KO6)

09/07/07 (Welterweight Contender Tournament: Rd.1) Def. Cori Nadine (KO3)

09/21/07.(Welterweight Contender Tournament: Rd.2) Lost to Cindy Crawford (TKO2)

11/09/07. Def. Torrie Wilson (UD10)

11/22/07. Lost to Ali Landry (TKO7)


2008 (2-2-0, 2 KOs)

01/26/08, Lost to Elizabeth Berkley (TKO3)

02/22/08. Lost to Kristanna Loken (KO9)

05/16/08. Def. Liv Tyler (KO6)

12/13/08. Def. Brooke Shields (KO3)


2009 (6-3-0, 1 KOs)

01/16/09, Lost to Cindy Crawford (UD10)

01/30/09. Def. Nadia Bjorlin (UD10)

03/07/09. Def Natasha Henstridge (TKO2)

05/15/09. Lost to Amanda Righetti (KO5)

06/26/09. Def. Mandy Moore (1 Pt Dec)

07/25/09. Lost to Ali Landry (TKO3)

10/25/09. Def. Uma Thurman (1 Pt Dec)

12/02/09. (Ringsider/Simguy Story) Def. Tyra Banks (UD10)

12/25/09. Def Mandy Moore (UD10)


2010 (7-3-0, 6 KOs)

02/09/10. (Welterweight Title Tournament Rd1) Def Tyra Banks (KO2)

02/14/10. (Welterweight Title Tournament Rd 2) Def Rebecca Romijn (KO2)

02/15/10. (Welterweight Title Tournament Rd 3) Lost to Natasha Henstridge (KO4)

03/09/10. (St Paddy's Day Massacre. Murphy's Pub) Def Kate Walsh (KO)

04/16/10. Def Stacy Keibler (UD10)

05/05/10. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch Amanda Righetti (KO5)

05/29/10. Def Katherine Heigl (KO4)

07/10/10. Lost to Rachel Nichols (TKO4)

07/23/10. Def Kate Walsh (KO3)

     Post Fight

11/12/10. (Sceej vs Foxfire Stable War) Def Mandy Moore (KO10)


2011 (FCBA:1-2-0/ BBU: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

03/17/11. (St Patrick's Day Brawl. Philadelphia) Lost to Jenny McCarthy (KO4)

03/18/11. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey. U.K.) Def Denise Lewis (KO3)

04/23/11. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def Ch Ali Landry (UD10)

06/15/11. (Special 11 Opponents/11 Rounds Bout) Def Jenny McCarthy (Dec)

06/18/11. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Amanda Righetti (UD10)

06/20/11 (AHW Bout) vs Amanda Righetti


2012 (FCBA: 2-3-0, 1 KO/ BBU: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/17/12. Lost to Cassidy Freeman (KO3)

02/23/12. (BBU Bout) Def Jaye Jacobs (TKO5)

05/05/12. Def Kelly Brook (KO5)

06/12/12. (Simguy & Ginny) Lost to Catherine Bell (KO10)

11/02/12. Lost to Moon Bloodgood (KO6)

12/07/12,. Def LeeLee Sobieski (UD10)


2013 (3-1-0, 3 KOs)

02/08/13. Def Bridget Regan (TKO5) 

03/22/13. Lost to Amanda Righetti (TKO5)

06/21/13. Def Mandy Moore (TKO8)

07/19/13. Def Shanna Moakler (KO6) 


2014 (1-3-0, 1 KO)

01/24/14. Lost to Moon Bloodgood (UD10)

04/18/14. Lost to Mandy Moore (TKO4)

09/26/14. (By Lookout & Simgrrl) Def Catherine Bell (KO6)

11/29/14. (Unified Welterweight Title) (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Ch Cassidy Freeman (KO6)


2015 (2-2-0, 1 KO)

06/02/15. (Lookout & Sceej) Def Charlize Theron (1 Pt Dec)

06/26/15. (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Bianca Kajlich (TKO8)

08/28/15. (Lookout & Simgrrl) (JMDD Tourn.Rd.1) Lost to Jeri Ryan (KO4)

11/30/15. (Lookout & Bonzo) Def Milena Govich (KO6)


2016 (1-2-0, 1 KO)

07/01/16. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Jeri Ryan (TKO6)

09/30/16. (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Paula Patton (TKO6)

10/28/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Gemma Atkinson (KO5)


2017 (1-3-0, 1 KO)

03/31/17. (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Jennifer Garner (KO7)

07/07/17. (Boxing On The Beach) (Lookout & Anon) Lost to Robyn Lawley (KO6)

08/18/17. (FNL: Beach Special) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Brooke Hogan (KO5)

12/01/17. (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Michelle Ryan (KO4)


2018 (0-4-0)

02/09/18. (Fight Night Live: Blood Feud) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Charlize Theron (KO7)

03/02/18. (Lookout) Lost to Kate Upton (KO6)

10/12/18. (Fight Night Live: One Night Only PPV) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Ronda Rousey (KO6)

11/30/18. (Lookout & Sceej) Lost to Karlie Kloss (KO6)


2019 (1-2-0, 1 KO)

01/25/19. (Lookout & Sceej) Def Ireland Baldwin (KO5)

02/22/19. (Lookout & Sceej) Lost to Cassidy Freeman (KO6)

05/31/19. (Lookout & Sceej) Lost to Bridget Regan (TKO6)


*** (RETIRED 01/16/20) ***


2020 (0-1-0)

05/29/20. (Lookout & Sceej) Lost to Kaia Gerber (KO4)

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