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Jewel Kilcher

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Jewel Kilcher

Personal Information
Birth Name
Jewel Kilcher 
Birth Date May 23, 1974
Birth Place Payson, Utah
Nationality United States 
Height 5 Ft 6 In (1.68 m) 
Occupation Singer/Actress 
FCBA Record
Total Fights 136
Wins 64
Wins by KO 41
Losses 71

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Divisions






Kim's Kruisher's/Kruzhers (1999 to 1/31/10)

Front Street Stables (5/10 to Present): Head Trainer


Titles Held

Unified Welterweight Title (08/21/01-11/03/01)

     3 Successful defenses 


Major Rivals

Danielle Fishel

Katherine Heigl

Beyonce Knowles

Britney Spears


FCBA Fight History


1999 (11-14-0, 6 KOs) 

02/24/99 (Debut). Lost to Courtney Thorne-Smith (TKO3)

03/08/99. Lost to Courtney Love (Brutal KO1)

04/25/99. Lost to Shania Twain (UD10 9R-1R)

05/08/99. Def. Shania Twain (KO3)

05/11/99. Lost to Britney Spears (TKO9-By Submission)

07/04/99. (USA VS. BRITISH COMMONWEALTH TOURNAMENT) Lost to Sarah McLachlan (KO1)

08/11/99. Def. Shania Twain (1 Pt. Dec.)

08/12/99. Lost to Donna D'Errico (KO6)

08/13/99. Lost to Donna D'Errico (KO4)

08/17/99. Lost to Lisa Nicole Carson (KO1)

08/21/99. Def. Danielle Fishel (UD10)

09/11/99. Def. Neve Campbell (KO1)

09/22/99. Lost to Gina Gershon (UD10)

09/25/99. Lost to Catherine Zeta Jones (UD10)

10/01/99. Def. Courntey Thorne-Smith (TKO9)

10/07/99. Def. Britney Spears (KO8)

10/16/99. Def. Sheryl Crow (KO9)

11/06/99. (Rematch) Lost to Lisa Nicole Carson (KO4)

11/11/99. Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)

11/14/99. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Jane Krakowski (UD10)

12/23/99. Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

12/23/99. Lost to Jennifer Lopez (UD10)

12/24/99. Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO5)

12/24/99. (MTV 122 Featherweight Title) Def. Jenny McCarthy (UD10)

12/27/99. (MTV 122 Featherweight Title) Lost to Catherine Bell (1 Pt Dec)

     Post Fight


2000 (7-8-0, 2 KOs) 

01/22/00. Lost to Ali Landry (UD10)

02/19/00. Lost to Pamela Paulshock (TKO3)

02/22/00. Lost to Britney Spears (KO10)

03/10/00. Def. Katherine Heigl (KO2)

03/17/00. (Kim's Krushers vs Tank Enterprises Stable War) Def. Danielle Fishel (UD10)

04/08/00, Lost to Gena Lee Nolin (KO6)

04/23/00. Def. Britney Spears (UD10)

07/20/00. Def. Janet Jackson (KO2)

08/19/00. Lost to Jennifer Lopez ((UD10)

08/24/00. Lost to Amy Brenneman (KO4)

10/30/00. Def. Katherine Heigl (UD10)

11/11/00. Lost to Eva Larue (UD10)

11/28/00. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Kate Winslet (UD10)

12/01/00. Def. Jennifer Lopez (UD10)

12/22/00. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Sophie Marceau (UD10)


2001 (9-6-0, 5 KOs)

02/25/01. Def. Mariah Carey (TKO4)

03/29/01. Def. Katherine Heigl (TKO6)

05/07/01. Lost to Liv Tyler (KO1)

05/21/01. Def. Liv Tyler (KO2)

05/25/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

06/25/01. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Gina Gershon (UD10)

07/02/01. Def. Deana Carter (TKO5)

07/08/01. Lost to Nikki Cox (TKO7)

07/21/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Tyra Banks (UD10)

08/02/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Terry Farrell (UD10)

08/09/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Tia Carrere (UD10)

09/01/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Marah Carey (KO8)

10/20/01. (Non-Title Bout). (Kim's Krushers vs TE Stable War) Lost to Terry Farrell (KO6)

11/03/01. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ali Landry (KO4)

12/01/01. Def. Krista Allen (UD10)


2002 (3-10-0, 2 KOs)

01/26/02. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch. Gena Lee Nolin (KO9)

04.26/02. (Site: U.K.) Lost to Gena Lee Nolin (KO1)

05/20/02. Lost to Amy Brenneman (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/09/02. Lost to Liv Tyler (KO9)

06/24/02. (KIM'S KRUSHERS VS. SEXY WORLD ORDER Stable War) Lost to Ali Landry (KO10)

07/06.02. Def. Famke Janssen (KO6)

07/19/02. Lost to Estella Warren (UD10)

08/09/02. Lost to Gena Lee Nolin (KO9)

08/30/02. Def. Katherine Heigl (UD10)

09/06/02. Lost to Beyonce Knowles (UD10)

10/14/02. Lost to Peta Wilson (TKO6)

10/26/02. Lost to Dina Meyer (KO3)

12/27/02. Def. Daisy Fuentes (KO2)


2003 (4-10-0, 4 KOs)

06/20/03. (Partial Report) Lost to Milla Jovovich (TKO10)

06/27/03. Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (KO2)

07/03/03. Lost to Jennifer Garner (KO6)

07/19/03. Lost to Laetitia Casta (KO3)

08/02/03. Def. Elizabeth Hurley (KO7)

08/22/03. Lost to Catherine Zeta Jones (UD10)

09/12/03. Lost to Beyonce Knowles (TKO3)

10/10/03. (Partial Report) Def. Karen Cliche (KO8)

10/31/03. Lost to Beyonce Knowles (TKO1)

11/21/03. Lost to Beyonce Knowles (KO4)

11/28/03. Def. Pink (TKO6)

12/05/03. Lost to Jennifer O'Dell (Wide UD10)

12/11/03. Lost to Jennifer Lopez (KO4)

12/21/03. Lost to Gwyneth Paltrow (TKO2)


2004 (5-5-0, 4 KOs)

02/06/04. Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO7)

02/28/04. Lost to Jessica Biel (KO1)

05/29/04. Def. Kirsten Dunst (UD10)

07/02/04. Def. Mandy Moore (KO3)

08/06/04. Lost to Rebecca Romijn (TKO6)

08/20/04. Lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones (UD10)

10/16/04. Lost to Laetitia Casta (KO8)

11/16/04. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Michelle Wright (KO9)

11/20/04. Lost to Britney Spears (KO3)

12/31/04. Def. Elisha Cuthbert (TKO4)


2005 (7-5-1, 4 KOs)

01/14/05. Lost to Angelina Jolie (UD10)

02/04/05. Draw Vs. Jessica Alba

03/11/05. Def. Jessica Alba (KO9)

03/19/05. (Rematch) Def. Jessica Alba (Wide UD10)

04/22/05. Def. Evangeline Lilly (KO2)

05/20/05. Lost to Carmen Electra (UD10)

06/10/05. Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (UD10)

06/24/05. Def. Nikki Cox (TKO4)

08/05/05. Lost to Neve Campbell (KO8)

08/20/05. Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

09/17/05. Lost to Angelina Jolie (UD10)

12/14/05. (KIM'S KRUZHERS VS. TECH UNLIMITED Stable War) Def. Rachel Nichols (KO4)

12/31/05. Lost to Scarlett Johansson (KO6)


2006 (1-4-0, 1 KO)

03/24/06. Lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones (TKO3)

07/17/06. (KRUZHERS vs. TANK ENTERPRISES Stable War) Lost to Danielle Fishel (UD10)

11/03/06. Lost to Neve Campbell (KO3)

11/12/06. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Nikki Cox (TKO7-By Submission)

12/23/06. (KRUZHERS vs. MOUNTEES Stable War) (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lost to Ch. Rachel McAdams (UD10)


2007 (4-0-0, 4 KOs)

02/16/07. (JMD Match) Def. Britney Spears (TKO8)

03/02/07. Def. Kelly Clarkson (KO7)

08/10.07. Def. Adriana Lima (KO2)

11/22/07. Def. Carla Gugino (KO8)


2008 (3-3-0, 1 KO)

01/12/08. Lost to Scarlett Johansson (TKO9)

01/26/08. Lost to Evangeline Lilly (TKO10)

04/04/08. Lost to Jennifer Love Hewitt (UD10)

07/25/08. Def. Carla Gugino (UD10)

09/29/08. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Leanne Rimes (KO5)

11/14/08. Def. Gretchen Mol (UD10)


2009 (4-1-0, 4 KOs)

01/01/09. Lost to Brandy Ledford (TKO3)

02/20/09. Def. Joss Stone (TKO7-By Submission)

05/15/09. Def Nancy O'Dell (KO4)

07/10/09. Def, Summer Glau (KO4)

12/25/09. Def. Taylor Swift (KO5)


2010 (3-1-0, 2 KOs)

01/06/10. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Ashley Greene (TKO1)

07/23/10. Def Fergie (UD10)

09/18/10. Lost to Jenny McCarthy (UD10)

     Post Fight

11/26/10. Def Leann Rimes (TKO2)


2011 (FCBA: 3-2-0, 2 KOs/BBU: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

03/02/11. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Leona Lewis (KO7)

03/12/11. (Front Street/Empire vs Academy) Lost to Sharon Stone (KO7)

04/09/11. (Results: Simguy; Story: The Wiz) Def Shania Twain (KO7)

06/26/11. (Simguy & The Wiz) Def Angelina Jolie (TKO10)

09/30/11. Lost to Billie Piper (UD10)

11/26/11. (Simguy & The Wiz) Def Charlotte Church (UD10)


2012 (0-2-0)

01/29/12. (Simguy & The Wiz) Lost to Madeleine Stowe (TKO8)

04/08/12. (Simguy & The Wiz) Lost to January Jones (TKO2)




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