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Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner

Personal Information
Birth Name
 Jennifer Anne Garner
Birth Date  April 17, 1972
Birth Place  Houston, Texas
Nationality  USA
Height  5'8" (1.73 m)
Occupation  Actress
FCBA Record
Total Fights  139 (F)   4 (Other)
Wins  96   (F)   0 (O)
Wins by KO  67  (F)   0 (O)
Losses  42   (F)   4 (O)
Draws  1     (F)   0 (O)

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Division




Hawkeye International (4/2/02-9/10/07)

Foxfire Boxing (9/10/07-To Date)   (General Manager from 9/21/12 to Present)


Titles Held

(Unified Lightweight Title) 9/14/02-11/2/02. 3 Successful defenses.

(Unified Lightweight Title) 4/19/03-4/26/03.

(Unified Lightweight Title) 8/30/03-9/27/03. 1 Successful defense.

(Unified Lightweight Title) 1/31/04-3/22/04  2 Successful defenses.

(Unified Lightweight Title) 8/7/04-10/15/04. 3 Successful defenses.

(Unified Lightweight Title) 4/30/05-5/21/05.

(Paramount Lightweight Title) 6/10/06-8/4/06. 1 Successful defense.

(Unified Lightweight Title) 7/12/07-8/25/07. 1 Successful defense.

(Paramount Lightweight Title) 5/29/09-6/26/09

Unified Lightweight Title (11/19/10-3/13/11) 2 Successful defenses

(Jaguar Champion) 11/27 to oresent




Major Rivals

Jessica Biel

Catherine Bell

Kelly Brook

Brittany Daniel

Katherine Heigl

Jennifer O'Dell

Jeri Ryan

Charlize Theron


FCBA Fight History


2002 (14-4-1, 4 KOs)

01/20/02 (Debut). Def, Alexandra Paul (UD10)

02/25/02. Def. Peta Wilson (KO8)

03/01/02. Def. Jane Krakowski (UD10)

03/09/02. Lost to Jamie Luner (KO7)

03/20/02. Def. Talisa Soto (UD10)

04/26/02. Lost to Catherine Bell (UD10)

05/03/02. Def, Ashley Judd (UD10)

05/11/02. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Shannon Elizabeth (KO4)

05/31/02. Def. Jules Asner (KO2)

06/17/02. (HISC VS BSE STABLE WAR) Def. Halle Berry (UD10)

07/15/02. Def,Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

08/10/02. Def, Elizabeth Hurley (UD10)

08/31/02. Def. Beyonce Knowles (UD10)

09/14/02 (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (UD10)

09/21/02.(Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Catherine Zeta-Jones (TKO10)

10/12/02. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Halle Berry (KO8)

10/26/02. (Unified Lightweight Title) Draw Vs Laetitia Casta

11/02/02. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Catherine Bell (KO2)

11/23/02. Def, Charlize Theron (UD10)


2003 (15-4-0, 11 KOs)

03/08/03. Def, Jennifer Connelly (KO4)

03/15/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch,Charlize Theron (UD10)

03/29/03. Def, Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

04/04/03. Def, Katherine Heigl (KO1)

04/12/03. Def. Catherine Bell (TKO6)

04/19/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Ch, Jeri Ryan (UD10)

04/26/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Laetitia Casta (UD10)

05/23/03. (Non-Title FCBA Lightweight Tournamment: Rd.1) Lost to Elizabeth Hurley (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/14/03. Def. Brittany Daniel (TKO7)

06/20/03. (Partial Report) Def, Laura Prepon (TKO9)

06/28/03. Def. Heather Graham (TKO6)

07/03/03. Def.. Jewel Kilcher (KO6)

08/09/03. Def, Krista Allen (KO8)

08/30/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Ch, Catherine Bell (UD10)

09/13/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Jessica Biel (KO10)

09/27/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Brittany Daniel (TKO3)

11/08/03. Def. Laetitia Casta (UD10)

11/28/03. Def. Beyonce Knowles (TKO8)

12/05/03. (Partial Report) Def. Katherine Heigl (KO3)


2004 (11-5-0, 7 KOs)

01/24/04. Def. Gwenyth Paltrow (TKO3)

01/31/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Catherine Bell (UD10)

02/21/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Brittany Daniel (TKO4)

03/06/04. (Unified Lightweight Title( Def. Jennifer O'Dell (KO8)

03/27/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Jessica Biel (TKO8)

04/16/04. Def. Katherine Heigl (UD10)

04/23/04. Lost to Charlize Theron (KO6)

05/29/04. Def, Melissa George (UD10)

07/09/04. Def. Kate Beckinsale (TKO4)

08/07/04. (Unified Lightweight Title Def. Ch. Jessica Biel (TKO9)

08/13/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (UD10)

09/18;/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Victoria Pratt (TKO8)

10/01/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Charlize Theron (KO2)

10/16/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Jeri Ryan (KO6)

11/27/04. (HISC vs Kim's Krushers Stable War) Lost to Charlize Theron (UD10)

12/18/04. Lost to Erica Durance (UD10)


2005 (7-3-0, 6 KOs)

01/21/05. Def. Stacy Keibler (KO7)

03/05/05. Def. Victoria Pratt (TKO7)

03/11/05. Def. Jennifer O'Dell (KO8)

04/15/05. Lost to Kelly Brook (KO9)

04/23/05. Def, Charlize Theron (TKO6)

04/30/05.(Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Ch. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

05/21/05. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Jessica Biel (UD10)

08/20/05. Def. Kaley Cuoco (KO7)

09/03/05. Def. Kelly Brook (KO9)

11/25/05. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Katherine Heigl (UD10)


2006 (10-4-0, 5 KOs)

01/28/06. Def, Estella Warren (TKO3)

02/25/06. Def. Beyonce Knowles (TKO9)

03/10/06. Def. Molly Sims (KO5)

04/22/06. Def. Jessica Biel (UD10)

05/26/06. Def. Charlize Theron (KO8)

06/03/06. (Reebok Lightweight Title Tournament Rd.1) Lost to Tricia Helfer (TKO9)

06/04/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title Tournament Rd. 1: Def. Krista Allen (UD10)

06/04/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title Tournament Rd. 2) Def. Jenny McCarthy (TKO7)

06/10/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title Tournament: Finals) Def, Charlize Theron (UD10)

07/07/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Def. Kelly Brook (1 Pt. Dec.)

08/04/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title:) Lost to Katherine Heigl (UD10)

09/23/06. Lost to Laetitia Casta (TKO6)

10/07/06. Def, Jessica Biel (1 Pt, Dec,)

11/06/06. (Boxing at the Mirage) Lost to Jennifer O'Dell (UD10)


2007 (7-3-0, 5 KOs)

01/20/07 Def. Denise Richards (TKO6)

02/16/07.(Partial Report) Def. Katie Holmes (Close UD10)

04/14/07/ Def. Kaley Cuoco (TKO7)

05/12/07. Lost to Charlize Theron (KO3)

07/12/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Jennifer O'Dell (KO8)

07/28/.07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def, Katie Holmes (TKO8)

08/25/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Jessica Biel (TKO2)

10/05/07. Def. Tricia Helfer (UD10)

11/22/07. Lost to Taylor Cole (KO8)

12/29.07. (Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Boxing) Def. Charlize Theron (TKO10)


2008 (6-4-0, 5 KOs)

01/12/08. (Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Tournament: Preliminary Rd.) Def. Evangeline Lilly (UD10)

01/12/08. (Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Tournamenr Semi-Finals Rd.) Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO5)

01/26/08. (Best of 7 #1)(Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Tournament: Finals) Lost to Charlize Theron (KO2)

02/09/08. (Best of 7 #2) Def, Charlize Theron (KO9)

03/07/08. (Best of 7 #3) Lost to Charlize Theron (KO7)

03/21/08. (Best of 7 #4) Def, Charlize Theron (KO5)

04/05/08. (Best of 7 #5 Lost to Charlize Theron (UD10)

04/18/08. (Best of 7 #6) Lost to Charlize Theron (KO1)

(Theron Wins Series 4-2)

05/24/08. (Partial Reports). (Retro Bouts. Ca,1995) Vs Gabrielle Union

05/29/08. Def, Lake Bell (TKO5)

ar07/10/08. Def. Gabrielle Union (KO3)


2009 (4-3-0, 2 KOs)

04/03/09. Def Anna Torv (1 Pt Dec)

05/01/09. Def Elizabeth Mitchell (TKO7)

05/29/09. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Ali Larter (UD10)

06/26/09. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Lost to Erica Durance (KO8)

07/25/09. Lost to Kaley Cuoco (UD10)

10/25/09. Def, Kaley Cuoco (KO6)

12/26/09. (Maxim/Reebok Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch Jessica Biel (KO4)


2010 (4-2-0, 3 KOs)

02/20/10. Def Katherine Heigl (TKO6)

03/27/10. (Boxing at the Mirage) Lost to Amanda Righetti (UD10)

04/17/10. Lost to Adrianne Palicki (KO3)

07/10/10. Def Taylor Cole (TKO6)

09/26/10. (Boxing on the Beach) (Hawaii) Def Jessica Biel (KO9)

11/19/10. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def Ch Kelly Brook (UD10)


2011 (2-3-0, 1 KO

02/05/11. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def Yvonne Strahovski (1 Pt Dec)

02/20/11. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def Missy Peregrym (KO5)

03/13/11. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Cameron Diaz (TKO6)

04/04/11. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Lost to Rhona Mitra (TKO7)

06/15/11. (Special 11 Rounds/11 Opponents Bout) Lost to Jenny McCarthy (Dec)

12/09/11. (Farewell Tour) Lost to Charisma Carpenter (TK07)


2012 (2-3-0, 2 KOs/Retro: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/17/12. (Farewell Tour) Def Paula Patton (TKO9)

01/31/12. (Jac Fac Story) Lost to Downtown Julie Brown (KO2)

03/24/12. (Farewell Tour) Lost to Yvonne Strahovski (KO7)

04/07/12. (Farewell Tour) (Special C-B.A.D.) Def Ashley Judd (TKO7)

05/05/12. (Farewell Tour) Lost to Jennifer Lawrence (UD10)

07/12/12. (Retro Ca, 2004 by Jac Fac) Def Naomi Campbell (KO3)

09/07/12. (Farewell Tour Finale) Lost to Jessica Biel (KO2)

    Post Fight 


2013 (FCBA: 1-0-0, 1 KO/ Other: 0-3-0)

03/17/13. (St Patrick's Day Brawl by Simguy & Sceej) Def Jenny McCarthy (KO8)

07/20/13. (SWO Bout by Big Sexy & Archer) Lost to Ronda Rousey (KO)

08/25/13. (SWO Bout by Big Sexy) Lost to Ariana Grande (KO)

08/30/13. (SWO Bout by Big Sexy) Lost to Miesha Tate (KO)


2014 (0-1-0)

07/27/14. (Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Gemma Arterton (UD10)


2015 (0-1-0)

03/30/15. (Lookout & Medallion) Lost to Kaley Cuoco (KO7)


2016 (1-1-0, 1 KO)

07/01/16. (JMDD Bout by Lookout & Archer) Def Stephanie McMahon (KO6)

10/12/16. ("JMD(D) Queendom PPV IV" by Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Sophie Howard (KO7)


2017 (2-1-0, 2 KO)

03/31/17. (Lookout & Archer) Def Gena Lee Nolin (KO7)

05/26/17. (Lookout & Archer) Def Jeri Ryan (KO5)

12/01/17. (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Taylor Hill (KO5)


2020 (5-1-0, 5 KO) (Other 0-1-0)

01/31/20. (Cougar Bout) (Lookout/GBS/Archer) Def Jeri Ryan (KO5)

02/15/20. (VIX vs Foxfire Stable War) (Lookout & Archer) Def Kate Beckinsale (KO7)

02/29/20. (Bar Room Brawl) (Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Antje Utgaard (KO7)

05/29/20. (Cougar Bout) (Lookout & Archer) Def Daisy Fuentes (KO5)

07/20/20. (Cougar Bout) (Lookout & GirlsFriday) Def Jennifer Lopez (KO6)

08/29/20. (Cougar Bout) (Lookout & Archer) Def Jennifer Connelly (KO5)

10/25/20. (Cougar Bout) (Deleted Member) Lost to Jennifer Aniston (KO9)


2021 (1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/29/21. (Cougar Bout) (Lookout & Archer) Def Jennifer Aniston (KO4)


2022 (6-0-0, 6 KO)

09/25/22. (Jaguar Tournament, Pool B Fight 4) (Lookout & CWF) Def Anna Falchi (KO4)

09/25/22. (Jaquar Tournement, Pool B Fight 5) (Lookout & CWF) Def Jennifer Lopez (KO7)

09/25/22. (Jaguar Tournement. Pool B Fight 6) (Lookout & CWF) Det Missy Peregrym (KO7)

11/19/22. (Jaguar Tournament. Quarter Finals) (Lookout & CWF) Def Bridget Regan (TKO5)

11/19/22. (Jaguar Tournament Semi Finals) (Lookout & CWF) Def Adriana Lima (KO7)

11/27/22 Jaguar Championship) Lookout and CWF) Def Yvonne Strahovski (KO9)

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