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20 September 2008 Nadia Bjorlin vs Eva Larue

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Boxing on the Beach

Posted by Simguy on 9/20/2008, 11:40 am.

Before: Unprecedented for a standing FCBA titlist to take on a non-title beach bout--but Nadia b not the usual FCBA fighters. “I’m proud of my soapy roots,” Nadia shrugs, refusing to apologize for her daytime pedigree, “and one thing you want to do as a daytime fighter is handle Eva Larue. Eva’s sort of our Cat Bell, you know? She’s been that good, that long--so when I had the chance to make this fight, I leapt at it. Winning the welterweight title has been a huge thrill, but a long term personal goal of mine has been to retire Eva Larue and Ali Landry. I’ve got a chance to scratch one of those names off my to-do list here, so I’m taking it!”  Bright sunny South Beach-Miami outdoor location. Ring posts set up on sand--beach volleyball court/bleachers. Nadia in gold bikini/black gloves. Eva in white crochet monokini; white gloves.

During R1: Clever Ever circles uo-sun from Nadia, jabs her, steps in to clinch. Bjorlin struggling in the grasp, shoulders working hard to pulls arms free. After ref’s breaks, Bjorlin pushing the pace--gloves twitching at her chest before she steps in and swings for Eva’s skull: Larue ducking, clinching--content to bog Nadia down in a stop-and-go first.

R2: Larue working behind her jab--finds a useful right uppercut off her right foot, dramatically picking Nadia’s head up, Eva continuing to clinch after scoring--just trying to out-touch Nadia, hen smother her receipts. Larue steppin’ sultry in sand--sometimes putting her weight on Nadia, walking her around; sometimes shifting away or around Nadia, luring her forward. Eva’s hands crafty/clever--clouting, cuffing at unexpected times, frequently pre-empting Bjorlin. Nadia never hurt, but obviously controlled and managed through 2.

R3: Nadia coming forward, lunging in with right/lefts up top: she’s carrying into Larue, bulling her back to ropes. Eva calm in the pocket--hands quick to pull Nadia’s head down or tie up behind her elbows: Bjorlin working hard, arms writhing inside Eva’s grip to pull apart the defenses. Close-in, tucking, swiping work: Bjorlin busy about her girl’s breasts and ribs; Larue spot-checking Nadia with uppercuts off the ropes.

R4: Larue counterpunching masterfully off the ropes--ripping Nadia an early left uppercut/left hook combo to put Bjorlin wobbly-butt a minute in. Larue relaxed in pursuit--hands stacked right atop left at her body: she steps in close, chops the right to Nadia’s chin, buckling Bjorlin’s legs. Quick clinch, turn-to-the-right: Eva bodying Nadia around while she’s buzzed. Larue with tight-swiping, Charisma Carpenter-type left hook in close, nagging at Nadia’s firm paunch, Similar wiping blows cuff Nadia’s breasts as Eva punches while trapping Nadia’s right hand under the Larue left arm. Bjorlin stumbling about, but firming: final minute sees her answer back with pumping rights to Eva’s midsection, forcing Larue to clinch.

R5: Nadia fresh, glistening brown in the sun: Larue looking a little worn, starting to grimace under the combined assault of the sun and her opponent, Bjorlin surging forward--still partially blocked as she clubs away up top--but Larue being stampeded to ropes, clearly bullied by the younger beauty, Larue still trying to tie up behind the elbows--or head-and-arm on Nadia--but Bjorlin squirming through it now, keeping up a steady thump against Eva’s ribs and tummy. Nadia able to execute shove-n’-slug to some extent--bouncing Eva off the ropes and belting her juicy, Thick, thudding blows downstairs free up the breasts and head late as Nadia finally scores blunt to either jaw line.

R6: Nadia eyes wide, lips curling in aggressive grin: she’s coming forward with tremendous authority now. Larue backpedaling, looking to potshot Nadia coming in, but Bjorlin moving head well, swinging so hard that Eva Can’t draw a bead. Larue driven to ropes, then soundly beaten against them: she sinks to her knees a minute and half in under a thudding barrage of clubbing blows about her head and shoulders,. Nadia grinning, strutting I sand: she’s starting to love it on a fading Larue, Eva up, telling ref she’s ok: Nadia piles back into her, bodying her deep to ropes, then pushing up off to work. Thick, slamming work administered: Nadia teeing now, swinging right roundhouses against Larue as Eva cringes forward, elbows in, no longer able to tie up. Final minutes, sustained, methodical drubbing against Larue’s flanks produces another collapse: she’s on all fours, panting in the muggy air at the bell.

R7: Eva’s fading strength like a tonic for Nadia: Bjorlin pouring herself at Eva now, fearless of reprisal. Larue’s face pinched in pained grimace: she’s hurting to the body--just trying to duck low, then straighten up to clinch around Nadia’s body, Bjorlin energetic wriggling against Eva to work through the clinches, then jamming away at Larue’s wilting body. Eva stuffed into ropes, constantly pummeled: Nadia finding yhe chin with uppercuts--clouting away on the temples as Eva desperately bobs on the spot. Larue gassed--curvy legs holding her up as she sags against ropes, eyelashes fluttering as Nadia stays on her bell to bell.

R8: Nadia pushing up off her stool, eager to cross sand and attack; Larue eases her back into ropes, digging in for the assault, All Nadia: Eva exhausted, huddling forward as Bjorlin slams in a softening barrage to their flank before reaching in to chest Eva upright. Larue’s mouth open--she shouts in pain as Nadia crams a cruel right hand to the pit of Eva’s stomach: Nadia embracing shuddering blonde, stacking her upright against ropes. Healthy beating administered--Nadia just stacking Eva up and battering her--proud CSI breasts and gorgeous face catching a torrent of clubbing lefts and rights. Nadia’s body firm in the sun, legs planted strong--she’s just as work here, belting away at Eva, pushing her upright, belting away some more. Larue drifts out on her feet, lolling against the ropes, taking punches, until finally swooning to her belly, parallel to the ropes. Bludgeoning KO8 Nadia B.

After: Risky fight on paper: Nadia overcomes her savvy veteran opponent to turn in a sun kissed showcase. “Eva’s hard to chin-check,” Bjorlin explains, face beaming. “I knew I had to invest to get her out of there, and that meant pushing through her clinches, getting a body on her and doing things the hard way. A lot of girls don’t think I’ve got stamina, but I can keep up a healthy pace all night long. Larue’s heart was broken by me just continuing to come forward--I wasn’t even landing all that much early--it was just my leg-drive discouraging her.” Good rounds for Welterweight champ--Stacy Keibler expected to get the next crack at he increasingly dominant-looking Nadia Bjorlin.

Reposted by Archer 10/28/11.

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