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23 December 1999 Charisma Carpenter vs Jewel Kilcher

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Posted by Simguy on Thursday, 23-Dec-1999 14:38:25

Before: Jewel taking a big step up in class against the slender but double-tough brunette. Charisma with the ability to box, but she’s got a penchant for duking it out on the inside that suits Jewel’s style. Kilcher drawing applause during thr weigh in, sports a lean, strong physique that looks ready to rumble. Both girls with tight, slicked back ponytails, light blue spaghetti string sports bra, navy speedos for Kilcher, white gloves, shoes--Black sports bra, red terrycloth trunks for Charisma, red gloves, black shoes.

During R1: Charisma shooting wide to the body, but Jewel staying compact, puts her dukes up, blocks the shots on her brawny shoulders, or guard. Midway through, Jewel is countering, jolting Charisma  with hammer action jab from the elbow, and a crisp straight right from the shoulder. Nice, compact mechanics, backing Carpenter up as she takes leather off her face to the bell.

R2: Jewel shutting Charisma out with that Billy Irwin straight forward attack, tight defense. Kilcher calm, not moving her head much but keeping g herself well protected. Blocks Carpenter’s attempts, then takes over with that stiff jab, short right hand on the jaw. By the midway point, Jewel has Carpenter backing up from that curling eright hands to the chest--brunette’s slender frame jerking as Jewel lays into her.

R3: Charisma looking to box, disconcerted with Jewel’s strength. Carpenter busier, but Jewel still landing those hard right hands to the chin and chest, knocking Charisma off balance when she lands--round goes as a draw.

R4: Carpenter steps it up, getting off two and three wide blows, then pushing Jewel by the shoulder to turn her center ring. Kilcher coming forward, walks into right hands, but remains fairly well-protected upstairs. Carpenter with good leverage on batting left hooks to the waist, finally gets Jewel to fold forward slightly, but Kilcher still punching back at the bell as both girls get in their licks.

R5: Shutout Jewel, who more looks like the dominant fighter in this bout. She continually walks Charisma down, jabs with the jabber, then pounds the bony rib cage and tight stomach of the brunette with short, clubbing right hands. Carpenter gasping from the impacts, finishes the round seated on the ropes, leaning forward behind her guard as Jewel rolls her shoulders inside to bang both fists off the tummy at the bell.

R6: Two-way action erupts--both girls getting off hard hooks and crosses as each opens up the offense. Jewel getting tagged more as Carpenter gets the jab going, but every time Charisma looks to be getting the upper hand, Jewel answers with sharp heavy-handed combinations. Carpenter outworks the blonde this round, and still looks effective with that slick turn as Jewel comes forward--but Kilcher hasn’t been hurt yet in this fight.

R7: Jewel turning her shoulder into short rights to the breasts, has Charisma crumpling into clinches this round. Kilcher banging the brunette into submission, has Carpenter weak-kneed at the bell from a steady barrage of banging body shots.

R8: Carpenter desperate to back Jewel up, get something going, but Kilcher keeps coming on, forcing the brunette into retreat. Charisma standing toe to toe, trying into discourage Jewel, but getting clobbered as Jewel takes a shot, then comes back with something harder. In the final minute, Carpenter is muscled into the ropes, and Jewel works out of a crouch, rotating her torso up and down, bringing her fists up with the movement to crash against Carpenter’s head and hips. A stunning left hook late leaves Carpenter wobbly butt, and Jewel come sup out of her crouch to land a sensational right uppercut on the teeth that has Charisma all but out at the bell.

R9: A wrecked and wobbly Charimsa carpenter can’t stand in with Jewel and is promptly walked to the ropes for an extended beating. Jewel working like a little Marciano, crouching and exploding, swinging her punches from her hips, then bending low on follow throughs to avoid counters. Charisma leaning back into the ropes makes Jewel miss on occasion, but midway through, Kilcher connects with a sweet hook on the teeth that once again locks Carpenter’s legs. Charisma helpless, Jewel reloads and crumples the brunette with a crashing hook on the jaw which drops Carpenter to her butt. Charisma up, but rattled, wobbles away from Jewel who stalks with hands at her hips, swinging potshotting blows as Charisma recoils. A left smacks Carpenter’s head around, and right catches her moving back, and Charisma rolls to the canvas again!  CC up at 8, brown eyes swimming with hurt at the bell sounds to end the carnage,

R10: Charisma shows some pride, fighting hurt on wobbly legs, and she jolts Jewel with a crushing short right/left hook on the chin, but can’t move the solid blonde, Mouth on shoulder slogging to the bell as both girls keep up a steady work rate. At the bell, a battered Charisma Carpenter looks in wonder at her conqueror while Jewel struts in anticipation of victory. Unanimous Duke Jewel Kilcher--one of her finest efforts to date.

After: Jewel rounds into form with this masterful performance against slumping Charisma. Carpenter battered by the stronger, sharper Jewel, who no longer resembles a tough woman-type slugger. Kilcher sharpening up on her techniques, still presents a target in the ring, but showed she can block and defend in competent fashion. Carpenter winless in several bouts, may be coming in a little too light--she’s really lost some of that zip that characterizes her best efforts.

Reposted by Archer 10/11/11.

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