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Jennifer O'Dell

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Jennifer O'Dell
Personal Information
Birth Name
Jennifer O'Dell
Birth Date November 27, 1974
Birth Place Ridgecrest, California
Nationality United States
Height 5 ft. 7 in. (1.70 m)
Occupation Actress
FCBA Record
Total Fights 116
Wins 75
Wins by KO 43 
Losses 40

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Division




Bell Sports Entertainment (2003-2008)

Knockout Babes (08/23/19 to Present)


Titles Held

Paramount Lightweight Title (10/18/03-11/8/03)

Unified Welterweight Title (8/20/05-11/12/05)

     3 Successful defenses

Unified Lightweight Title (2/2/07-7/12/07)

     6 Successful defenses





Major Rivals

Krista Allen

Catherine Bell

Jennifer Garner

Ali Landry


FCBA Fight History




2000 (2-5-0, 2 KOs)

04/29/00. (Debut) Lost to Demi Moore (KO2)

06/07/00. Lost to Dana Delany (KO10)

07/04/00. Def. Denise Richards (KO9)

07/07/00. Def. Dana Delany (KO8)

07/08/00. Lost to Michelle Williams (KO3)

08/27/00. Lost to Brooke Langton (UD10)

10/12/00. Lost to Diane Lane (UD10)


2001 (2-5-1, 1 KO)

01/12/01. Def. Joan Chen (UD10)

02/05/01. Draw Vs.Dana Delany

02/07/01. Lost to Stacy Kamano (1 Pt. Dec.)

02/24/01. Def. Amanda Peet (KO4)

07/10/01. Lost to Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

09/03/01. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (KO2)

11/26/01. Lost to Michelle Lintel (UD10)


2002 (6-4-0, 4 KOs)

04/30/02. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Kelly Brook (KO5)

05/01/02. Def. Paula Trickey (KO7)

05/06/02. Def Stacy Kamano (TKO10)

05/11/02. Def. Talisa Soto (KO1)

05/18/02. Lost to Catherine Bell (UD10)

05/24/02. Lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones

06/02/02. Def Eva LaRue (1 Pt. Dec.)

07/15/02. Lost to Elizabeth Hurley (UD10)

07/24/02. Def. Gena Lee Nolin (1 Pt. Dec.)

12/20/02. Lost to Hunter Tylo (KO4)



2003 (9-5-0, 6 KOs)

01/05/03. (Boxing on the Beach) Lost to Angelica Bridges (UD10)

02/05/03. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Karen Cliche (KO7)

02/09/03. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Jenny McCarthy (UD10)

02/16/03. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Krista Allen (UD10)

05/16/03. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Nikki Cox (KO3)

06/15/03. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Demi Moore (KO8)

06/20/03. Lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones (UD10)

06/28/03. Def. Halle Berry (KO1)

07/18/03. Def. Jessica Biel (KO1)

07/26/03. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Catherine Bell (UD10)

08/22/03. Def. Ashley Scott (UD10)

10/18/03. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Brittany Daniel (TKO2)

11/08/03. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Lost to Jessica Biel (KO10)

12/05/03. Def. Jewel Kilcher (Wide UD10)


2004 (9-4-0, 5 KOs)

01/10/04. Def. Beyonce Knowles (TKO5)

02/21/04. Def. Jeri Ryan (UD10)

03/06/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Jennifer Garner (KO8)

04/23/04. Lost to Debbe Dunning (KO7)

04/28/04. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (KO6)

05/01/04. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Jessica Biel (TKO5)

05/14/04. Def. Lauren Graham (UD10)

06/18/04. Lost to Jeri Ryan (KO4)

06/25/04. (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Taylor Cole (KO9)

07/02/04. Def. Laetitia Casta (Wide UD10)

07/16/04. Def. Charlize Theron (UD10)

08/20/04. Def. Nicolette Sheridan (TKO2)

09/06/04. (Retro Bout by Aristide) (1996) Def Amy Weber (KO4)

09/24/04. Def. Kaley Cuoco (KO5)

Post Fight 


2005 (15-7-0, 11 KOs)

01/07/05. Def. Katie Holmes (UD10)

01/21/05. (BELL SPORTS ENTER.VS TECH UNLIMITED Stable War) Def. Jessica Biel (KO2)

02/04/05. Lost to Krista Allen (UD10)

02/11/05. Def. Charlize Theron (1 Pt. Dec.)

02/18/05. Def. Debbe Dunning (KO8)

02/26/05. Def. Catherine Bell (KO2)

03/11/05. Lost to Jennifer Garner (KO8)

04/02/05. Def. Victoria Pratt (KO3)

04/29/05. Def. Rosario Dawson (KO5)

06/04/05. Lost to Kelly Brook (KO5)

06/10/05. Def. Brittany Daniel (KO9)

06/24/05. Def. Angie Everhart (KO9)

07/01/05. Def. Taylor Cole (TKO7)

08/20/05. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

09/03/05. (Non-Title "Super Fight") Lost to Charlize Theron (UD10)

09/17/05. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ali Landry (KO10)

10/15/05. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Torrie Wilson (TKO4)

10/29/05. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Nikki Visser (UD10)

11/12/05. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Taylor Cole (1 Pt. Dec.)

12/10/05. (Private Sauna Fight) Lost to Danielle Fishel (KO)

12/31/05. (Exhibition Match vs. Alana de la Garza & Eva LaRue in Alternate Rds)

     Def. Alana de la Garza (KO6)

     Lost to Eva LaRue (UD10)



2006 (16-7-0, 10 KOs)

02/18/06. (Boxing After Dark) (MGM Mirage Hotel. Las Vegas) Def. Anja Coleby (UD10)

03/18/06. (St. Patrick's Day. Celly's Pub.Manhattan) Def. Jenny McCarthy (KO4)

03/25/06. Lost to Charlize Theron (KO8)

04/11/06. (Best of 7 #1 (Boxing At The Mirage) Lost to Krista Allen (UD10)

04/15/06. (Best of 7 #2 (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Krista Allen (KO9)

04/23/06. (Best of 7 #3 (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Krista Allen (KO10)

04/24/06. (Best of 7 #4(Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Krista Allen (TKO2)

        Post Fight

04/25/06. (Best of 7 #5) (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Krista Allen (KO3)

04/30/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) Lost to Erica Durance (1 Pt. Dec.)

05/06/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) (#1 Best of 7) Def Ali Landry (KO7)

05/15/06. (Outdoors. L.A. Playboy Mansion) (#2 Best of 7) Def. Ali Landry (TKO2)

05/15/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) (#3 Best of 7) Lost to Ali Landry KO7)

05/26/06 (#4 Best of 7) Def. Ali Landry (TKO4)

05/28/06. (Boxing At The Mirage (#5 Best of 7) Lost to Ali Landry (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/09/06.  (#6 Best of 7) Def. Ali Landry (UD11-Extra Rd.)

07/02/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Amanda Bynes (KO5)

07/26/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Lake Bell (UD10)

08/06/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Mariah Carey (UD10)

08/12/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Katherine Heigl (KO4)

09/23/06. Def. Catherine Bell (TKO2)

10/07/06. (Reebok Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Taylor Cole (TKO3)

11/06/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) Def. Jennifer Garner (UD10)

12/03/06. (Boxing At The Mirage) Def Angelica Bridges (UD10)


2007 (14-1-0, 5 KOs)

01/19/07. Def. Taylor Cole (KO9)

02/02/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

03/03/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Dina Meyer (1 Pt. Dec.)

03/30/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Taylor Cole (UD10)

04/14/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Jessica Biel (KO5)

05/12/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Tricia Helfer (1 Pt. Dec.)

05/12/07. (Non-FCBA Fight; "Apartment House Confidential: Beach Ambush") Def. "Heidi' (KO)

05/25/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/09/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Katherine Heigl (Close UD10)

07/12/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Jennifer Garner (KO8)

07/19/07.(Boxing On The Beach) Def.Mary Elizabeth Winstead (KO6)

09/14/07 (Boxing On The Beach) Def. Christina Cox (UD10)

11/02/07.(Boxing On The Beach) (Site: Hawaii) Def. Francoise Yip (KO3)

11/14/07,(Boxing On The Beach Def. Courteney Cox (UD10)

12/08/07. Def. Catherine Bell (TKO9)


2008 (1-2-0, 1 KO)

01/12/08. Lost to Ali Larter (TKO2)

03/17/08. (St, Patrick's Day Rumpus) (Murphy's Pub. Boston) Lost to Jenny McCarthy (KO10) 

04/04/08. Def. Poppy Montgomery (KO3)




2010 (1-1-0, O KOs

12/24/10. (MILF Mini Tournament: Rd1) Lost to Debbe Dunning (TKO4)

12/24/10. (MILF Mini Tournament: Losers Bracket) Def Paul Trickey (UD1O)

12/24/10. (MILF Mini Tournament: After Party Battle Royal) Winner: Jenny O'Dell)



06/15/11. (Special 11 Opponents/11 Rounds Bout) Def Jenny McCarthy (Dec)




18 July 2003 Jessica Biel vs Jennifer O'Dell

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