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Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl

Personal Information
Birth Name
Katherine Marie Heigl 
Birth Date November 24, 1978 
Birth Place Washington, D.C. 
Nationality United States 
Height 5'9" (1.76 m) 
Occupation Actress 
FCBA Record
Total Fights 105
Wins 49
Wins by KO 32
Losses 52
Draws 4

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Divisions






Ultimate Fighter/Fighting Academy (06/16/01 to 01/13/03)

Kim's Kruzhers (01/13/03 to 01/31/10)

Empire Boxing (02/01/10 to Present)


Titles Held

Maxim Welterweight Title (10/07/00-10/21/00)

Unified Middleweight Title (07/10/03-07/26/03)

     1 Successful Defense

Unified Welterweight Title (01/30/04-03/06/04)

     2 Successful Defenses

Reebok Welterweight Title (07/16/04-09/28/04)

Unified Lightweight Title (10/29/05-12/14/05)

     1 Successful Defense

Paramount Lightweight Title (08/04/06-09/23/06)

     1 Successful Defense

Reebok Lighweight Title (02/07/09 to 3/20/09)


Major Rivals

Jessica Biel

Charisma Carpenter

Jennifer Garner

Charlize Theron


FCBA Fight History




2000 (5-5-0, 3 KOs)

03/08/00. Lost to Jennie Garth (UD10)

03/09/00. Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO3)

03/10/00. Lost to Jewel Kilcher (KO2)

05/26/00. Def. Tia Carrere (KO6)

06/18/00. Lost to Catherine Bell (UD10)

10/07/00. (Maxim Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Jeanne Tripplehorn (UD10)

10/14/07. (Maxim Welterweight Title) Def. Charlize Theron (Narrow UD10)

10/21/00. (Maxim Welterweight Title) Lost to Sophie Marceau (UD10)

10/30/00. Lost to Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

11/23/00. Def. Lisa Nicole Carson (KO8)


2001 (2-4-0, 1 KO)

01/07/01. Lost to Charlize Theron (TKO3)

03/29/01. Lost to Jewel Kilcher (TKO6)

07/02.01. Def. Nicole Eggert (TKO3)

07/13/01. Lost to Jennifer Connelly (UD10)

09/21/01. Lost to Terry Farrell (KO2)

10/12/01. Def. Megan Gallagher (UD10)


2002 (1-6-0, 0 KOs)

02.27/02. Def. Amy Brenneman (1 Pt. Dec.)

04/19/02. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch, Charlize Theron (UD10)

05/17/02. Lost to Estella Warren (UD10)

06/22/02. Lost to Jorja Fox (KO7)

08/30/02. Lost to Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

12/30/02. Lost to Faith Hill (UD10)


2003 (7-9-0, 4 KOs)

02/07/03. Lost to Terry Farrell (KO3)

02/14/03. Lost to Charisma Carpenter (TKO8)

04/04/03. Lost to Jennifer Garner (KO1)

04/11/03. (Partial Report) Lost to Beyonce Knowles (KO5)

04/18/03. (Partial Report) Lost to Peta Wilson (UD10)

04/25/03. Def. Tessie Santiago (TKO3)

05/16/03. (Partial Report) Def. Virginia Madsen (KO4)

06/13/03. Lost to Elizabeth Berkley (KO2)

06/20/03. (Partial Report) (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Ch. Nicole Kidman (UD10)

07/10/03. (Unified Middleweight Title) Def. Natasha Henstridge (KO5)

07/26/03. (Unified Middleweight Title) Lost to Rebecca Romijn (TKO8)

08/29/03. Def. Kristy Swanson (KO2)

09/12/03. Lost to Brooke Shields (KO4)

10/24/03. Def. Cori Nadine (1 Pt. Dec.)

11/07/03. (Partial Report) Def. Rachel Hunter (KO9)

12/05/03. (Partial Report) Lost to Jennifer Garner (KO3)


2004 (9-6-0, 4 KOs)

01/30/04. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

02/07/04. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Estella Warren (KO3)

02/21/04. (Unified Welterweight Title) Def. Peta Wilson (UD10)

03/06/04. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Terry Farrell (KO6)

03/26/02. Lost to Ali Landry (TKO6)

04/16.04, Lost to Jennifer Garner (UD10)

04/23/04. Def. Liv Tyler (UD10)

05/07/04. Def. Gena Lee Nolin (TKO5)

05/22/04. (Non-Simed. Unfinished Bare Knuckle Bout) Vs. Stephanie McMahon

06/04.04. (Unified Welterweight Title) Lost to Ch, Nikki Visser (UD10)

07/16.04. (KIM'S KRUSHERS VS. ULTIMATE FIGHTER Stable War) Lost to Rebecca Romijn (UD10)

08/07.04. (Vacant Reebok Welterweight Title) Def. Nikki Visser (KO9)

09/25/04. (Reebok Welterweight Title) Lost to Rebecca Romijn (TKO5)

10/16/04. Def. Nikki Visser (KO3-By Submission)

11/13/04, Def. Beyonce Knowles (UD10)

12/10/04. (Kim's Krushers vs HISC Stable War) Def. Estella Warren (UD10)


2005 (6-5-2, 4 KOs)

01/15/05. Lost to Torrie Wilson (TKO5)

02/26/05. Lost to Tyra Banks (TKO2)

04/02/05. Def. Jeri Ryan (TKO7)

04/16/05. Draw vs. Ali Landry

05/20/05. Def. Mandy Moore (KO2)

06/17/05. Lost to Kelly Brook (KO7)

07/02/05. Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO6)

08/06/05. Def. Catherine Bell (TKO9)

09/03/05. Lost to Jessica Biel (UD10)

09/30/05. Draw Vs. Laetitia Casta

10/29/05. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (UD10)

11/25/05. (Unified Lightweight Title) Def. Jennifer Garner (UD10)

12/14/05. (KIM'S KRUSHERS Vs TECH UNLIMITED Stable War) Lost to Jessica Biel (UD10)


2006 (7-4-0, 6 KOs)

01/13/06. Def. Victoria Pratt (KO8)

02/25/06. Def. Charisma Carpenter (TKO8)

04/22/06. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Milla Jovovich (UD10)

05/26/06. Def. Catherine Bell (KO4)

06/03.06. (Reebok Lightweight Title Tournament: Rd. 1) Def. Rachel Nichols (KO10)

06/03/06. (Reebok Lightweight Title Tournament. Rd. 2) Lost to Famke Jansson (UD11-Extra Rd.)

06/23/06. Def. Catherine Bell (KO5)

08/04/06. (Paramount Lightweight Title) Def. Ch. Jennifer Garner (UD10)

08/12/06, (Paramount Lightweight Title) Def. Jennifer O'Dell (KO4)

09.23.06.  (Paramount Lightweight Title) Lost to Tricia Helfer (UD10)

11/17/06. (Victoria's Secret Body Saddle Bout) Lost to Denise Richards (TKO4)


2007 (3-4-0, 2 KOs)

01/20/07. Lost to Charisma Carpenter (TKO6)

03/30/07. Lost to Catherine Bell (UD10)

05/27/07. Def. Taylor Cole (1 Pt. Dec.)

 06/09/07. (Unified Lightweight Title) Lost to Ch. Jennifer O'Dell (Close UD10)

07/12/07. Def. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (TKO8)

08/25/07, Lost to Ali Larter (UD10)

11/09/07. Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO9)


2008 (2-2-1, 1 KO)

02/09/08. Draw Vs. Jessica Biel

04/18/08. Def. Jessica Biel (UD10)

08/08/08. Lost to Erica Durance (TKO10)

09.05/08, Lost to Ali Larter (TKO7)

12/13/08. Def. Sarah Lancaster (KO9)


2009 (5-3-0, 4 KOs)

01/17/09. Def. Charlize Theron (TKO5)

03/07/09. (Vacant Reebok Lightweight Title) Def. Kelly Brook (UD11)

03/20/09 (Reebok/Paramount Lightweight Title Unification) Lost to Ali Larter (UD10)

04/17/09. Def Sarah Lancaster (TKO6)

05/15/09. Def Taylor Cole (KO5)

05/29/09. Def. Erica Durance (KO10)

07/10/09. Lost to Rachel Nichols (UD10)

12/26/09. Lost to Sarah Lancaster (TKO4)


2010 (2-2-0, 1 KO)

02/20/10. Lost to Jennifer Garner (TKO6)

05/20/10. (Boxing After Dark) Def Moon Bloodgood (UD10)

05/29/10. Lost to Gena Lee Nolin (KO4)

11/25/10. (Results: Simguy; Story: Simgrrl) Def Catherine Bell (KO1)


2011 (0-1-0)

06/18/11. Lost to Ali Landry (UD10)

06/20/11. (AHW Bout) vs Ali Landry


2012 (0-1-1)

05/19/12. (Celebrity Boxing after Dark) Lost to Amanda Righetti (UD10) 

11/02/12. Draw vs Cassidy Freeman


2018 (0-1-0)

11/30/18. (Lookout) Lost to Yvonne Strahovski (KO2)

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