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17 May 2008 Salli Richardson vs Jessica Simpson

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Posted by Simguy on 5/17/2008, 8:41 am.

Before: After the heartbreak of Chabert, Jessica just looking to right the ship. “I just want to get my punches off, get back to coming forward on a girl, being the boss of her,” Jessica says in prefight. “When Salli called, I knew it was a good fight for me--she’s a gor; I can some things done on.” Veteran Richardson relaxed, confident at the podium--not acting like the underdog, “Jessica was heavily invested in that Lacey Chabert fight, and I don’t think she’s totally over the beating she took,” Salli says. “Jessi’s a little powerhouse, but her confidence is low right now. You know what they say about girls when they’re down…got to get to kicking on ‘em!” Salli in white lace bra and panties, white aerobics shoes and socks; white gloves. Jessi in pink Dukes bikini; white aerobics shoes and socks; white gloves.

R1: Power and hurtling velocity from Jess early: all Salli can do to run the ring, stay covered up and try to minimize the damage. Concussive spank sounding out from Salli’s flanks as she ducks and absorbs Jessica’s wife swings: Richardson disengaging, circling--she’s got a concerned frown on her face, Jessica forward without fear--hopping into Salli with robust straight rights; big swinging hooks; right uppercuts as Richardson’s bobbing her torso low, Salli moving her head--getting low on Jess and edging a shoulder into Jessi’s tummy to bump her off. Bell to bell Jess: getting off, coming forward, being bossy.

R2: Jessica the aggressor again: rich, spanking roundhouses off Salli’s flanks, setting up popping lefts and rights stamped up the middle. Richardson running less: weight on right (back) foot as she leans away from J; left hand across tummy, right at cheek. Salli fading, flipping out the backhand jab, looking to walk Jess into crisp right hand counters. Simpsy punched on her mouth a few times, but too intent on attack to give it much thought: busy, clubbing pressure from Jessica trumps choosy placement from Salli through 2.

R3: Salli staying calm--starting to control and channel Jess with the jab; Richardson’s footwork stabilizing the action as Simpsy’s headlong rushes start to lose steam. Salli jabbing upstairs and down--sticking to Jessi’s tummy, then hopping away to regroup. Richardson’s right hand nasty-quick--catching Jess on her face from a screened, closed-stance delivery. Salli sliding back, walking Jess into shits, then turning at the ropes: Richardson very smooth, pushing Jess behind either elbow while sidestepping around the sides.

R4: Salli starting to make Jessica miss--discouraging blond who’s throwing with power, but unable to find the mark. Richardson pouncing on the misses--putting brisk punches together in sharp tic-tac-toes, chopping at Jessica’s ribs, finishing up on her face. Salli’s jab starting to find a home in Simpson’s bikini top--parting those hooters, spurring her forward into more reckless chance-taking,. Final minute--Salli slips Jessi’s hook by leaning onto back (right) foot; answers with a jotting straight right, then hook by leaning onto back (right) foot; answers with a jotting straight right, then doubling the right hand to two-punch Jessi’s startled face, Simpson put wobbly butt, yet showing her strength: she catches Salli a healthy hook to chops as Richardson’s trying to pour on. Salli backs off, circling cautiously: veteran content to nip in and out, jabbing at Jessica’s trembling tummy to salt away the round safety-first.

R5: Salli in control even as she’s sliding back from Jess, walking her forward. Richardson’s feints getting respect, forcing Jess to earmuff up top: Salli immediately to body with stiff-sticking jabs and even spearing lead right hands--working that gut. Jess trying to answer with hooks as Salli’s disengaging: receipts a little late as Richardson’s quick as Paula Abdul. Midway through--Salli near the apron, prowling with little shifting steps to her right, pointing the left shoulder at Jessica: Simpsy’s approach, leaning forward and placing a short, muscular right hand bingo on the chin: BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Jess poked to her butt-and-elbows as she reclines--diamond-cutting blast has blonde glassy-eyed. Jessi beats the count, but SO shabby: reeling woozy at the ropes, clearly disoriented, ON COMES~SALLI! Richardson’s been sneaky-choosy to this point: now she lets it all hang out, ripping Jessica torrid, chopping rights and lefts. Raking hooks double up on Jessica’s chin, draping her against ropes in stupor: RICHARDSON ROMPS TO JUGG! Sallie going for Jessica’s jugular--stamping away criss-cross lefts and rights in a furious bid to hustle Jess out of there. Simpsy blurting out with hurt, slumping into ropes, head lolling and THE REF STEPS IN! Salli shouting with excitement as she leaps away the TKO5 victrix.

After: Simpsy blubbering, hugging her KO’d chest, head bowed as she mopes back to Krusher corner; stepping stone proves slippery as Salli bangs out the upset W/ “That’s why we fight the fights,” Salli shrugs,. All smiles. “I felt her power early, so I played keep-away, let her get off the  starting taking her apart. Took some tummy, got her breathing hard, then I just started taxing her for her mistakes. Easy fight: kid’s afriont-runner--soon as I made it tough, she wilted.

Reposted by Archer 10/31/11.

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