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15 June 2001 Mariah Carey vs Rebecca Romijn

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Posted by Simguy on 6/15/2001, 7:27 am.



Before: Bitter grudge number 2 of PPV (after Diane Lane/Geri Halliwell). Girls explored uncharted depths in their last encounter—each bringing out the very best in the other until Carey’s startling 11th hour stoppage upended Romijn’s world. Becky obsessed with revenge, reportedly viewing and reviewing the knockout and post-match pin in disbelief during training—Carey smug and self assured that the rematch will be a cakewalk: “I know where Becky starts, and where she ends—I know what she’s got, and I’ve got more, I’ve never felt so confident of victory in my life.” Uh oh. Mariah in gold bikini, Romijn in orange.


During R1: Mariah with a big grin, swinging from her hips, sweeping wide lefts and rights into Becky as the super model backpedals, takes punches upside her head and along her jaw. All Carey as she forces Becky into steady retreat, plenty of contact from Mariah, but she’s flailing slightly, not getting her body into shots. Down the stretch, Becky has the timing of it—she can step back and walk Mariah into a right cross as Carey stomps forward. Carey’s round, both girls touched up in a lanky slugging first.


R2: Becky stepping back, finds Mariah’s chin with another well timed right cross—Carey soaking up the punch on queasy legs looks rocked. Becky now coming forward—she palms Mariah back by the shoulders, then kisses that right hand off the face, coming back with a lashing left hook that lands high in the head and CAREY IS DOWN! Mariah sprawled awkwardly to the canvas, gets up hurt and shaking out her right knee—Romijn hungrily pacing in neutral corner while Mariah takes 8. From that point on, it’s war—Becky hopping forward and slicing in over the top with sick right hands, Mariah gritting her teeth, punching back wide from either side in a long-bodied exchange of power shots. Withering licks take their toll—both pairs of shapely legs get shaken, then steady themselves to answer back—it’s crowd pleasing mayhem that roars past the bell—round to Romijn.


R3: Beck’s the aggressor now, stalking her prey, reaching in to palm up with the left and lean into KO right hands. Carey still hurt, grimacing, but she’s crafty—when Becky lands hard and looks to be rolling, Mariah comes back with a beefy right hand to the groin, bringing Becky up short with a gasp. Slowly but surely, Carey’s timely low blows, and tough elbows across the sternum as the girls fall in starts to bog Romijn down. pace slows considerably in the final minute as the girls tie up, heads in close, each working with shoulders and elbows to garner warnings at the bell.


R4: Becky still trying to prop Mariah for one blitzing right hand, Carey still slugging wide, getting her hips into punches now from a good flat footed base, and she’s moving Romijn with clocking lefts and rights to the jaw. Back and forth, mindless slugging, girls taking turns driving one another across the ring, chins sacrificed for offence as both girls’ legs start to hum from punishment. Down the stretch, Becky starts to look a little shabby—she’s on her heels, pushing her punches—Mariah with her weight forward gets into a rhythm. Left and right, Carey getting good extension, whip action punches licking against either side of Becky’s jaw and the big blonde is woozy! Romijn beaten one punch at a time to the ropes where she finally stops punching and looks to clinch and a GORGEOUS Carey right hand wraps Becky’s head around! Blonde in blonde trouble, arms outstretched over Mariah’s shoulders and Carey’s just blasting away! Lefts and rights—Becky’s head swiveling, body starting to topple this way and that and BECKY GOES DOWN! Romijn collapsing in stages at the ropes, rolls to her back and SHE’S OUT!! Mariah Carey leaping away in triumph leaves Becky mumbling incoherently on her back for back to back whack job in 4!


After: High stakes slugging goes Mariah’s way again—once again the singer is down, hurt, and comes back to break Rebecca’s heart with unholy punching to the chin. Becky just taking too many shots, needs to cut down on the bombs against stat to have more success in this rivalry. Mariah celebrates with a big and brassy walk of shame, carting her stupefied opponent around the ring and giving Becky a juicy slap on the rear to send her on her way,


Reposted by Archer 11/26/09.

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