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15 April 2006 Jennifer ODell vs Krista Allen

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BEST of 7 #2


Part 1:



Posted by Simguy on 4/15/2006, 7:40 pm.



Before: Fight enjoying a kind of local hard-core Vegas popularity—residents buying up most tickets: lots of fellow fighters I attendance: everyone’s curious to see if Krista can actually start to bully Jenny in this rivalry. “I broke Jenny’s spirit in that last fight,” cold-eyed Krista claims in prefight, “I saw it in her eyes. I own jenny now-she knows it—all that;s left is to lay her out cold in that ring and she’ll be mine forever!” O’Dell physically restrained during photoshoots and weigh-in—blonde reacting to every batted eyelash, every smirking glance from her haughty foe: it’s a tendency Jenny knows she needs to control during the fight. “I know I’m emotionally invested in defeating Krista, and that’s good,” Jenny says at the podium, “but this time, I can’t let my heart rule my head. She plays on my intensity and I give her credit for that, but it’s not going to save her. Mark my words: I’ll hurt Krista in this fight and when I do, I’ll finish her.” Allen in leopard print bikini, ring connections; Jenny in faux-lion skin bikini, teak ring connections. Allen smirking, pursing her lips to air-kiss at Jenny during ring instructions:  O’Dell seething, glaring hard at her tormentress.



During R1: You jab me, I’ll jab you: girls punch each other hard stick on scowling faces—brisk clockwise stepping as midring is hotly negotiated. Krista dukes up, palms out; Jenny right tight to her cheek as she pumps and pokes. Jenny proving she can hang with Krista in mobile operations—both girls pinking up nicely in orthodox, stand-up face-spank. Allen first to lose her nerve—she steps out, circles away with a frown: O’Dell taking canvas from her foe, jabbing Allen in her chest and pitching some meanspirited overhand rights to put Krista ropeside. Final moments a blonde romp: Krista mopes face-in-gloves, giving away her ribs on the cheap as Jenny hustles hard, thumps flank for points at the bell. Krista angered, hooks Jenny’s mouth well late—O’Dell surges back eyes blazing—ref jumps in frantic as tempers flare.



R2: similar stuff—mostly outside, athletic work—girls very springy-legged and mobile, both looking to engage—lots of punches being thrown. O’Dell outboxed—Allen’s jab a little sharper this round and her right hand is glancing off O’Dell’s chin, winning initiative for Allen. Kris looking Jenny hard off the front door—scratching at blonde ribs as O’Dell covers up—Allen pivoting smartly left, eyes flashing as she doles out licks. Jenny drawing Allen into toe-to-toe and belting Krista’s ribs again late: blonde avoids the shutout, but Krista struts away with points in a hotly contested second. En route to corners, Allen deliberately slams shoulder into Jenny’s: O’Dell just clamps her lips tight, stares into her corner, struggling to keep her composure.



R3: Vicious boxing at range continues—hard, hard jabs: meanspirited crosses; rip-lick hooks to mop up either ribcage, Lips curl back from clenched teeth, eyes narrow in concentration—very intense, taut-punching action, All even till late—Jenny tries to force her way up the middle, but Krista halts her progress a thumping right hand square to jug. Allen slides back another half step,  walking jenny into a clanging hook to temple and JENNY’S PUT WOBBLY BUTT! O’Dell stamping in fence post holes eyes moist with hurt and disappointment: Allen’s lighting her up AGAIN. Kris coldblooded as she slashes in with a snappy right across the waist and a left jammed to ear—Jenny sprawls to ropes on spasmodic legs. Kris goes all-in on a savage right hand ticketed for Jenny’s face, but O’Dell ducks underneath, walking Kris into a clammy desperation clinch—Jenny hugging for all she’s worth, mouth open on Krista’s shoulder at the bell.



R4: O’Dell showing the ability to fight in reverse—she’s buzzed, but blunting Krista’s aggression with a timely jab, short right hands and hooks in combination. Allen stalking, pressing Jenny around the ring, but no judging her distance well: time and again she mounts a rush only to come up short while Jenny scores tic-toc, pivots away. Good discipline from O’Dell—she gets her legs back, doesn’t expose herself with reckless slugging while hurt a penchant of hers in the past): Allen can’t build on her strong third as O’Dell stabilizes in the fourth.



R5: Harder punching, more blistering exchanges—both girls setting down and getting after one another in increasingly blunt, traumatic trade, Jenny banging her way into Krista’s waist and ribs with batting lefts and rights—Allen pursing her lips, hardpressed but composed as she slinks back, looks to walk into harm. Second minute, success for Krista—she clips Jenny a left uppercut as O’Dell’s coming in—Kris steps right, hooks Jenny’s left eye from the oblique angle; jams a short right hand behind the ear and O’Dell’s HURT! Jenny staggering forward, nearly sprawling, but making it face-first to ropes like a drowning woman grabbing for a life preserver. Krista snarling, pouncing to finish but JENNY WON’T HAVE IT! Time and again in these fights, Jenny’s rallied after huge Krista connects to deny Allen satisfaction—withering two –way lather sees Allen backed up to midring, refused by Jenny and forced onto the defensive. Kris on her bicycle, eyes narrowed with hate, looking over her foe: Jenny reeling, turning sluggishly—she can’t close as Krista runs the clock, jabs jug, pockets points,



O’Dell/Allen B.A.M. Conc (Too much bitterness for one post. Way too much).



Posted by Simguy on 4/15/2006. 7:41 pm.



R6: Krista outside, limber—tapping and pawing the jab, walking to the right as Jenny tries to square up, hands at temples. LEFT UPPERCUT KRISTA ALLEN! Kris lulling Jenny with movement and distraction jabs, suddenly steps I and cleans up ALL of Jenny’s chin that lightning lead uppercut! O’Dell staggering on her heels, arms pinwheeling—she hits ropes I shock as Kris piles in and ALLEN WANTS JUG! OH that mugging—Allen unleashing harsh hup-hup to Jenny’s hulking rack—Kris just a-chugging away, bunching up breast meat until a whimpering O’Dell can clinch. Kris bulling blonde into ropes, making Ken take weight till ref can break: sultry brunette sniffing at the hurt, licking her lips as she regroups, pounces again as Jenny covers up. This is strong, determined Krista—squared up, shouldering and pushing her way into jen, eager to dig at tummy, jugs and chin with methodical, hard-working scrounge. Jenny absorbing a thrilling beatdown, but refusing to punk: she leans in cheek to cheek with Kris answering back hard to body, coming up with jagged little uppercuts of her own to occasionally grease Allen’s chin. Kris bogged down in stalemate—committed to punishing jenny while she’s hurt: O’Dell grimly defiant, unable to get her back off the ropes, but chugging away to bell nonetheless, ref finally has to pull seething beauties apart—Krista snarling in disappointment as Jenny resists the call of the canvas yet again. BSE corner concerned however: Jenny’s absorbing tremendous punishment—fielding sensational powershots from Krista—O’Dell tells trainer in no uncertain terms—“Don’t you even think about stopping this fight.



R7: Jenny again shows that versatility, recovering well by retreating in orderly fashion, running Krista onto the jab/right hand, hooking ribs when available and turning her foe’s right flank. Krista pressing, but again, Jenny’s fade-steps often have Allen coming up short and leaving herself available to swift O’Dell counters. Jenny blocking well with that brow-high guard, and O’Dell also willing to clinch—accepting Kris onto her breast, tieing up behind the elbows, and leaning into ropes for breaks. Krista frustrated, coming forward, but relatively ineffective as Jenny manages the ring, gets her legs together in a tactical 7th.



R8: Girls trade whistling right hand, leaning in on follow through, then look for mop-up hooks as they shift weight to back legs and JENNY GETS ROCKED! O’Dell staggered and wobbly butt once again—mouth open, eyes glassy as she tries to rally. Krista stooping, jabbing Jenny hard to belly, then straightening to short-hook the taste out of Jenny’s mouth! O’Dell ragdoll, staggering pathetically—she reaches for Kris, but Allen picks her up the right uppercut, stepping back to get the left uppercut off the left foot and JENNY GOES DOWN! O’Dell dropped to all fours—hair tangled in her face, mouth open in shock—Krista with an exaggerated, slow stride, steps across jenny’s back with an insufferable air of superiority, chest heaving, Ragged 8, Jen—she digs in at ropes, hands at temples—but she’s ruined: Krista gets half a minute to plunder her opponent. Savage attack mounted to Jenny’s breasts—she’s stooped slightly forward, trying to keep her guard together: Krista hup-hup-hupping up into rack in a brazen bid to break jenny’s will. Bell: Allen chesting up and bellowing into jenny’s face. O’Dell blinking back in stupor as ref pushes his way in to restore order./



R9: Deep breath Krista; she bats gloves together, tucks her chin, wades into Jenny to finish this thing. O’Dell badly depleted, but forming up dukes at temples, jabbing-with Krista midring to dispute position. Ringing right hand blast to jaw catches jenny over her left shoulder, staggering her to her right: she stuns Krista trying to follow up with a short, shocking right on the chin. Allen hooks Jenny’s guard, doubles up and catches the mouth: Jenny hooks jug, dips left and hooks liver with her back arched, wrenching a sob of agony from Allen. Krista shook, stumbling forward: Jenny clips her the left uppercut off the left foot, shifts to right foot and hooks Krista a vicious swipe across the mouth. Allen groggy, stumbling away to her right with how-could-you-eyes: Jenny coldblooded as she hops in, pounds away righty to chase Krista ropeside. Jenny dialing in—prodding her jab against Krista’s hastily arranged guard, then doubling down HARD to liver, tucking in thicvk behind Krissy’s elbow. Allen cramping up with a stifled cry: she’s desperately hurt and JENNY’S ALL-IN! O’Dell POUNDING at her foe—hacking right hands, licking hooks—Jenny shifting weight from foot to foot in a wide stance—Sloshing in the hurt! Allen undone—sliding dazed to her right along the ropes—wide Jenny hook catches Krista square in the face, knocking her head back and ALLEN GOIES DOWN! Krista sprawling on her face, body parallel to ropes as Jenny looms overtop, bellowing incoherently over the still, slumbering form. Ref gently coaxes Jenny back, clearly intimidated by the KO lust still seething in her breast: exhaustion stoppage claims poor Krista who never hears the 10 count pass her by.



After: O’Dell trembling from pent up release of emotion—trainer talking her down in calm, measured tones: Jenny very thin skinned where’s Krista’s concerned,  VERY close to extracting extra from the helpless brunette, Allen brought around in stages—she breaks down into shuddering tears on her stool as the cold-hard truth of the stoppage is revealed to her. Tense moments ion the aftermath as Allen tries to push her way into Jenny’s post-fight interview—entourages and Mirage staff forced to separate shrieking wildcats still intent on getting at one another.



Reposted by Archer 11/29/09.

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