21 December 1999 Kristian Alfonso vs Gillian Anderson

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Before: Kristian a daytime legend, never able to make her mark in mainstream fighting circles, but reports of her spirited training sessions with Jaime Pressly bring new optimism to her fans. Cut in the Pressly, Hatcher mold--Alfonso a slugger in a lanky boxer’s body certainly has the right mix to give Gillian trouble. Anderson looking to be the stronger girl, cut off the ring, and wear her opponent down, then out. Kristian in royal blue aerobic two piece, white gloves and shoes, Gillian in light blue sportswear, navy speedos, white gloves and shoes.

During R1: Anderson pressing early, slipping Alfonso’s jab and getting leather on ribcage with some consistency through much of the round. Alfonso with a loose, low guard finally steps out on Anderson and bangs a whipping left-right off Gillian’s chin with crisp rising action. Anderson stepping in fence post holes, meanders away from Kristian as Alfonso bounces in, bangs a hard right hand from her hip across Anderson’s face to keep her reeling, then steps right and loops the left from the hip to spank Gillian’s jaw with authority. Anderson woozy, saved by the bell as Kristian bounces in to finish.

R2: Anderson much sharper this round, forces Kristian to trade inside, where the redhead’s compact punching and good head movement dominate. Alfonso getting socked to the bra and belly as Gillian stays busy--Kris countering with the odd desperate uppercut, but basically kept under wraps by Anderson’s pressure.

R3: Kristian still slinging her punches in rising arcs, looking to catch Gillian going into her crouch, and the tactic works perfectly early. Scorching Anderson with a clipping right uppercut, Alfonso lets her still respectable hand speed go to work, slicing up Anderson’s defense with shoe shining combinations across the face. Anderson hurt, looks to clinch, but Kristian stepping back in good order, bangs wide lefts and rights around Gillian’s outstretched arms to harm the redhead’s ribs. Anderson now getting battered looks to back off, but Kris keeps the pressure on with a stiff little jab, setting up hard sidearm rights on the face. Round ends with Alfonso punishing Anderson, stepping in and out as Gillian sits on the ropes, trying to do enough to prevent the ref from stopping the action.

R4: Puffy-faced, Anderson looking uncertain, making tentative forays inside, but Alfonso’s stiff jab rejects all early attempts. From the halfway point on, Kris goes on the offensive, flicking  out the jab from the elbow, then bending into looping right hands that sting Gillian’s face back. Alfonso just as effective going backward, working with rising lefts and rights from the hips, twisting her hips nicely into the blows as she takes Anderson apart.

R5: Alfonso working the jab, stepping left, and Anderson dips a shoulder, counters with a booming overhand right on the chin which sweeps the brunette to the canvas. Kris googly-eyed, beats the count, but isn’t the same fighter, and Anderson bears down, working her way in behind a short jab, then hooking to the body ala Billy Irwin. Kristian doesn’t like it to the body, actually turning away from Gillian at one point en route to surrendering the 10-8.

R6: Alfonso looks to regroup by going toe to toe, but it’s Anderson who emerges the stronger girl, Anderson covering up tight, blocks Alfonso’s pesky jab/cross routine, then counters with that slick little left to the liver. Kris backed to ropes, bobs and weaves as Gillian swats and swipes in combinations, setting up the occasional serious hook to the chest. Alfonso looking disheveled, while Anderson regains a bit of swagger at the breaks.

R7: Gillian very focused this round, moving her head side to side, bends right underneath the breast line to put a splash of pain on Alfonso’s face. Kristian badly hurt, peels away and takes a knee for 8. To her credit, Kris effectively boxes the rest of the way, showering Gillian with harmless three-punch combinations, then booking out of there before Anderson can get set.

R8: Kristian’s out of gas, and out of tricks, and Gillian puts the hammer down. Bell to bell beating as Anderson goes to work along the ropes, shoving Alfonso back with the shoulder, pitching in underhand one-twos to the body, then looking upstairs with the crisp, compact hook. Kristian getting rolled, and in the final minute, the Irwin combination left to the ear, left to the liver scores, buckling Alfonso’s knees and putting her on all fours at the bell.

R9: Anderson forcing Alfonso to the ropes, continues the one-sided beating this round. Alfonso screaming behind her guard as Gillian pounds at her ribs and sides with wide lefts and rights, or hurls uppercuts into the brunette’s battered belly. Anderson content to body up on Alfonso. Shouldering the brunette back into the ropes and chipping away with clouting hooks on the teeth that have those big blue eyes swimming. Alfonso seated on the ropes for all three minutes, is a wreck at the bell as Gillian pushes off.

R10: Kris just fighting for pride, looking to go the distance, and Anderson makes her pay for every single second. Gillian feasting on Kristian’s toned body, pounding away with relentless strokes until Alfonso’s hands drop, then leaping in with the hook to smash back that classic face. Midway through the round, with Gillian firing hard short rights and left hooks, Alfonso gets caught a beautiful hook on the jaw and nearly goes down, reeling to the ropes and propping herself up for the finish. Anderson plowing in, cranks hooks and right hands to the bell, battering Kris unrecognizable, but unable to finish the plucky brunette. Alfonso cut, out on her feet, staggers mindlessly around the ring as Anderson raises her mitts in triumph--unanimous duke Gillian Anderson.

After: Alfonso showed flashes of former glory, outboxing Gillian early, but Anderson showed iron will in constantly forcing the fight. Hammering body shots rendered Kristian helpless for long segments of this fight, allowing Gillian to pile up points and control the tempo after dropping 2 of the first 4 rounds.

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