Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Personal Information
Birth Name
Vanessa Anne Hudgens 
Birth Date December 14, 1988  
Birth Place Salinas, California
Nationality United States 
Height 5'2" (1.57 m) 
Occupation Actress 
Total Fights 119 (F)   1 (B)
Wins  78  (F)    1 (B)
Wins by KO  71 (F)    1 (B)
Losses  41 (F)    0 (B)
Draws   0   (F)   0 (B)

              Sister of Stella Hudgens    

FCBA/BBU Career Highlights


Weight Division




Lookout Boxing (2008)

Phoenix Boxing (2009-2011)

Lookout! Boxing (05/2011 to Present)


Titles Held

Unified Flyweight Title (04/01/11 to 04/23/11)

Unified Flyweight Title (12/26/14 to 05/30/15)

     3 Successful Defenses

Unified Flyweight Title (01/29/16 to 05/27/16)

     2 Successful Defenses

Unified Flyweight Title (05/26/18 to 08/31/18)

     2 Sucessful Defenses




Major Rivals

Jessica Lowndes

Hayden Panettiere

Michelle Williams


FCBA Fight History


2007 (1-2-0, 1 KO)

09/21/07. Lost to Hayden Panettiere (TKO9)

10/19/07. Lost to Jessica Simpson (TKO8)

12/25/07. Boxing On The Beach) Def Kristin Cavallari (KO8)


2008 (1-3-0, 1 KO)

04/18/08, Lost to Sarah Carter (KO5)

05/29/08. Def. Ashley Tisdale (KO5)

07/25/08. Lost to Hayden Panettiere (KO7)

12/13/08. Lost to Claire Danes (UD10)


2009 (4-0-0, 4 KOs)

04/30/09. Def Brittany Snow (TKO2)

06/12/09. Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (KO7)

07/24/09. Def. Danielle Harris (TKO4)

08/07/09. Def Hayden Panettiere (TKO6)


2010 (2-2-0, 2 KOs)

01/04/10. (Boxing After Dark) Def. Cassie Scerbo (TKO8)

03/31/10. (Boxing After Dark) Lost to Emilie de Ravin (KO10)

09/18/10. Lost to Ashley Tisdale (TKO6)

12/18/10. (Boxing After Dark) Def Hannah Spearritt (KO8)


2011 (5-6-0, 2 KOs)

02/20/11. Def Michelle Williams (UD10)

03/13/11. Lost to Hannah Spearritt (1 Pt Dec)

04/01/11. (Unified Flyweight Title) Def Ch Michelle Williams (UD10)

04/23/11. (Unified Flyweight Title) Lost to Hayden Panettiere (KO3)

05/02/11. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Def Kristin Kreuk (TKO4)

05/20/11. Lost to Natalie Portman (UD10)

06/22/11. Def Hannah Spearritt (KO2)

07/16/11. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Lost to Brenda Song (KO3)

09/30/11. Lost to Ashley Tisdale (TKO4)

10/23/11. Lost to Michelle Williams (UD10)

12/05/11. (Lookout/HISC AHW) vs Michelle Williams

12/09/11. Def Emily Browning (UD10)


2012 (2-4-0, 1 KO)

01/17/12. Lost to Lacey Chabert (UD14)

     Post Fight

02/06/12. (JMD Bout) (Simguy; JKO & Lookout) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO10)

02/25/12. (AHW) A Night at the Academy Awards vs Michelle Williams 

05/05/12. Lost to Heather Hemmens (UD10

06/25/12. (AHW: w/Ashley Tisdale vs Heather Hemmens & Sara Jean Underwood) 

08/15/12. (Simguy & Lookout) Def Lucy Hale (KO9)

09/05/12. (AHW: "Dunwich Mansion Altercation) (w/Ashley Tisdale) vs Heather Hemmens & Sara Jean Underwood.

11/02/12. Def Michelle Williams (UD10)

12/17/12. (AH Wrestling) vs Michelle Williams 

12/21/12. (AH Wrestling) w/Kat Graham & Brenda Song vs Hayden Panettiere

12/24/12. (*Simguy & Lookout) Lost to Hayden Panettiere (UD10)

12/24/12. (Backstage AHW) Vs Jessica Lowndes


2013 (FCBA: 5-4-0, 4 KOs/BBU: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/18/13. Def Christina Ricci (KO6) 

01/24/13. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) Def Cassie Steele (TKO10)

02/04/13. (AH Wrestling by Lookout) w/Ashley Tisdale vs Kristin Kreuk/Mish Williams 

02/08/13. Lost to Julianne Hough (KO1)

03/10/13. (Lookout 5th Anniv. PPV) (By Simguy & Lookout) Def Ashley Tisdale (KO6)

05/05/13. (By Simguy & OddManOut) Lost to Lacey Chabert (KO6) 

06/21/13. Def Emma Watson (UD10)

07/08/13. G.A. (with Selena Gomez) vs Ashley Benson (with Cassie Scerbo)

07/29/13. (JMD on the Beach by Simguy & Lookout) Lost to Jessica Lowndes (KO4)

09/15/13. (BBU International Bout by Lookout) Def Emilie DeRavin (KO8)

12/24/13. (Simguy & Lookout) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO9)

     Post Fight


2014 (5-0-0, 4 KOs)

01/24/14. Def Miley Cyrus (UD10)

05/10/14. (Boxing on the Beach) (Simguy & Lookout) Def Jamie Chung (KO8)

08/22/14. (By Rampant/Lookout) Def Kirsten Dunst (KO6)

09/26/14. (By Lookout & Front St.) Def Alexa Vega (KO7)

12/26/14. (Unified Flyweight Title) (By Knowlesey & Lookout) Def Ch Miley Cyrus (UD10)


2015 (7-2-0, 7 KOs)

01/28/15. Press Conference w/Michelle Williams Pre-Title Fight

01/30/15. (Unified Flyweight Title by Front St. & Lookout) Def Michelle Williams (KO15)

02/04/15. HISC Press Conference

02/27/15. (Unified Flyweight Title by Lookout & The Wiz) Def Kristen Stewart (KO9)

03/30/15. (Unified Flyweight Title by Lookout & Bazz) Def Cassie Scerbo (KO8)

05/30/15. (Unifed Flyweight Title/JMD Bout by Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Jessica Lowndes (TKO10)

06/26/15. (JMD Bout by Lookout, The Wiz & Hawkeye) Lost to Mila Kunis (TKO9)

08/28/15. (Front St. & Lookout) Def AnnaLynne McCord (TKO7)

10/03/15. (Lookout! Boxing vs LCA Stable War) (JMD Bout by Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Lowndes (KO9)

11/30/15. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Kristin Kreuk (KO6)

12/30/15. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Natalie Portman (TKO8)

12/31/15. (Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Kristen Stewart (KO9)


2016 (9-2-0, 8 KO)

01/29/16. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Front Street) Def Ch Mila Kunis (TKO7)

02/26/16. (Non-Title Bout) (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO12)

03/28/16. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & DBC) Def Anna Kendrick (KO9)

05/02/16. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Lowndes (KO7)

05/27/16. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Lucy Hale (UD10)

06/16/16. (Lookout & Empire) Def Lee Chae-Rin (KO7)

07/16/16. ("The Slapping Table Battle" by Lookout) vs Carlson Young

07/27/16. AHW: (Lookout & Hawkeye) "Night of the Tony Awards" vs Michelle Williams (Guest App: Lucy Hale & Jessica Lowndes)

07/29/16. (Lookout) Def Cheryl Cole (UD10)

08/26/16. (Boxing On The Beach) (Fitness Battle by Lookout) Def Briana Evigan (TKO8)

09/30/16. (Lookout) Def Elizabeth Henstridge (KO6)

10/28/16. (Lookout) Def Hayden Panettiere (TKO10)

12/10/16. (AHW by ABC & Girls Friday) "Emmanuelle Chriqui's Birthday Bash" (G.A.)

12/30/16. (Lookout) Def Kristen Stewart (TKO10)


2017 (9-4-0, 9 KO)

03/01/17. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Benny) Lost to Ch Anna Kendrick (KO9)

03/16/17. (Boxing On The Beach) (Lookout & The Wannabees) Def Stella Hudgens (KO10)

04/23/17. (Lookout! Boxing vs Lioness Club of America Stable War Vol. 2) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Lowndes (KO7)

04/28/17. ("Fittest Flyweight Title" by Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Lily Collins (TKO13)

05/26/17. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Cassie Scerbo (TKO9)

06/07/17. (Academy Awards Wrestling by Lookout) vs Michelle Williams

06/17/17. (Lookout vs VIXENS Stable War/Fittest Flyweight Rematch) (JMD) (Lookout/Cas) Def Lily Collins (TKO10)

07/29/17. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Emma Watson (KO8)

08/23/17. ("Pretty Little Liars vs The World") (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Lucy Hale (TKO8)

08/26/17. (Lookout) (JMD Bout) Def Michelle Williams (KO10)


09/25/17. ("Game Of Thrones" PPV) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Maisie Williams (KO9)

09/29/17. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Alicia Vikander (KO7)

12/01/17. (Lookout) Def Sienna Miller (KO6)

12/29/17. (#1 Flyweight Contenders Bout) (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Jessica Lowndes (TKO10)


2018 (13-1-0, 13 KO)

01/16/18. (AHW: La Guerra de Amor Bout by Lookout/Caspian) vs Lily Collins

01/26/18. (Lookout) Def Hayden Panettiere (TKO6)

03/02/18. (Lookout) Def Tessa Thompson (KO5)

03/19/18. (Lookout Boxing 10th Anniversary Event) (Lookout) Def Michelle Williams (KO12)

03/30/18. (Lookout & Caspian) (AMD Title) Def Lily Collins (KO7)

04/27/18. (AMD Title Bout by Lookout & Caspian) Def Lea Michele (TKO5)

05/26/18. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Ch Megan Fox (KO10)

06/03/18. (Apartment House Wrestling by Lookout/Wannabees) vs Sammi Hanratty

06/30/18. (Flyweight/AMD Title Bout) (Lookout) Def Olivia Holt (TKO9)

07/27/18. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Archer) Def Danielle Campbell (KO8)

08/31/18. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Boxing on the Beach) (Lookout/Front Street/Hawkeye) Lost to Michelle Williams (TKO10)

09/28/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Jessica Parker Kennedy (KO5)

11/07/18. (Lookout & ArronC) Def Scarlett Johansson (KO6)

11/19/18. (AHW: Wannabees Bra & Panties PPV) (Lookout & The Wannabees) vs Stella Hudgens

11/30/18. (AMD Title by Lookout) Def Lily Collins (TKO6)

12/09/18. ("JMD(D) Queendom VIII" PPV) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Lowndes (KO6)

12/28/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Kristen Bell (KO7)


2019 (8-6-0, 8 KO)

01/11/19. (Flyweight Title #1 Contenders Bout) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Megan Fox (KO10)

01/25/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Anna Kendrick (KO7)

02/22/19. (AMD Title Bout) (Lookout & O&E) Lost to Olivia Holt (KO9)

03/29/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Kristin Kreuk (KO8)

04/12/19. (Fight Night Live: International Cup 2019) (Lookout/Girls Friday) Def Emma Watson (KO11)

04/26/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Briana Evigan (TKO6)

05/04/19. (The Doll Ball Season 2 Round 6) (Lookout/Caspian/Dollhouse) Def Emma Roberts (KO10)

05/31/19. (Lookout & Unknown) Def Emilia Clarke (KO6)

07/26/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Briana Evigan (KO7)

08/17/19. (VIXENs vs Lookout Stable War II) (Bare Knuckle Bout) (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Lily Collins (KO6)

08/30/19. (Hall Of Fame Bout) (Lookout/Hawkeye/Front Street) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO10)

09/27/19. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Kristin Kreuk (KO7)

11/29/19. (Unified Flyweight Title) (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Ch Emma Watson (KO12)

12/21/19. (The Doll Ball Season 2 Round 10) (Lookout/Vassago/Dollhouse) Lost to Emma Roberts (TKO10)


2020 (7-2-0, 7 KO)

02/28/20. (Lookout) Def Miley Cyrus (TKO6)

03/27/20. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Becky G (KO6)

05/29/20. (Lookout & simgrrl) Def Camila Cabello (KO6)

07/31/20. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Isabel Moner (TKO6)

08/28/20. (Lookout/Front Street/HISC) (Bout XIII) Def Michelle Williams (KO14)

09/25/20. (Lookout & Front Street) Def Selena Gomez (KO6)

10/09/20. (Fight Night Live: Honor Bound 2020) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Megan Fox (KO8)

10/30/20. (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Katherine McNamara (KO6)

12/25/20. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Lowndes (TKO8)


2021 (()-2-0)  

01/29/21. United Flyweight Title La DdA) (Lookout & OddMan) Lost to Lilly Collins (KO9)

02/26/21. (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO9)