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Sophie Monk

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Sophie Monk

Personal Information
Birth Name
Sophie Charlotte Akland Monk 
Birth Date December 14, 1979
Birth Place London, England, UK
Nationality Australian 
Height 5'6" (1.68 m) 
Occupation Singer/Actress 
Total Fights 1 (F)   6 (B)   2 (AC)
Wins 0 (F)   0 (B)   0 (AC)
Wins by KO 0 (F)   0 (B)   0 (AC)
Losses 1 (F)   6 (B)   2 (AC)
Draws 0 (F)   0 (B)   0 (AC)

FCBA/ACB Career Highlights


Weight Division





BronzedOz Boxing (11/2011 to Present)


Titles Held


Major Rivals


FCBA/ACB/BBU Fight History


2009 (0-1-0)

09/12/09. (Boxing On The Beach) Lost to Holly Valance (TKO4)


2010 (0-0-0)


2011 (0-0-0)


2012 (BBU: 0-1-0 / ACB: 0-1-0)

01/02/12. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Lost to Troian Bellisario (TKO3)

01/05/12. (ACB Debut PPV) Lost to Ricki-Lee Coulter (KO2)


2013 (BBU: 0-2-0)

02/19/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Miley Cyrus (TKO6) 

10/12/13. (BBU/ACB. by Vassago. "The Ashes: 2013") Lost to Alesha Dixon (KO6)


2014 (ACB: 0-1-0 / BBU: 0-1-0)

03/23/14. (ACB PPV "Out of Nowhere") Lost to Sonia Kruger (KO1)

03/27/14. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Liz McClarnon (TKO8)


2015: (BBU: 0-1-0)

06/29/15. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Lost to Camilla Luddington (TKO4)


2018 (BBU: 0-1-0)

09/06/18. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Lost to Yumi Sugimoto (TKO4)

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