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14 January 2001 Title Ch Dina Meyer vs Eva Larue

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Posted by Simguy on 1/14/2001. 11:02 am.


Before: two of the brightest new talents shine in title bout—Meyer enters a slight favourite as she has been chewing up boxers during her reign and Larue principally known as a technician. Eva sweetly skilled, but what’s going to happen when one of Dina’s numbing right hands finds her chin or kidney? Larue absolutely has to preserve her legs if she’s to have a chance to unseat the champ. Eva in red bikini, gold belly chain. Dina in grey Everlast sports bra, black aerobics bottoms, golden brown curls tied back.


During R1: Girls both bend into right hands and DOWN GOES MEYER! Dina getting clipping clean, stumbles to her hands and knees as Eva turns, casually plunking her kneecap against groggy champ’s temple. Crowd in shock as Dina sways for several seconds, finally getting to her feet and reeling at the ropes. Ref lets it go—Eva piles on. Larue at her finest, slashing in and out as Meyer sits on the ropes, slinging and slicing blurring combinations and avoiding the receipts—not that Meyer has anything to offer this round. Nice job of punishing the hurting champ after the knockdown—Larue beating the body and head, softening Dina up for later. Shutout Eva.


R2: Larue able to fight her fight, dancing to the right away from Meyer’s nutcracker punch, popping jabs, turning the champ. Dina still wobbly butt from disastrous first can’t land more than one at a time—Larue’s legs dictating the action. Eva with significant tactical decision this round, switches southpaw occasionally taking away Meyer’s kidney punch and maximizing that counter-clockwise motion.


R3: Larue with exquisite footwork, feints inside, rocks back as Dina misses a right hand, then jumps in with the short right hand lead on the chin and the CHAMP IS HURT! Meyer stepping in fence post holes—Larue putting punches together ala zav Juah, hard from the hip, curling lefts and rights with zip on them—Meyer getting bludgeoned and turned as she staggers to stay square. Eva constantly charging up the angle, switching southpaw, moving in and out—she’s dismantling Dina Meyer before a stunned boxing world. Dina still punching in the final minute however, starts to reign the challenger in, finding Larue with an overhand right/left hook at the bell.


R4: Meyer’s taken the best Eva has to offer, and she comes out refreshed this round, looking for payback. Cutting off the ring, Dina is able to land right hands on Eva’s cheek, backing the Latina up, and those murderous right round punches to the body begin to find the mark. Larue in reverse all round long—doesn’t like Meyer’s fists bouncing loud off her ribcage—Eva fighting with a concerned snarl much of the round—shutout Dina.


R5: Shutout Larue, back to southpaw, rotating to her right, pestering Dina with a slapping, chopping right jab, occasionally turning it over into a firm hook on the champ’s ear. Meyer having real problems with the unorthodox look and superlative movement—Dina still making the fight, but unable to get off this round.


R6: Dina straightens out the right hand, doubling it up the middle and chases Eva to the ropes to begin the round. Meyer getting her head on Eva’s chest, works the trapped challenger up against the ropes, banging the hips and waist, using a shoulder Eva back—Larue covering up, hunkering down to protect her midriff—but Meyer is getting off with thunder. Left hooks bite repeatedly to Larue’s side, chopping rights/lefts start to sneak past the guard upstairs, Eva slides from corner to corner but can’t get off the ropes and Dina starts to break her down. Final minute: meyer hacking right hands to the ribs, comes off the body with the curling right uppercut and EVA GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Larue swooning, has to suck it up for murderous final few seconds as Dina beats her unmercifully to the bell. Shellshocked challenger staggers to her corner as Meyer roars at the crowd.


R7: Dina’s got the momentum—she chases Eva around the ring this round as the challenger desperately seeks to stay off the ropes. Right round punches spank loudly against Larue’s shiny tanned chassis—Dina beginning to numb those fabulous legs at long last. Larue landing occasional counter bright hand as Meyer walks in—but the champ’s boss this round.


R8,9: Eva Larue puts on a boxing clinic. Turning southpaw most of the way, she patiently pecks, pokes, slaps and occasionally stings her foe, turning Meyer counterclockwise, jumping in to clinch, shoeshining the frustrated champ on the breaks. Eva still with plenty of jump, able to circle, change directions, dictate the play—Meyer following, unable to cut off the ring starts to wing forlorn-hope type right hands as Eva makes the champ miss. Larue pockets both rounds in a close fight—scoring well enough off the jab to convince the judges she’s not running.


R10: WILD Dina Meyer early—Eva bailing out to avoid the haymakers, but can’t make Meyer pay. Midway through the round, Dina hems Eva in at the ropes again, scoring a whistling right hand to the body that has Larue grimacing—but the brunette cagey, falls in to clinch rather than letting Dina pile on. Larue giving away the round, dances, holds, turns and waits for the ref’s breaks—Meyer doing all the scoring, but it’s well contained. Decision comes back a close UD10 for the winner and NEW lightweight champ—Eva Larue!


After: Bit of an upset, but Eva takes something out of everyone else’s cookbook and comes up with the winning cocktail. Fighters that use their legs hadn’t been too successful with the very mobile Meyer, but hurt on the champ right away crucial—Dina really banged up in the first 3 rounds, really never got it going until the second half. After the slugging, Eva settled down to boxing, showing southpaw to take away Meyer’s crushing right to the body—but still the champ took 3 of the final 5 rounds. In the end, Meyer comes away busted and bamboozled—great performance for the judicious Larue.


Reposted by Archer 11/29/09

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